D.C. police arrest Trump inauguration domestic terrorists

Mere days before President Trump’s inauguration, using hidden cameras, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas captured video and audio evidence of a radical Left group plotting to disrupt and cause mayhem at the inauguration.

Members of DisruptJ20 were captured on video in Pizzagate’s Comet Ping Pong pizzeria discussing how they would disrupt the pro-Trump Deploraball on the night of January 19 at the National Press Building, Washington, DC, by releasing butyric acid stink-bombs into the ventilation system and setting off fire alarm sprinklers.

Those plans are outright terrorism and in violation of D.C. Code 22-3571.01(6) that carries a 5-year prison sentence:

“It shall be unlawful for anyone to willfully or knowingly, with the intent of intimidating or frightening people, causing panic or civil unrest….”

One of the terrorists, Luke Kuhn of the D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition, was heard on the video threatening the D.C. government and the police:

“The message has to be, we do not recognize the city government either. If you try to close us down we will look for your house, we will burn it. We will physically fight the police if they try to steal one of our places. We will go to war and you will lose.”

For the video, see “Video evidence of the Left’s terrorist plans for Trump inauguration”.

Well, it looks like the D.C. police took the threats seriously by arresting three of the DisruptJ20 terrorists: Scott Ryan Charney (aka Scott Green), Colin Dunn and Luke Kuhn.

Scott Ryan Charney was the first to be arrested.

As reported by Andrea Noble of the Washington Times, Scott Charney was arrested on January 19, the night before the inauguration, for conspiracy to commit assault. Charney, 34, was one of the three men caught on Project Veritas’ camera.

Court documents indicate that police relied on the Project Veritas video, as well as emails sent between protest organizers, including emails sent by Charney to several individuals stating that he had conducted reconnaissance at the National Press Club, and believed his group “would be able to accomplish their objective ‘with no negative consequences for our side, nor any collateral damage.’”

Here’s the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department’s press release.

On February 15, Project Veritas tweeted that Luke Kuhn and Colin Dunn had also been arrested:


Police should also look into Luke Kuhn’s pedophile activities, based on his writings that were unearthed by citizen journalists on Reddit.


(1) On Sept. 22, 1997, Kuhn wrote in an essay titled “Ronald McDonald the child-molesting clown”:

“a burger loaded with E. Coli or Mad Cow disease will do a child far more damage than some seedy sexual encounter in the woods behind the school could ever dream of.”

(2) In an email on April 14, 1998, Kuhn wrote:

I have been a sexually-active bisexual since I was 12 years old…. Here in Montgomey County, MD, one of the things the Utopian Anarchist Party (a youth militia when you get right down to it) has been doing is running an underground railroad for runaways…. Keep up the good fight, for you are waging a holy war against the devils of psychiatry and minimum age laws…. I know one thing, if I had had parents who put me in a mental hospital for being Gay-or for being an anarchist, I would probably have burned them out for it.”

(3) On June 19, 1998, Kuhn wrote:

“I am writing in response to the lurid tales that have been circulating for the past week accusing the UAP [Utopian Anarchist Party] of running ‘child-pornography’ and other such commercial operations involving young people…. Yes, I did post a few articles to Boychat,which I found through a law-enforcement Web site. Why? What better place to post articles about the Mary Kay Latourneau case. Yes, I support the right of young people to CHOOSE to be sexually active if they so desire. As I stated in my original posts on the subject, I started having sex by my own choice when I was 12. My partner was 15 or 16. He asked first, but I kept going back for more-and never, ever regretted it.”

H/t PJMedia


19 responses to “D.C. police arrest Trump inauguration domestic terrorists

  1. I find the location for their meeting more than interesting.
    James has done an amazing job exposing these POS.
    It makes me warm and fuzzy to know they were arrested.

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  3. It’a about time, doesn’t anyone know the definition of SEDITION anymore?! Actually Obama and his Soros minions should be arrested for SEDITION because they are behind all of this crap.

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  4. It’s difficult to understand how a child is allowed to just run off the rails without a parent or parents noticing or correcting. This seems to have started Luke Kuhn’s decline into depravity. He may even have been seeking an escape from his home life. So sad.

    I hope all three of these immoral, debased anarchists get the maximum sentence. They are undoubtedly poisoning other young minds with their destructive anti-civilized ideology while roaming the streets. None of them look as though they’re gainfully employed. Where does their support come from? That deserves investigation, I wouldn’t be surprised to find it’s government (taxpayer) welfare.

