More ‘Drain the Swamp’ of the State Department

One of Donald John Trump’s campaign promises was “Drain the Swamp”.


The State Department is notorious for being a bastion of liberal bureaucrats even in Republican administrations. It is also a corrupt bureaucracy.

Recall that in the 3+ years (2009-2013) when Hillary Clinton headed the department as U.S. Secretary of State, she used the State Department as a personal “pay-for-play” fiefdom, while she took foreign policy orders from George Soros. See:

Recall also how uncooperative the State Department was in the FBI’s investigation of Hillary’s illicit private email server. See:

Then there is the State Department’s “7th Floor Group” that an FBI document identified as America’s “shadow government”. (See “FBI confirms U.S. has a shadow government“)

So if any federal bureaucracy’s swamp needed draining, the State Department is top of the list.

Even before Rex Tillerson was confirmed as Secretary of State, the draining of the State Department swamp already had begun with the resignation of four senior staffers. One of them is none other than a member of the 7th Floor GroupPatrick F. Kennedy (no relation to the Kennedy clan), long-time Undersecretary for Management who had been with the State Department since 1973.


Happily, the draining of the swamp is continuing under new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

CBS News reports that on February 16, 2017, while Rex Tillerson was on his first overseas trip as Secretary of State, much of the 7th Floor staff, who work for the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources and the Counselor offices, were told their services were no longer needed. These staffers are often the conduit between the secretary’s office to the country bureaus, where the regional expertise is centered.

Daniel Halper of the New York Post observed the obvious — that the firing of the 7th Floor Group is “a symbolically important sign to the rest of the diplomatic corps that their new boss has different priorities than the last one.”

amb-kristie-kenneyOne of those who were laid off is Ambassador Kristie Kenney, the Counselor of the State Department and a career foreign service officer who had served as an ambassador under Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton. Kenney was one of the last remaining senior officials. Her staff was told that Secretary Tillerson does not intend to fill the counselor’s position anytime soon.

The Trump administration has sent clear signals that many key foreign policy portfolios will be controlled directly by the White House, rather than through the professional diplomats. As an example, not a single State Department official was included in the White House meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner – who has  no regional expertise or diplomatic experience –  had a greater role in the meeting than the Secretary of State Tillerson.

tom-countrymanTom Countryman, Former Assistant Secetary for Non-Proliferation who was let go earlier this month, griped: “It is irresponsible to let qualified, nonpartisan, experienced people go before you have any idea of their replacement. You can’t do foreign policy by sitting in the White House, just out of your back pocket.” Countryman worries that the White House intends to not rely on the State Department for foreign policy and that no one will be left in the department to challenge the edicts drawn up in the Oval Office.

State Department spokesman R.C. Hammond, a new hire at the State Department who previously worked for Newt Gingrich, did not respond to the specific question of what motivated the layoffs but provided the following statement: “As part of the transition from one administration to the next we continue to build out our team. The State Department is supported by a very talented group of individuals, both Republicans and Democrats. We are appreciative to any American who dedicates their talents to public service.‎”


11 responses to “More ‘Drain the Swamp’ of the State Department

  1. It sounded like they had too many employees anyway!

    Why is a bloated “foreign policy” DEPT. even needed. How many countries in the world, 200-210-220? Divide that up between 2-3 guys, & they can spend their workdays all year long yapping on the phone with heads of their designated 70-100 countries. New year, begin the rounds over again.

    Besides, doesn’t the CFR basically run the “foreign policy” show anyway? 🙂

    Govt. heirarchy in all these depts. seems excessive, assistants to assistants to assistants galore.

    And why would they even want a Demoncrat in a Republican Admin? Out with them all.

    If you look at @VP Pence’s twitter the last few days, he’s been yakking with govt. heads from numerous countries. Let the VP be the “State Dept.”

    Lastly, I forget where I read it, but Tillerson was ticked because Priebus got Trump to sign off on 15 ambassadorships. Tillerson thought HE was going to be choosing those people.


    In other news…

    Roger Stone tweeted that YouTube took down his channel. He says he had all his Alex Jones shows on there.

