Mexico fumes over Trump immigration rules as U.S. talks loom



From Yahoo: Senior envoys of President Donald Trump are likely to receive a chilly reception in Mexico on Wednesday, after the United States issued new immigration guidelines that deeply angered the southern neighbor the day before bilateral talks.

Trump’s administration on Tuesday unveiled plans to consider almost all illegal immigrants subject to deportation, and will seek to send many of them to Mexico if they entered the United States from there, regardless of their nationality.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly are due to arrive in Mexico on Wednesday afternoon for talks on security and immigration.

Mexico’s lead negotiator with the Trump administration, Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray, said there was no way Mexico would accept the new “unilateral” rules, which among other things seek to deport non-Mexicans to Mexico.

He said the issue would dominate the talks, taking place on Wednesday and Thursday. “I want to say clearly and emphatically that the government of Mexico and the Mexican people do not have to accept provisions that one government unilaterally wants to impose on the other,” he told reporters at the foreign ministry.

“We will not accept it, because there’s no reason why we should, and because it is not in the interests of Mexico.” Another senior Mexican official, Roberto Campa, who heads the human rights department of the interior ministry, said Videgaray was referring to the plan to deport non-Mexicans to Mexico, calling it “hostile” and “unacceptable.”

The Department of Homeland Security guidance to immigration agents is part of a broader border security and immigration enforcement plan in executive orders that Republican Trump signed on Jan. 25.


8 responses to “Mexico fumes over Trump immigration rules as U.S. talks loom

  1. How about we simply tell Mexico that OUR new rules are going to be exact duplicates of THEIR EXISTING rules? Those are extremely strict, and include limitations on movement, property ownership, ability to participate in civic duties, and LOTS of reasons for immediate deportation (including entering the country without permission!).

    That oughta frost them – and it’s not like they can scream “racist!” if it is their OWN rules.

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  2. The answer to Mexico’s objections is simple: Demand they open their northern border or STFU.

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  4. DILLIGAF. The illegal invaders don’t belong here. If they got here thru meheco then send them back there and let the mehocens deport them to the next stop. For all I care they can send them to africa. And don’t tell where they are when they get there. It’s a long swim back to the US. It’ll raise the IQ of two continents.

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  5. General Kelly clearly stated deportees will be returned to their country of origin. Since they arrived through Mexico, Mexican authorities surely admitted them through customs and border controls, and have a record of where they came from, the purpose and length of their stay. I am sure Sec. Tillerson and Gen. Kelly can work out any anomalies.

    As for the Mexican nationals, we’re giving them back free of charge, and not asking that their government repay the U.S. for costs and damages they caused. I do, however, think families whose loved ones were killed or murdered should be able to sue both Mexico and the State where the loss of their loved one occurred – especially if in a sanctuary city.

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    • Agreed. For those killed REST IN PEACE! Although money cannot replace those gone, Mexico can afford to pay, as far as sanctuary cities, impose stern punishment in whatever way possible.

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