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  5. Well, this looks to be gathering momentum, all for the good, if we’re lucky. Pizzagate looks to be a logical consequence to the Franklin financial mess back in the Eighties, which involved Bush 41 et al., as pederasts and worse. [http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/Franklin/FranklinCoverup/franklin.htm]

    What this fellow says, that “a burger loaded with E. Coli or Mad Cow disease will do a child far more damage than some seedy sexual encounter” is of course true, in that infected meat may kill a child, while a sexual encounter is less immediately deadly, therefore much more difficult to assess.

    However, it is one thing for us as adults to arrive at a conclusion –much the same as a jury in deliberation– than it is for that child, who will most likely need ten or more years to sort it out. Such ‘reasoning’ presumes far more competence on the child than s/he is likely to have, IMO. Overall, the whole mess is yet one more insanity arising from the miasma that is WA, DofC. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miasma_theory]

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  6. William Brandon Shanley

    Great news! I also find the meeting location to be of interest, Glenn47. But when is DC police going to arrest ALEFANTIS?

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  7. Thank you for the report, Dr. Eowyn. These guys need to be put behind bars.

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  8. Progressive left/libtard freaky people…

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  9. Another terrorist group anti-Western more.

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  11. Excellent news.

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  12. This creature looks like Barney Frank’s dream date. Why are so many libtards perverts/crazy?

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  13. Another one bites the dust…….

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  14. These people are useful idiots of well-healed, establishment anti-Trump interest groups. Politics makes strange bedfellows indeed. Jews represent 2 percent of the population, yet, they wield immense power in the establishment. AIPAC is a frequent example. We are seeing a closing of the ranks against Trump. This is true in media, academic institutions, think tanks, and corporations in which Jews represent a strong plurality, and, are inclined to foster values that are seen as safe for their continued power and safety. Many non-Jewish interest groups have aligned themselves with Jewish interests, and, more specifically, Zionism. The exemplar of this alignment is the neocons that include both Jews and non-Jewish proxies. Large multinationals have had a mixed reaction to Trump. Many of them have gentile leadership. They are concerned with profits and their stock prices. Intelligence agencies are using active measured to undermine Trump. Interestingly, those intelligence agencies that have no law enforcement functions are the most clearly anti-Trump. This has little to do with the potential climate of “anti-Semitism” which seems to have zero basis in fact. They are concerned with shrinking budgets, and a lack of aggressive Administrative policy rhetoric for worldwide interventions in “the American interest”.
    Trump represents the greatest challenge to the status quo since JFK. JFK was a threat, primarily, to the interests of the military and intelligence community. Ironically, Eisenhower warned, in his farewell address, of the very threat that materialized in the JFK assassination, given just two and a half years before the JFK assassination.Trump represents a potential shake-up of a motley of interests, in what was a well-ordered system dominated by cronyism and the interests of elites.
    Trump represents a tipping point for America. From the time he was elected, he was the first President to be set up for failure by the above-named dominant institutions and interest groups. This amounts to a political mobbing of a sitting U.S. President, the very first instance of such, in nearly two and a half centuries. This is a Kulturekampf. Trump has German roots on his paternal side. His immigrant grandparents anglicized the surname Drumpf. Trump embraced his roots by serving as Grand Marshall of the 1999 German-American Steuben Parade in New York City.
    The current coup attempt against Trump has many vectors. The outcome, in my opinion, will determine whether or not America continues on the road to becoming another bankrupted and failed Empire. It will also determine whether or not America will be a rule of law nation, or, a mob-ruled nation controlled by a shadowy and unaccountable elite leading ineluctably to economic collapse. This is a test of true democratic rights. Rights of citizens to voice their opinions and have their country governed without the organized violence of anarchist mobs. This may be the last chance for each citizen to realize their true rights delineated in the Bill of Rights. The last chance to hold their government accountable for violating their most basic freedoms and self-determination. The fate of Trump may very well determine the freedom of our children and grandchildren, or, their road to serfdom.

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  15. I have already commented on the connection per a question on this now.

    Now observe in truth and spirit what these young adults are….they are groomed and it is all connected indeed.

    Now look up who donates to the ‘comet’ and go the extra mile to understand something you do not believe but they in fact do….

    I am not surprised at any of this truthfully….completely expected connections which have been made public for a reason…that reason is what has my curiosity up at this point.

    Thank you kindly for contributing this good piece of journalism Eowyn….my radar is also on and it doesn’t go off one iota..

    I wish, I could tell you why.


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  16. I think George Soros is guilty of this “criminal code” as well. He needs to be arrested and prosecuted on a “per instance” case. At a 5 year sentence per violation, he should be in prison for about 5,000 years.


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