Police stop ‘High Five Fridays’ at Massachusetts schools because it makes illegal aliens uncomfortable


Police interacting with the children at school

From WILX: No more high-fives to police officers at schools in Northampton, Massachusetts on Friday mornings. The police department has stopped its ‘High Five Friday’ program after complaints.

The idea for the program came after police in Northampton visited a law enforcement conference in San Diego where “High Five Fridays” were done as a way for the department to engage with young people.

Uniformed officers in Northampton traveled to the city’s four elementary schools each Friday to welcome children to school for the day. The program ran for two months before it was halted. Police Chief Jody Kasper says there were complaints from residents concerned about how a weekly police presence might impact children of color, or undocumented children in a negative way. The chief decided to just cancel ‘High Five Fridays’ altogether.

Some residents disagree with the decision. “It’s very important to take care of the kids’ emotions and be sensitive towards it, but I think that stopping it abruptly was not the best way to go forward,” Lisa Maharjan of Northampton said. Northampton police say they will still give out high fives and fist bumps to anyone on the street who asks for one.



20 responses to “Police stop ‘High Five Fridays’ at Massachusetts schools because it makes illegal aliens uncomfortable

  1. The Left is all about feeeelings — instead of principles, or common sense, or what is right. One catch: It’s all about their and their designated “victim” group’s feelings. All used to tyrannize the rest of us.

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  2. High fivers can be bit unsettling – maybe especially cop high fivers! Do they turn a blind eye to illegals? High fiver Hispanics make the gesture it in the grocery store and around and about the neighborhoods, even to hapless housewives, widows and others they couldn’t possibly know. Something I read about the Civilized Five Tribes (Native Americans) – but LaRaza and other no borders usurpers can and often do misappropriate other identities and heritages.


  3. “there were complaints from residents concerned about how a weekly police presence might impact children of color, or undocumented children in a negative way.”
    isn’t that a ‘microaggression’? the lesbian “PC” police chief is making the assumption that because certain kids have more melanin than others they will have problems with cops….I didn’t know one could tell someone was illegal by looking at them or giving them a high 5.

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    • MomOfIV . . . Well put. How many of these young people of color, do not have a Dad in the home, or even a Mom who works . . . would it not be a gesture of enhancing their own self esteem by being able to, on a physical level, interact with people who have jobs of significance in the community. It is so depressing that we have so many boneheads running around, complaining about tempests in a teapot. Why are we so concerned about how the children of illegals perceive this interaction with police officers? This is one way of keeping them from ever integrating with the American community at large. It’s pitiful.

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  4. Leftists don’t like anything that humanizes and makes people less afraid of authority…

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  5. I call HORSESHIT! What about the kids that DO belong here? Those who don’t can stay the hell home.

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    • The kids who don’t belong here (illegals),unless they ARE American Citizens,really don’t have a say in this. I’d bet over 90% of the “complaints” have been from Parents of the illegal kids. I have no problem with any minority members,as long as they enter America LEGALLY. MY issue is with illegals-violating Federal Law as they cross the Border illegally is NOT the way to make a new,better life for themselves and their families. From a legal point of view,these people don’t have the status of legal immigrants,because they have no “skin in the game”. They have nothing invested in their “citizenship” but the time and expense of traveling here.
      This illegal immigration problem needs to be handled,but also,the LEGAL immigration system needs to be upgraded. The problem is the time it takes to become a US Citizen.Those deserving of Citizenship don’t mind all the schooling,training and memorizing they must do;it’s the waiting for up to 10 years that makes it so untenable for them.
      Since the illegals choose the shortcut into America,THEIR problems take another,much worse form;but they CHOOSE it,so I have little sympathy for them in how they’re treated.

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      • truckjunkie . . . Amen to that! If you are illegal, then you are already a criminal. Since when do sane people spend their time agonizing over the hurt feelings of criminals? I don’t spend a nano-second!

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      • MoreFreedomLessFreeloaders

        Most illegals don’t want to be American citizens. They don’t want to pay taxes and they definitely don’t want to assimilate. They’re only here to bleed our country dry and send the money they steal back to their home countries. Their anchor babies shouldn’t be allowed to stay either.


  6. This is the way it begins. Curtail speech, curtail actions and reign in thought. If it fails in one place try another but keep hammering until the message gets across that the State can and will put in place whatever limits it desires and you will obey. Meanwhile, these minorities stand back smug, overflowing with confidence, that their ‘rights’ are being protected. They never once consider what will happen once the majority is shut down and vanquished. Will that same State continue to permit them to be exempted? Will it not deny them the same freedoms it denied the old majority? Once you silence the majority, in effect, you’ve silenced everyone because you’ve given the State the power to determine who can say or do anything at any given time. These minorities are not the enemy, just useful tools of the enemy.

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  7. It is STUPID to think the police presences would make anybody BUT a criminal uncomfortable. Seeing police in a positive light should make children more equipped to deal with the police instead of fearing them. These people that complained evidently think all non white children are criminally minded and should fear the police. Atlanta use to have a ” Mr Friendly Police Officer” program in their schools. The children loved it and looked forward to that day of the week! This action will only instill fear and distrust of the police in the children. It is time we worry about the majority instead of a few descender’s!

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  8. Don’t like that “high five” nonsense either. But the real issue should be; what the heck are illegal aliens doing their any how?

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  9. Oh no we must not offended criminal actions while also calling out minorities as being threatened! Exposed again the lefts contemp for the groups they feel causing the most crime! They the left, dnc, obama etc are so very sick!

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  10. Hey illegals, take another punch on your on your T.S. Card!

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  11. P.C. reigns again. Screw the criminal invaders. Send them away. As a matter of fact don’t even bother to send them home. Drop em in the middle east so they will realize how good they had at where they came from.

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  12. It figures, Northampton is a sanctuary city.

    Related links –

    Northampton’s Mayor reaffirms commitment to protect immigrants


    Sanctuary Cities List



  13. Bunch of cry babies. If you committed no crime then you don’t have to worry about Police

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  14. If the kids that are participating don’t mind, why should others. It is their choice. They are the ones refusing to blend in.

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  15. This program interfered with the Leftist’s program of teaching children to hate police. Can’t allow anything that humanizes the evil men and women in blue.

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  16. I asked my friends trans son what he felt about this. Immediately he said that this woman is a racist for suggesting the reason to stop “high5friday”. I agree.


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