Sixty people lost their jobs over immigrant protest


From The Charlotte Observer: In at least five states, roughly 60 people lost their jobs this week after they skipped work to participate in the “Day Without Immigrants” protest on Thursday, according to local media reports.

The protest, which was aimed at highlighting the importance of immigrants to the U.S. economy, called on all immigrants to not work or buy anything Thursday and succeeding in shutting down businesses across the country, according to CNN. It is unclear, however, how many people participated in the strike, according to ABC News.

Still, around five dozen people say their participation in the protest cost them their employment as businesses fired them for not showing up to work.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, 12 Latino workers at the I Don’t Car Bar and Grill told KTUL that they were fired over text message because they did not show up for their scheduled shift and did not call in. “You and your family are fired. I hope you enjoyed your day off, and you can enjoy many more. Love you,” the restaurant owner texted one employee, according to screenshots provided to the station.

The employees told KTUL that while they expected to be reprimanded for missing work, they did not expect to be fired. However, the owner maintained the move was not political and was simply the result of the bar’s strict “no show/no call policy.” The owner also told KTUL has fired others recently for the same offense. Tulsa Public Radio reports that the restaurant has already started looking for new workers.

In King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, six workers at Bahama Breeze restaurant were barred from entering the building on Friday after missing work Thursday, a local activist told the Philadelphia Inquirer. As in Tulsa, none of the workers told their boss they would be missing work.

The activist later said all the employees had been rehired after people called the restaurant to complain.

However, Darden Restaurants, the parent company of Bahama Breeze, disputed the activist’s claims, saying no one was ever fired in the first place, according to Rich Jeffers, a spokesman for the company.

In Nolensville, Tennessee, 18 people were fired from Bradley Coatings, Incorporated, a local painting company, according to News Channel 5. The people fired told the news station that they informed their superiors on Wednesday that they would be participating in the protest and that when they failed to show up the next day, they were all fired.

Bradley Coatings confirmed the firings to News Channel 5 in a statement but also insisted that the terminations were not a political statement.

“The reason these employees missed work — to engage in peaceful demonstrations — had nothing to do with BCI’s decision to terminate them,” the statement read. “BCI regrets this situation, but it has contracted with its clients to complete work on a schedule set by the client’s general contractor.”

In Lexington, South Carolina, employees of Encore Boat Builders LLC were told not to participate in the protest or they would be fired, according to WLTX. However, 21 workers did not show up for work and were accordingly terminated. The company declined to comment to WLTX.

In Bonita Springs, Florida, six staff members at a daycare are no longer employed. Two say they were fired for wanting to participate in the protest, while four others say they resigned in protest after their colleagues were let go. However, the daycare’s head told NBC2 that no one was fired and that all six quit.

All five states, like the vast majority of states in the U.S., recognize at-will employment, which means employers can fire workers at any time without advance notice for any reason. While South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Tennessee all recognize some exceptions to this doctrine, Florida does not, per the National Conference of State Legislatures.

UPDATE: This story has been corrected and updated with comments from Darden Restaurants, the parent company of Bahama Breeze, denying that any workers were fired.


17 responses to “Sixty people lost their jobs over immigrant protest

  1. Hey, you 60 bozos! It’s called cause and effect: you miss work, you get fired. Cheers!

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  3. If I walk out on my job, I will get fired too. DUH HUH

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  4. elections have concequenses

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  5. I understand deaths in the family, sickness of spouses or children and other emergency situations requiring an employees presence. I never let people off for protesting and certainly made sure no call in situations carried disipline up to termination. Be political on your own time, not our customers and clients.

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  6. I am so glad these goofs were fired. Theres a lot of people not working, and more facing layoffs. Maybe now the unemployed protesters will realize they were fooled by Marxist propaganda. To voluntarily not go to work for a protest is imbecilic.

