Angela Merkel says Europe must take more refugees and Islam ‘isn’t source of terror’

merkel muslim

Earlier this month, Angela Merkel stated that Germany will offer cash handouts worth millions of pounds for migrants to leave Germany in an effort to silence criticism of her ‘open-door’ border policy. Now this? Proggies…they can never be consistent.

From Daily Star UK: The embattled leader says Europe has an obligation to take displaced people from Syria and Iraq. 

She also said Islam “is not the cause of terrorism” and that combatting extremism needs the cooperation of Muslim countries.

In a wide-ranging speech at a Munich security conference, the German chief also vowed to work closely with Vladimir Putin’s Russia in the fight with ISIS in the Middle East.

Mrs. Merkel has come under fire for taking in up to one million refugees amid security concerns and a string of migrant sex attacks across Germany.

After the Berlin lorry attack at a Christmas market in December, ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage said events such as that will be “Merkel’s legacy”.

Mrs. Merkel had been a strong critic of Brexit, saying she had “deep regrets” about it. She will go to the polls in September against Social Democrat candidate Martin Schulz, the former European Parliament President.

On Putin, she said Europe’s ties with Russia remained challenging, but it was important to work with them in the fight against Islamist terrorism. She said: “The joint fight against Islamic terrorism is one area where we have the same interests and we can work together.”

Her comments about Islam and refugees follow her criticism of Donald Trump’s travel ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

New US Vice-President Mike Pence was in the audience and reaffirmed the US’ commitment to NATO in a speech of his own.

Germany is under increasing pressure to increase military spending, would do “everything possible” meet a NATO target for spending two percent of economic output on defence by 2024, Merkel told the conference.

Only last week, a student was dragged into woods and raped by a migrant who spoke no English near the campus of Bochum University.


20 responses to “Angela Merkel says Europe must take more refugees and Islam ‘isn’t source of terror’

  1. This woman is a real screwball.

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  2. William Brandon Shanley

    Angela Merkel is so “off the rails,” sometimes I imagine her to be Hitler’s daughter!

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  3. She should be committed to an insane asylum. How much proof does one need to see that the problem is muslim extremists? I’m not hearing about Buddhist extremists. Or Christian extremists. Or Hindu extremists. Oh by the way. This system’s spell checker insists that the words muslim, Buddhist & Hindu be capitalized but not the word Christian. WTH. This crap is everywhere. Where’s my tin hat????

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  4. A. Merkel is now living in her own unreal fantasy. Germans have to remove her.

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  5. Angela Merkel is insane, and Germany is sick of her. I believe that British Intelligence is responsible for her continued tenure: Ever notice how parasitic it is, and how they always get anyone and everyone else to do their suffering for them?
    And at the other end of Europe, we’re stuck with Frankenpope, who just came out and said the same thing about Islam. He, too, is insane.

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  6. How come Merkel, Obama and the pope use the same talking points?

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  7. No malice to the german people but, if that is what Angie wishes, by all means open the doors, and Popet Frankie should put aside the bible and begin imparting the Sharia law. Keep them there and AWAY FROM HERE!!!

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    • AMEN! How come the Germans seem to always be bringing a “pox” down upon all the rest of us with their CRAZY proclivities/decisions/leaders? When are we EVER going to put them into a straight jacket in order to “save” Europe from themselves—and save US from always having to do the MOP UP and bring in the ambulance squad to carry them away/breath life back into them? DANG! I think it’s Three Times and You’re OUT! IN which case….this time, they’re OUT!

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  8. Did y’all catch Merkel the grey-faced sow scowling in the front row as VP Mike Pence was speaking at the Munich Security Conference?

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  9. I am fervently praying that Merkel will be thrown out by the German people, and that a suitable replacement with faith and courage will be installed to throw out the majority of the invaders that plague the German people. As for the non-German speaking man who drug the young woman into the woods to rape her . . . he needs a surgical disarmament.

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    • With the increase of American Women who have started carrying,if he’d done that in the US there’s a VERY good chance he’d have gotten one,and without anesthetic.

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  10. She must be getting senile in her old age….

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    • If it’s Senility,she’s been fighting it for about 20 years….

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    • Or she’s a puppet of the Satanists, or she’s one of them that controls this world from behind the scenes, most people probably don’t believe it exists, yet there is much proof over many decades, well known respected men have talked and written about it and those who weren’t respected like Confederate general Albert Pike, Pike claimed he could contact Satan at will he wrote a book called Morals and Dogma. FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover mentioned this evil, he said it was so monstrous that most Americans wouldn’t believe it exists. JFK made it clear he would be their puppet. Much too long to put on here, this is Scriptural too. Just imagine a pyramid, inside there are floor/stories, Satan at the top his spiritual forces just below the mortal men and women below them on various floors with various rank. People like Obama may or may not be inside, but just a puppet. BTW they use a symbolic pyramid I know some of the things it stands for, not all.

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  11. She is following the orders of her EU Globalist masters; let us hope the German people help drain the European Union swamp, a marsh led by the unelected who seek complete tyranny. In the early days of the EU, they banned wooden shoes in the Netherlands; people who did not see from that what was in their future need help. Don’t look for it from Teufele or the EU.

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  12. Angela Merkel = Dingbat!

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  13. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    In spite of the obvious evil and destruction that her lust for a position of Globalist power drives her to promote, people will follow and try to rebuild Babylon. Work against that Luciferian force, and pray that its Tower does not get rebuilt.

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