California Police Officer Keith Boyer Murdered by Recently-Released Gang Member


Officer Keith Boyer/AP Photo

From LA Times: One officer was killed and a second injured in a shootout with a gang member who was wounded in a Monday morning altercation in Whittier, authorities said.

Three Whittier Police Department officers were responding to the scene of a traffic collision about 8 a.m. when a 26-year-old, recently paroled man driving a stolen car opened fire with a semiautomatic pistol, said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lt. John Corina.

Detectives said the alleged gunman, who is expected to survive, is also a suspect in homicide that occurred in East Los Angeles. They believe he stole a vehicle Sunday morning after killing a man, then drove into Whittier, where he encountered the police.

The slain officer was identified as Keith Boyer, a 27-year veteran of the department.

Whittier Police Chief Jeff Piper broke down in tears recounting Boyer, whom he described as a close friend and beloved member of the department. He said Boyer was a mentor to others in the department and had recently talked about retiring.

Boyer played in a community band that performed for charity. At the police station, he was known for his sunny, friendly disposition and willingness to lend help and offer advice, the chief said. “He was the best of the best,” Piper said tearfully during a Monday afternoon news conference. “This is an unbelievably senseless tragedy.”

Piper said the shooting suspect, whose name has not been made public, was released from custody early. He blamed the early release on a series of new laws designed to reduce incarcerations in California.

Neither Piper nor the Sheriff’s Department offered specific information about his record or how he was released early. But the chief said Boyer’s killing showed how these laws have made the streets less safe. “We need to wake up. Enough is enough,” he said.

Two officers were hit by gunfire and taken to UC Irvine Medical Center, where Boyer was pronounced dead, Corina said. The  wounded officer is in stable condition while the suspect was taken to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center.

The shooter, according to police, had been involved in a traffic accident with another vehicle near Colima Road and Mar Vista Street, and approached the driver he had rear-ended to help push his silver car to the side of a road around the corner.

Police officers arrived in three cars and approached the man, who was seated in the silver car, Corina said. He got out and as officers moved to pat him down, he pulled a gun from his waistband and began shooting at close range. “He started firing at the officers and they returned fire,” Corina said. “We are still looking into that, why he just opened fire.”

Officers believed they were responding to a routine traffic call and did not know the vehicle was stolen when they approached. “It seems like a simple traffic accident and next thing they know they’re in a gunfight,” Corina said, adding that “you never know when you respond to a call, what you are going to run into.”

Corina said both officers were wearing bulletproof vests and were shot in the body.

Police have not identified the shooter pending the ongoing investigation, but described him as a Los Angeles gang member who had been released on parole within the last two weeks and had many tattoos, including on his neck and face. He was driving a stolen car from East L.A.

Read the rest of the story here.


14 responses to “California Police Officer Keith Boyer Murdered by Recently-Released Gang Member

  1. kaliphorniastan Police Officer Keith Boyer’s family should sue gubernor Jerry Brown for Wrongful Death …

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Not to diminish the serious, tragic, and intolerable, nature of this crime and the source of these animal perpetrators, it does disturb me that they point out the type of firearm this cretin utilized as if was a contributing factor of his abhorrent criminal behavior. They just as well mention the make and models of the vehicles involved in the accident which triggered the encounter. It would, and maybe, actually could have more relevance.

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    • I caught that too;Would it have made a difference if the shooter was using a revolver? The writer must have been going for the “shock value”-if that’s the case,why didn’t the writer include where the Officer was hit? Pretty sloppy “journalism”.

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    • MoreFreedomLessFreeloaders

      California intends to completely ban all guns and do away with the second amendment in its entirely.


  3. my prayers to the officers’ families….
    unfortunately, california will continue to have more of these problems until they enforce our laws, protect our borders, put Americans first (not whoever crosses the border), require proper and official documentation to receive services (that way, folks who don’t have proper paperwork will leave)….unfortunately none of this will happen with the inept, corrupt, evil, self-serving, voter fraud, libtard legislators we have running this state…into the ground.
    What state or country in the world has ever flourished by erasing its own borders, ignoring its own laws, setting aside its own culture, and welcoming people who have no skills except to reproduce and violate laws? (an exact situation going on in the eu, except muslim instead of mexican)
    it’s suicide on the state level….the people running this state must really hate America because they care nothing for her citizens or her laws, except where they benefit directly….
    Blue Lives Matter.

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    • MomOfIV . . . very well written, I agree entirely. It’s the libtards who are pushing for lesser sentencing, because after all–you do know that there is an over representation of “people of color” in our prisons! That of all things is the stupidest reason to release felons early. If only the libtards experienced the agonizing pain of having a family member killed under these circumstances . . . then perhaps they would smarten up pretty quick! My thoughts and prayers are with the family of this slain officer, may the spirit of the Comforter rest upon them and lend strength to the ordeal they must now face. Jerry Brown was goofy the first time round, and he hasn’t gotten any better this second time round. Unfortunately, California is overwhelmed with libtards that vote in this kind of trash. . . and the people suffer.