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    • carly . . . very well written. When employers tolerate this business of people just deciding when they will show up for work . . . then it’s time to send them down the road. Another consequence of employers tolerating this behavior is . . . you will get a whole lot more of it down the road, employees will believe that they are in charge rather than the employer being in charge. Good for the employers. To any employer who rehired any one pulling this kind of stunt . . . shame on them!

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      • “To any employer who rehired any one pulling this kind of stunt . . . shame on them!”
        They set a precedent that says it’s okay to decide to skip work to protest;as a result they will see more and more employees taking advantage of the management. BAD decision by management.

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  7. Great! I hope more of this happens to these spoiled individuals who expect to be treated “special” just because they’re protesting. Anyone else who doesn’t call in or show up for work is fired and so should they be. These wrong, childish and irresponsible decisions have consequences. Obama and Democrat Party gave people the right to do as they please without consequences for wrong choices and I’m glad that reason, responsibility and common sense is returning.

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  8. Things were so much better back in the 60s and 70s, before illegal alien immigration was the policy of our government, courts, and industry.

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  10. Sixty—in the whole country…that’s ALL???? Pretty much SURE that way more than 60 people abandoned their work/responsibilities to attend this vapid demonstration…… (and…even so….in the end….did we NOT get through the day WITHOUT illegal immigrants?).

    I see where these people are going with all this…but…they have to seek out historical base: for instance……one of the premises of the South in the US building up to the Civil War was that….the South, and, indeed, the nation, could NOT SURVIVE without slave labor…and therefore, we should uphold it as a nation…..IN FACT, our lives–IN THEORY–depended upon it being allowed, legally, to spread into incoming NEW states (whether you could use slaves in similar crops or NOT—like….who could, in the future, make “plantations” in the desert southwest or the intermountain West????). AND, furthermore….IF WE DID NOT…NO ONE COULD EVER EVER AGAIN AFFORD TO BUY cotton products. (Now, remember…NO SYNTHETICS back then….just cotton, linen (hemp) and wool products.).

    The war for freedom of the slaves was fought…at tremendous sacrifice of WHITE lives, North and South…and many who lived in disability thereafter, and the slaves were freed…and somehow…..we all continued to wear/buy/use cotton/rice/indigo/cane products….all those crops that the South had produced through slave labor…. The world did not come to an end….business opportunites did NOT dry up after the war…in fact, they doubled…

    My point is…..I will still eat lettuce and wonderfully tasty ripe tomatoes, et al, even if an illegal does NOT pick them. I might grow them myself (OMG…SOOOO easy, even in a planter on the front porch!!!) or go to local farmer’s markets…local gown/small grower…or if the mass-producers are saavy—I’ll be able to go to a mass-producer with my OWN picking baskets, and pick my OWN for canning/drying/other……

    The other possibility is…that we will, as we DID IN THE PAST, establish an agricultural treaty with Mexico or whomever (Maybe CAnada wants in on this???? 🙂 ) where we establish a worker exchange system—– we can “vet” and accept farm workers from Mexico who want to come here to work….but they will have a LEGAL RIGHT to be here….we will KNOW who they are….they will RETURN to Mexico when the season for which they applied is OVER. They will NOT bring children, wives, parents, cousins, neices, nephews, ad nauseum, with them……They will be here to do a seasonal job, as a MEXICAN CITIZEN, at a fair price…and return HOME TO MEXICO.

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  11. Those immigrants who lost their jobs now realize if they want freedom they will have to pay a price. Nothing is given, a choice was made now they know that staying means they must earn it….

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  12. The downside to this is that attorneys (ACLU types) will now sue such employers, who will in turn throw the firing managers under the bus, thus costing them their own jobs (for having rightfully fired the delinquents…) in order to appease the leftists. Which probably explains why only 60 were fired in the first place, of the thousands (?) I had thought had participated. Either managers made their own decisions, or it was handed down from corporate offices, that firings would not be made — in the interest of public relations.

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