Women cancel their accounts to protest Nordstrom dropping Ivanka brand

In response to Nordstrom ditching the Ivanka Trump brand early this month, a group of women walked into a Nordstrom in Chandler, Arizona, with handfuls of cash to settle and cancel their accounts. The women say they will now shop at Dillard’s because Dillard’s continues to sell Ivanka’s brand.

One of the women, Laurie Ray posted the video on Facebook which went viral quickly, with more than 422,000 views as of Thursday afternoon, a day later. (Daily Mail)

One woman in the video says, speaking into her phone, “I’ve been shopping at Nordstrom for 30 years. Because of your decision to drop Ivanka Trump, I will no longer shop at your store, nor will my husband or our nine children or our eight grandchildren.”

Alas, these and other women’s boycott of Nordstrom doesn’t seem to have an effect on Nordstrom’s stock performance, as seen in this graph below:




31 responses to “Women cancel their accounts to protest Nordstrom dropping Ivanka brand

  1. I am glad some people are standing up to the ridiculous moves these stores are making. I only occasionally shopped in Nordstrom and would not go back there again because of their political actions.

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  2. These idiots tried to boycott Wegmans for selling Trump Wine products. Trump wines sold out and are to be immeadatly restocked to fulfill demand. When liberals punch then supporters of Mr. Trump need to punch back… harder… and more frequently. Trump Boycott? Go out and show businesses with your dollars, whose side you’re on. The liberals will fold like a bedowin tent.

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  3. These women did not take control of the screen this morning on FOX, although I’m totally cool with what they did and are saying.

    When questioning how a “right” (freedom of the press) is used, (like pointing out the bias and FAKENEWS in the MSM) this is not threatening the “right”.
    It is strengthening it.

    This is an area of confusion
    where all people were bestowed unalienable rights by God.
    It confuses the snowflakes (“God” “alien” and “rights” all in one sentence, what do these all mean?)
    and they keep trying to apply this to anyone who happens to sneak into this country.
    immigrant is a legal status, and the bill of rights applies only to citizens or those otherwise formally granted a legal status.

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  4. I cancelled my account. Sent Nordstrom my cut up credit card [and two, never used, debit cards – connected to our checking account]. All done at Nordstrom. When they bring Ivanka’s line back, I may reconsider, but it will likely be too little too late.

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  5. Excellent, Kohl’s and Sears went bye-bye out of my wallet…screw my President and you end up screwing the people who voted for him…how stupid.

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  6. In spite of the sales at Sears/Kmart the stores are empty. Nordstrom about the same and sales don’t help at all. Racks overflow with merchandise you can hardly touch them and on the floor they go. Smart shoppers cash in only when sales are offered and walk away with products saved for next Xmas, they are slowly going down -Macys, Talbots and others have better sales and so far not involved in politics. Looks to me S/K and Nordstrom are not going to be around long.

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  8. Protesting the cave wall shadow “reality” projected by the Khazarian-media.

    Meanwhile, no protest or resistance to the US tyranny’s further occupation and oppression of the American country and people.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

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  9. These retailers never learn…

    Ivanka Trump has four products in top 20 women’s fragrance list on Bezo’s Amazon.

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  10. Excellent job, ladies!!! How can we get a boycott going of Hollywood, T.V. and the Music business along with other stores that dumped the Ivanka line? They won’t stop their bullying and hatred until it hits them in the pocketbook.

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    • Easy. The next time some actor/actress of renown gets on his/her soapbox and rails on like an SJW nitwit, just go on boxofficemojo.com or imdb.com and look up their upcoming movies, TV shows, and other projects listed on their page. Then contact the respective studio(s) AND, if known, their sponsors, and let them know that due to your disagreement with that actor’s politics that you WON’T be seeing or buying their production(s), nor any OTHER of that studio, or buying any of the sponsor’s products, until either the actor retracts the offending statement or (s)he is fired.

      It’s the “Silent Majority” that truly holds the purse strings. Time to be ‘silent’ no more!


  11. Anyone have any “nationally-known stores” in mind who everyone SHOULD SUPPORT? Boycotting the “boycottables” leaves us literally NOTHING in my area. How ’bout Wal-mart? Shop or NO shop?JC Penneys? Cal-Ranch? Intermountain Farm Supply? What about Auto Parts stores? We have NAPA (my favorite),Auto Zone,O’Reillys,Advance Auto Parts,Fairmont Supply. Have any of these been “pox’ed”? I won’t even start on the”Fast (?) Food” places….

