King County seeks to allocate $750,000 to help immigrants


King County Executive Dow Constantine: “We have this much taxpayer money for illegals!”

Only in America: Illegally enter our country and the proggies will use taxpayer dollars to defend your “human rights.” Ain’t it grand?

From the Seattle Times: King County may allocate $750,000 to help immigrants become U.S. citizens and to educate them about their rights.

County Executive Dow Constantine plans to propose legislation to make the money available. Metropolitan King County Council Chair Joe McDermott plans to sponsor it.  They held a news conference Wednesday, but the legislation wasn’t yet available.

The money would be used for three purposes, according to Constantine and McDermott: to provide free guidance to immigrants seeking to become citizens, to develop and distribute “know your rights” materials and to boost outreach and education work carried out by community organizations that serve immigrants.

Constantine and McDermott say the legislation would create a “legal defense fund,” because it would pay for naturalization assistance. But that may be a stretch. Some other local governments, such as Los Angeles, are spending money to actually provide people facing deportation with immigration-court lawyers.

That doesn’t appear to be what Constantine has in mind, though McDermott said some of King County’s money would likely go to the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, which provides immigration-court representation, among other services.

Constantine linked the plan to President Donald Trump’s recent actions on immigration. “People in our community are afraid — afraid for their human rights, their families, and their safety,” he said in a statement. “Our message to the White House, the country, and the rest of the world is clear: We proudly uphold the fundamental American promise that we are — and will be — a nation of hope, freedom, and opportunity for all.

In an interview, McDermott said he views the legislation not only as a response to Trump’s actions but also as an investment in the people of the county. “Almost one-fourth of our residents are foreign-born,” he said.

Seattle is spending $250,000 to help immigrants and refugees navigate life under the Trump administration, with a focus on children in the city’s public schools. Mayor Ed Murray announced the allocation in November, details of his plan were still being hammered out last month. The City Council adopted a resolution last month that says the city will work to create a legal-defense fund.



7 responses to “King County seeks to allocate $750,000 to help immigrants

  1. Hey, just like the rainbow crosswalks…

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  2. Fine-and as an added bonus,they can use some (or ALL) of that in their Legal defense when they are arrested for violating Immigration Laws and endangering their population by inviting 3rd World Terrorists to become residents inside our National Borders.

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  3. God bless the good citizens of Kings Country! That they have so much heart and money that they can succor needy illegals rather than Americans who are homeless, disabled, unemployed, inflicted witgh heartbreaking diseases or handicaps shows how caring and big hearted these autocrats, I mean, elected officials are.

    The people who elect such sterling people deserve to be recognized for their discriminating intelligence, judgement and incredible sense of justice. Seldom I we treated to such a demonstration of the progressive mindset.

    This kind of thing always moves me to realize why in saner times people belled leppers.

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  4. Why should any city have that much “extra cash” laying around with no stated purpose for its use. Seems to me that the tax rates are over-inflated

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  5. The moron is not helping immigrants, he is colluding in criminal activity. The sooner we reject the complete perversion of the word “Immigrant” the better it will be for all citizens and lawful residents.

    Is a bank robber making “undocumented customer withdrawals”? Is a drug dealer an unlicensed visiting pharmacist? Time to push back on the stupidity of accepting terms shoved down our throats and imprinted in our memories.

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  6. I feel sorry for taxpayers who support Trump. If my area decided to do that, I would take them to court. To use extra money, aside from what was allocated in a budget, to help lawbreakers, who aren’t even citizens, defies logic. Taxation thru representation.


  7. Yeah, $750,000 should cover about 3 trips to the emergency room for the illegals. Then how long will these goobers last when the funds run out? Gov. Moonbeam had to beg Federal funds for his antique dams but he manages to scrape up the extra bucks for the Mexican Moochers Society. Politicians aren’t about aid and help, they are about looking and sounding good to ensure the next election. It’s time to red pill America!


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