New Jersey Democrats push measures to protect illegal immigrants, vow to defy Trump

wisniewskiFrom Fox News: Sanctuary city advocates in one state with a Trump friendly Republican governor are digging in their heels in the face of President Trump’s threat to cut off federal funding.

Democratic lawmakers in New Jersey introduced bills this week calling on the state to reimburse so-called sanctuary cities that lose federal funding. And on Wednesday, Assemblyman John Wisniewski* introduced legislation designating New Jersey a “sanctuary state,” generally preventing law enforcement officers from initiating contact with immigration officials, and from using state resources for the purpose of enforcing immigration laws. *Wisniewski’s education includes a J.D. from Seton Hall University School of Law.

In addition, several towns that have significant immigrant populations have declared themselves sanctuaries, saying they will not reach out to immigration officials about illegal immigrants they arrest or provide a service to unless they are serious criminals or a national security threat.

“We are putting President Trump and his administration on notice,” said Wisniewski in written public announcement about his legislation. “New Jersey will not be a ‘willing partner’ to the unjustified and inhumane deportations of our neighbors and friends.” New York and California also have moved toward declaring their states sanctuaries for illegal immigrants.

Trump, who made cracking down on illegal immigration a cornerstone of his campaign, has issued executive orders and directives aimed at border security and tracking down and deporting undocumented people illegal aliens.

He directed the Department of Homeland Security to identify and publish a list of sanctuary communities. Although no strict definition of the term exists, it is generally used to describe communities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

The New Jersey measures have little chance of passing, given GOP resistance and Gov. Chris Christie’s veto threat, said Ross Baker, a Rutgers University professor of political science. “It’s more of a gesture to the immigrant community,” Baker told Fox News. “It’s a message to them that they would be protected against hypothetical actions by the federal government.”

In Maplewood, Mayor Victor DeLuca consulted with police administrators before crafting a sanctuary ordinance that became final at the end of January. DeLuca said police officials said they did not want the responsibility of enforcing federal immigration laws. “The police said ‘We don’t do it now,’” DeLuca told Fox News, “and there was a feeling on our part that wanted to make clear that there are distinctions between the role of the police department and the role of immigration officials.”

New Jersey has more than 500,000 illegal immigrants, according to estimates.

Republicans in the state legislature say they will not support sanctuary towns in any way. Christie, a Republican, says he will veto any legislation that would favor sanctuary cities.

Proponents of strict immigration enforcement say sanctuary communities are violating the law. “To have lawmakers in Trenton say ‘O.K., we’ll show the president, if they withhold funding, we’ll pay,’ is violating federal law,” said Ron Bass, founder of United Patriots of America, a New Jersey-based group that pushes for strict enforcement. “It’s like the state saying to sanctuary cities ‘You rob the bank, I’ll drive the [getaway] car.’”


16 responses to “New Jersey Democrats push measures to protect illegal immigrants, vow to defy Trump

  1. When will Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the FBI start ARRESTING people like these NJ Dems for violating U.S. immigration laws by providing “sanctuary” to illegal aliens?

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    • I am 100% behind Dr Eowyn regarding the FBI starting to arrest people who aid and abet those who are breaking our laws. Perhaps a cooling their heels in jail might bring them to their senses.

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  2. Reblogged this on All way up 2017.

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  3. It seems the Liberals don’t believe Immigration Law is actually LAW,or maybe they would concede that it IS,but it DOESN’T APPLY TO THEM. Though I over-simplify it,if we aren’t going to enforce Immigration Law,what OTHER Laws should we NOT enforce? Let’s start with the Speed Limits-they’re “victim-less crimes” anyway,aren’t they? How about all the Gun Control laws-they’re not even CONSTITUTIONALLY SOUND. Where should we draw the lines? Well,we SHOULD draw the line RIGHT HERE,RIGHT NOW. If these State level politicians can pick and choose what laws they wish to enforce and which they choose to enforce,why do we even HAVE laws? Why not just walk it back to strictly enforcing the “RULE OF SUGGESTION”?

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  4. WHAT son-in-law can lasso in and control his own mother-in-law? Aye, there is the rub! THIS is the demon we are dealing with!

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  5. One can only keep asking how in the world do these scum keep getting into office? Makes it all the more amazing that some how Trump overcame the entrenched evil of the process.

    Still I can only keep hoping it is just not part of a more devious plan.

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  6. Its Jersey. They filled up the swamps with their competiters, just doing what comes naturally.

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  7. Just in: More stuff left/libtards say…

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    • I can hardly believe how truly stupid Maxine Waters really is! Yet, she pulls down an enormous wage . . . it is an insult to each and every citizen of this country to have someone in Congress who is truly that “slow.” I have imagined that perhaps her age is at cause of her declining mental ability, or perhaps she is suffering with dementia. Some of the things she says just “defies imagination.” I now believe that all legislators need to undergo a physical by a competent doctor to ascertain it they are mentally capable of handling the mental rigors of serving in Congress.

      Recently I joined a local “neighborhood blog.” What is began to see is that pretty much it was a gaggle of leftists. I noted that two of the comments I wrote had been deleted. So today I went in and “cancelled my membership, so I guess we can say that I am home nursing my wounds that I am not wanted by that crowd. What they don’t know is I highly object to all these goofy Progressives moving into the neighborhood my grandparents moved into in June of 1918 . . . yes, we have lived here for almost a hundred years. It is gross to see the leftists take over. I wasn’t as old as I am, I would head out for upper Idaho, to get away from these loonies.

      One of the women has been going on and on about some group she formed, it’s names Us/Amegos. When I asked what the premise of the group was, she said look on the KGW site. I did but saw nothing about this group. From the name of the groups, I can only surmise that it is a group that proposes fostering good will between Mexican illegals and US citizens. It is rather interesting that she is not willing to just come out and say that.

      I thank God that I get to associate with what I consider to be the cream of the crop of individuals at FOTM. Thank each and every one of you for your intelligence and support you afford all of us.


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    • LOL – I’m not even going to say it.

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    • And I’m stealing this one. 😀

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  8. Wisniewski is more proof that the liberal left progressive socialists have gone round the bend. When did it become o.k. to ignore laws you don’t agree with by fiat. Good thing for this guy he’s not living in N. Korea.

    Maybe Maximum Waters could help me get a government grant to study retroactive abortion. Or a cure for cranial neuropathy. Or cerebral flatulence.

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  9. Harboring an illegal is a felony


  10. I do believe all that pollution that New Jersey is famous for is eating some brains. New Jersey was never the brightest bulb in the box to begin with.
    For the last eight years this country has been ran by miscreants. No one was in charge and no one was accountable. Our country of laws was gone.
    When thugs and law breakers and illegal’s lives were deemed more important than our precious men in blue, we had a problem.
    Judges were set in place to bring this country down. Our military depleted to dangerous numbers.
    And now we have this demented POS poking a finger in the eyes of those that lost loved ones by the actions of illegals.

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