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  12. I love this…several of them were on Fox earlier in the week

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  13. Scott Baio dropped his account with damn nordstrom too!

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    • And relatively AFFORDABLE,I’m told…


    • Maryaha- This is not meant as an insult or reprimand. You do have some interesting comments, but…
      Perhaps you are unaware of this-
      From Wikipedia —
      Studies have been conducted on the readability and legibility of all caps text. Scientific testing from the 20th-century onwards has generally indicated that all caps text is less legible and readable than lower-case text. In addition, switching to all caps may make text appear hectoring and obnoxious for cultural reasons, since all-capitals is often used in transcribed speech to indicate that the speaker is shouting.
      Please reconsider your use of all caps.

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  15. While I did not have a Nordstrom card, on occasion I would wander in to their store, so I called them and told them I would not be making purchases on either my VISA or Master Card at their stores, due to the fact that they are interfering in political matters instead of sticking to selling stuff!

    I seems rather odd to me that these high end stores would want to anger patrons who provide the foot traffic for their stores. Heaven knows, there are many of us who are getting older, and we have turned to more frequent shopping online–for the same brands, but at lower prices. I love staying at home in my chair shopping, and then waiting for my purchases to arrive. Just last week, I received a total of five packages, which were shipped via UPS, FedEx, and Amazon. With all the crazies out there, I would rather avoid going to the Malls.

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    • Agreed Auntie. I shop online for the majority of my purchases in many categories. It saves time, gas, wear and tear on my vehicles and, like you said, it’s fun to receive packages in the mail. Before finalizing a purchase, I always do a web search for coupon codes for money or a percentage off or free shipping. There are really great deals online. There are “daily deal” sites that bring deals from many companies both online and brick and mortar. They will often offer a code for extra savings/free shipping that one would not get if shopping online directly through the company. It’s a game for me to only buy things I need when it’s on sale and taking the time to find the best price out there. I also do a bit of shopping at local independent stores for birthday and Christmas gifts to support them.

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    • THAT would be your basic Liberal Delusion at work. (Also known to us commoners as “Head Up A$$ Disease”. THEY’RE trying to make themselves believe they don’t NEED OUR BUSINESS.

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    • Just curious- what kind of reply did you get?!

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    • Young Ms. Trump-Kushner is an astute businesswoman and likely already has a plan to deal with alternate vending routes for her products. If the brick-and-mortar stores, already hurting, want to rid themselves of customers with caving in to these SJW twits, let them…a good product ALWAYS finds a market!


  16. Domino affect!

    Remember when several companies decided to back out of any support of President Trump over outcries….the temp flight ban?

    Remember when Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has withdrew from President Trump’s business advisory council after public outcry?

    Funny how things happen…..

    Uber accused of ignoring rampant sexual harassment; CEO calls for investigation


    Wow looks like Uber got some real advertising going on too…although not exactly the ‘positive kind’ and rather ironic when you think about it.

    Police: Uber Driver Burglarized Several Passengers’ Homes While They Were Out

    An Uber driver was arrested by the Delaware State Police after being accused of being behind several burglaries.

    Delaware State Police, in partnership with the Bethany Beach Police Department, arrested 26-year-old Saddam Awadallah of Frankford, following a six-month-long investigation of multiple burglaries in Sussex County.

    Police said in a statement that Awadallah would drive passengers from their homes to businesses and restaurants in the Ocean City and Dewey Beach areas.

    While the Uber passengers were away, police said, Awadallah would return to their residences to steal credit cards, computers, watches, cellphones, tablets, sunglasses, and other items.

    According to police, all the incidents occurred in a narrow time-frame during the night while the victims were away.

    Awadallah was apprehended in Tennessee and extradited back to Delaware on Feb. 13. He was charged with three counts of burglary in the second degree, 11 counts of theft and criminal mischief, among others.

    Awadallah is being held at the Sussex Correctional Institution in default of a $31,000 secured bond.

    Yup….the ‘irony of life’, the lord must be laughing, I know I am! 😀


  17. OOps forgot this one!

    Fmr Top Obama Aide Ordered to Pay $90K Fine for Illegally Lobbying on Uber’s Behalf


    A former top Obama administration aide and one of the architects of his historic 2009 election victory has been fined $90,000 by the Chicago Board of Ethics for illegally lobbying Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on behalf of the ride-share company Uber.

    Wow….I believe after all this fine mess President Trump is better off without their backing! YIKES!


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