    Makow article yesterday 2/20/17: Suspects Priebus & Pence are part of the pedo ring. I don’t know… Pence looks at his wife VERY lovingly. — Also that Flynn was let go, not for lying to Pence, but because Flynn had pedo info. Supposedly, some (former) Intel guy, Robert Steele, is providing these “speculations”(?)

    Posobiec has a tweet that there’s an audio of some CPAC head-honcho talking negative re Big Name Conservatives. – Mitchell’s on his way to CPAC so his YourVoiceRadio can report from the floor Wed.-Sat.

    Supposedly, Priebus’ friend & NeverTrumper Katie Walsh, now working in the Trump Admin & who has access to Trump’s schedule, is the source of the recent leaks. (Gateway Pundit got that info from GotNews site.)

    Within the past 2 weeks, Roger Stone tweeted: “Priebus Needs To Go.” — I read at LifeSiteNews that Priebus is Greek Orthodox.

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    • TPR. I read the same article and the only thing I remember about Priebus is that they say he has been busy COVERING UP the pedo stuff. That doesn’t mean he is personally a pedo. Either way though, it’s not good.

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  2. Good to see promises being kept.

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  3. “Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner – who has no regional expertise or diplomatic experience – had a greater role in the meeting than the Secretary of State Tillerson.”
    I appreciate so much of what Trump is doing and trying to do for America. Our government needs a draining of the sewage infested politics that run our country and media. However, I firmly believe: “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” Luke 16:13
    At some point(s) during Trump’s presidency he will have to choose sides between American interests and israeli interests.
    And that includes his daughter, Ivanka and her husband Jared…both of whom are jewish (proud, leftist-advocating jews). I pray he keeps it real and serves God first, then America.
    “Trump’s Son-In-Law Funds Israeli Settlement Projects”
    he’s on the board of his family’s foundation that has/is donated money to illegal west bank settlements and other jewish interests…
    It appears to me that kushner is all about helping israel…I say a prayer for the Palestinian people who suffer under the occupying forces of IDF.
    Draining the swamp will not happen in one day or one month, but I pray that during Trump’s tenure he allows the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to lead his decisions to Make America Great Again.

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  4. Washington, like any big enterprise needs to replace the old, worn out politicians that keep getting older and stagnate. They bring nothing to the table but the same old shit. We need young, effervecent, good spirited men and women to advance the country up to the present time! New faces that can put us ahead of what we were once. A good house cleaning is always welcome.

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  5. Let the resignations and firings continue at the State Department. The V.P. serves at the pleasure of the President, which is to interface with Congress on the legislative process. The President has designated Rex Tillerson as the Federal Government’s Chief Diplomat. Mr. Kushner has been designated as the Administration’s key negotiator toward the ultimate goal of achieving peace in the Middle East. (The President has asked the Israeli head of state to pause the expansion of settlements).

    The wheels are in motion, it is absolutely essential that people mentioned above focus on their designated role, and not stray into the roles of others. The Presidency “is a complicated business”. No kidding.

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  6. Just about every buereaucrat in the gumment needs to go. you can keep most of the staffers, they’ll do their job, what ever it is. But the upper and middle mgt needs to go. Start by getting rid of everybody with a hillary/obama/liberal/democrat bumper sticker, lapel pin, desk decorations, etc. Most of the other employees will be glad to see them go. Most of them don’t do any work and if anything they make more work for everybody else.
    The founders and original politicians didn’t want to spend a lifetime running the country. They wanted to do their part and then get back to running their own lives, minding their own business and back to their own pursuit of happiness.

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  8. Kenny’s only claim to fame is being married to another “career” hack who screwed up several embassies. Simon Hensaw should also be forced to resign considering his role in importing refugees. The Dept of State is a toxic snakepit which is very leftist.

    Its a laughing stock in DC, known for being filled with retards and people who wear kneepads to get ahead.

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  9. Great move by President Trump. Those same hacks that had been planted for entirely too long and destroying our nation and foreign lands for the hidden hand agenda are finally OUT. What a happy day for America.

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  10. Tom Countryman can scream nonpartisan all he wants, but to believe anyone working under a previous adminstiration is not contaminated is hard to Imagine.

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