Washington senator insists insurance bill is not about gun control


Maralyn Chase: Fully believes in your Second Amendment rights, HOWEVER…

Attention Ms. Chase:

  1. You have a Constitutional right to own a firearm. A home or car is not a Constitutional right.
  2. You do NOT have to purchase insurance (unless you are financing in which case it is usually required). Sure, you take on higher risks and even fines yet there are plenty of people who opt out of purchasing insurance.

From MyNorthwest.com: The Washington State Legislature is considering a series of gun control measures that includes Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s assault weapon ban and a gun lock safety bill.

One senator has introduced a measure that takes on the issue a different way, requiring liability insurance before someone can buy a gun.

Sen. Maralyn Chase (D-Edmonds) says people have to buy insurance for their homes, their cars, and other items, so having it for guns makes sense to her (of course it does – she’s a democrat).

Chase insists her bill is not about gun control, but rather public and private protections.

“I fully believe in Second Amendment rights, however, with those rights come great responsibilities,” Chase said. “We see the destructive power of guns almost nightly on the news and yet we do not require gun owners to have any type of liability insurance. Requiring liability insurance may cause an irresponsible gun owner to exercise extra care in preventing firearm-related accidents, especially in tragic accidents involving children.”

Dave Workman, senior editor of thegunmag.com, doesn’t believe gun liability insurance will do anything to cut down on crime or gun related accidents. “This is one more hoop that somebody is trying to throw out there to require people to jump through before they can exercise a civil right,” he said. “If they did this, or tried to do this, the howling would be heard all the way from our Washington to Washington D.C.”

Workman says politicians can only go so far with something like this before getting a negative reaction from the public. He doesn’t believe the bill will get much traction in Olympia.

Senator Chase agrees. She admits it will be difficult to get it out of the Senate given the current political makeup. But, she says, it’s important to get the discussion started. For now, her bill sits in the Senate’s Law and Justice Committee, with no hearing scheduled.

There is one group that’s in favor of gun liability insurance — insurance companies. Insurance companies sell policies for self-defense use of guns and concealed carry. It’s even NRA-endorsed. As described in a video promoting “Second Call Defense,” the “legal aftermath of a self-defense shooting can sometimes seem worse than what causes you to use lethal force in the first place.” (See the video at the MyNorthwest.com article.)


12 responses to “Washington senator insists insurance bill is not about gun control

  1. Insurance records aren’t protected by privacy laws and are a goldmine for gov’t and other folk digging up info on people– just make it a requirement for insurance companies to report who owns guns and what they own, instant gun registry.

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  2. “Guns don’t kill people. Governments do.”

    An American citizen, not US subject.

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  3. “Requiring liability insurance may cause an irresponsible gun owner to exercise extra care in preventing firearm-related accidents, especially in tragic accidents involving children.”
    SURE it will-it works GREAT for Drunk Drivers and Illegal Aliens…(sarc)

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    • Who doesn’t love that quotation, especially the last five words, “in tragic accidents involving children.” Quick, cue the children before people can apply reason to this nonsense. I don’t know any irresponsible gun owners (however, I know many irresponsible people who don’t own guns), but, if there are some who have registered their firearms (only those registering firearms would obey the law and buy insurance), that insurance could make one more casual in ownership. A belief would be held that costs incurred through accidents would be covered by insurance.

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  4. Fuck the Democratic Party, and all who inhabit it. Every month they pull something like this, and won’t even recognize a legitimate election when they lose. The enemy of the American people is domestic, and tyrranical. It has usurped the name of the system we live to uphold. Do not give this SCUM an inch.


  5. Why does she HATE THE POOR and MINORITIES? These are the folks who are most likely to need firearms for self-defense (living in more-dangerous neighborhoods), and who can least afford (a) a good-quality firearm, (b) instruction in the safe use thereof, (c) ammo to practice their skills at (d) a good gun club with a nice range, and then to add (e) expensive insurance to the overall costs.

    So again I ask, WHY does this dhimmicrat HATE the poor so very much? Is this a(nother) backwards attempt to kill them all off?

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  6. This is probably an attempt to let her constituents know “she is really doing something in the legislature.” She’s really coming up with top notch ideas to better society! Thereby hoping to ensure that she is returned to the legislature come the next election. When in reality, she is just warming up her seat, and collect an excellent wage, and benefits.

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  7. Ban dingbats like Senator Maralyn Chase (D)!

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  8. The only thing stupider than this idea is supporting this idea.

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  9. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    O. K., the Senate is now properly inflated with nitrous oxide, we can commence.

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  10. How do these ‘people’ get elected?

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  11. People already pay for homeowners and renters insurance to cover accidents. A little over kill here perhaps.

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