Killing Frenzy: International drive to replace $600M gap from Trump’s funding ban for overseas abortion

abortion is murder2

On January 23, 2017, his first full day of work as President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump fulfilled a campaign promise he had made by signing an executive order reinstating the lapsed “Mexico City Policy” that bans U.S. government funding of overseas groups that perform or lobby to legalize abortion, such as the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

See “Trump fulfills 3 promises in first day of work as POTUS, including defund International Planned Parenthood

President Trump’s banning of U.S. funding of overseas abortion means a savings of as much as $600 million over the course of 4 years.

Hellbent on the murder of innocent unborn human beings, the Netherlands started a global drive to raise millions of dollars to replace the now missing U.S. abortion funds.  

Gwladys Fouche reports for Reuters, Feb. 21, 2017, that in January, the Netherlands started a global fund to help women across the world access abortion services, saying Trump’s “global gag rule” meant a funding gap of $600 million over the next four years.

Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Canada, Cape Verde and Norway have all joined the abortion fund drive.

The Netherlands has pledged $10 million. So has Norway.


Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg declared in a statement:

“The government is increasing its support for family planning and safe abortion by 85 million Norwegian crowns ($10 million) compared with 2016. At a time when this agenda has come under pressure, a joint effort is particularly important.”

Note that Norway’s former prime minister is none other than Jens Stoltenberg, the present secretary general of NATO who is a Bilderberg élite and heavily invested in the vaccine industry. He was once photographed at some conference wearing a 666 T-shirt. (See “Another Candidate for the Beast” and “NATO globalists sing ‘We are the World’“)

Jens Stoltenberg

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO secretary general & former Norway prime minister

See also “Swedish government official calls for assassinating President Trump”.


14 responses to “Killing Frenzy: International drive to replace $600M gap from Trump’s funding ban for overseas abortion

  1. Norway and the Netherlands seem bent on their own destruction besides supporting abortion.
    When the Muslims fill in the population gap with their birthrates Norway and the Netherlands will become part of the Umma.

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  3. awesome! if we can only do that here sooner than later…
    liberalism is the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand.
    I wonder if they are more worried because less funding for abortions means more half-muslim babies born from rape.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they expected rapes to increase and as a result, abortions to increase….rapefugees keep raping and european victims keep aborting and all the while, profits roll in from abortions and contraceptives.
    Now, with Trump’s ban, they not only lose profit from the abortions, but half-muslim babies will be born by european mothers with european citizenship. Somehow, I don’t think they planned on the Trump factor.

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  4. Please forgive my ignorance. Would someone enlighten me as to why abortion is always front & center? There are IUD’s, day after pills, birth control pills, condoms & sterilization surgery. I have a hard time understanding why some push so hard for abortion rights. Actually, I do not understand it at all. Will appreciate a response.

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    • Liberals want to get their foot in the door, starting with abortions. Once that is the accepted norm, then we can move on to offing the old folks (such as myself) who are not of much value any more. We can also push for euthanasia of the mentally ill, the permanently disabled. Some people have it in their heads . . . that they should play GOD and choose who should live, and who should die.

      Frankly, for a country that is almost 20 Trillion in debt (not including mandated liabilities) why would we be using what treasure we have to kill off the unborn of other nations to the tune of 600 million. If someone wants to play Murderer . . . then let it be the Norwegians, the Canadians, the Dutch, the Swedes, the Danish, etc. etc. etc. Let them rail against the Eternal Creator, and we will just see how that turns out for them. We have seen it time and time again, when a nation turns against God, God turns His back on them; I think we can presently see problems in many of these countries due to their present political policies.

      I count myself the luckiest of the lucky that my ancestry turned their backs on Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, etc. and set sail for America. May God Bless Our Country, and may we live to be worthy of His sustained blessings in these turbulent times.

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      • Thanks, that makes perfect sense.

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      • Auntie you and Howard brought up Excellent points.
        Why should we pay for overseas abortions especially when 50% of our people are totally against it.
        Abortions are preventable. I would tell all the women over there, start with the birth control to help prevent population explosions.
        This is another time where getting the camels nose under the tent leads to other things.
        If they want to promote letting in raping heathens into their countries, they dime is on them.
        Some of these same countries think it is okay to kill people for piddily reasons.

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    • Feminism. “Reproductive rights.”

      To the feminazis, it’s about choice and control of your own body. And choice and control of your sexual activities, without the responsibility of possibly creating human life. Because that might interfere with your life or impede your career.

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      • Isn’t it ironic that in reference of “control of your own body”,they never even CONSIDER celibacy,to AVOID pregnancy so they don’t HAVE to kill unborn babies? Common sense would make THAT the most humane control of one’s body,the most secure contraception-OH,that’s right-THAT would be doing something they don’t WANT to do. (like WORK,paying bills,shopping for groceries,doing laundry,etc. etc. etc. Can’t have THAT…)

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        • truckjunkie . . . are we to believe that these folks are so ignorant that they actually fail to understand “how one becomes pregnant?” I so agree that it is lunacy that people cannot control their own actions, and be responsible for using contraception if they want to huff n’ puff like rabbits.

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    • Good question, Howard.

      These women say they want so-called “control” over their “own” bodies (which, of course, is a misnomer because the living human being gestating inside is not a piece of body tissue like a toenail) without responsibility — moral or financial. It’s otherwise called “Do As Thou Wilt”.

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  5. Liberals-what more can I say?

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  6. why should the US gov’t pay for overseas abortion….

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