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      • “If only the libtards experienced the agonizing pain of having a family member killed under these circumstances . . . then perhaps they would smarten up pretty quick!”
        Auntie, I was thinking the same thing. It seems that logical reasoning has escaped all of them…yet, they continue to get “re-elected”. I even wonder if they were in the same situation as the Average Joe, would they finally empathize with us or would they continue to defend the perpetrators? these people have evil in their hearts where the Holy Spirit should reside.
        California, and other states, need a massive Drain The Swamp.

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      • MoreFreedomLessFreeloaders

        Leftists actually believe that all criminals are just poor little victims of their environment. They’re starting to heavily coddle pedos as well. Leftists are seriously mentally ill.


  4. ““This is an unbelievably senseless tragedy.”” Absolutely NOT. It was, rather, a completely predictable and utterly avoidable TRAGEDY as well as a demonstration of the FAILURE of California penal policy.

    What a shame this gang member is expected to survive – because this clueless, irrational state will just release him – to kill, steal, and destroy lives – again.

    May Officer Boyer rest in peace, and may his family find comfort from the Source of all comfort. Likewise for the other man killed by this thug.

    And I’m not even going to get in to the proof this gives of “gun control” being an utter failure. That is self-evident for those with eyes to see, and for those who choose to believe in lies, they will not see.

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  5. The Governor and the Legislature of California is guilty of dereliction. Legal, law abiding residents of California have a duty to remove all who contribute to the rapid descent of this State into a bankrupt, lawless stain on the Republic. Even your representatives in D.C. are a travesty to the concept of intelligent legislation.

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  6. We can thank Obama, all the Democrats, the RINOs, & the low information voters for this. It will only continue until Trump builds that wall, & withholds all Federal financial assistance to cities that refuse to follow the laws already on the books regarding the reporting of illegal immigrants in cities and towns YEARS before Trump even considered running for President.

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  7. In Canada, on average, a person will do half the time for the same crime as performed in the USofA. However, s/he’ll be convicted on ALL the charges, they would NOT run concurrently, and on his/her first parole hearing at age 70, he will be classified as ‘a recidivist highly likely to re-offend,’ and the Parole Board will recommend s/he be sent back for another 10 years.

    Anyone convicted of crimes for which they must serve more than two years and a day are AUTOMATICALLY sent to FEDERAL Corrections Canada; hard time is the basis for all their time. Period. As in ‘You’ve REALLY blown it, after we gave you every chance.’ And that’s fine by me, though I’m NOT happy about the expense of a 50 year stint. This is in place of a death sentence or ‘life’ imprisonment: ends as the same, but much more slowly.

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  8. Michael Christopher Mejia, 26, was arrested Monday after Whittier police Officer Keith Boyer was fatally shot and Officer Patrick Hazell was wounded as they responded to the site of a traffic accident Mejia was involved in.

    Related link/pics…

    Gang member accused in officer’s slaying was on probation

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  9. News Release –

    March 1, 2017: Felon Charged With Capital Murder of Whittier Police Officer, Relative

    Greg Risling, Public Information Officer
    (213) 257-2000
    A Los Angeles man was charged today with murdering a police officer and wounding another in Whittier after killing a relative hours earlier, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced.

    Michael Christopher Mejia (dob 1/1/91) was charged in case VA144147 with two counts of murder and one count each of attempted murder, carjacking and possession of a firearm by a felon.

    Mejia also faces special circumstance allegations of multiple murders, murder of a police officer and murder to escape arrest, making him eligible for the death penalty. The criminal complaint also alleges weapons and a gang allegation.

    He is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow in Department 3 of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Bellflower Branch.

    Deputy District Attorneys Garrett Dameron and Geoff Lewin of the Crimes Against Peace Officers Section are prosecuting the case.

    On Feb. 20, Mejia is accused of fatally shooting his 47-year-old cousin, Roy Torres, in East Los Angeles. He allegedly took the victim’s car and later crashed the vehicle into two other cars in Whittier.

    Police responded to the crash and when they ordered Mejia to get out of his car the defendant is accused of pulling out a semiautomatic handgun and firing at two officers.

    Officer Keith Boyer, 53, was killed and Officer Patrick Hazell was wounded in the shootout. Mejia also was wounded.

    Mejia has prior convictions for second-degree robbery in 2010 and grand theft auto in 2014.

    If convicted as charged, Mejia faces the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole. A decision on whether to seek capital punishment will be made at a later date.

    The case remains under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

    Link –


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