Homosexual Seattle mayor to give State of City address at mosque, slams Trump administration


Trump Derangement Syndrome on steroids: Where you have a homosexual mayor and advocate for the LGBT community giving a speech in a Muslim place of worship, in which their Islamic law considers homosexual acts a punishable crime.

From KIRO7: Mayor Ed Murray plans to give his State of the City address next week at a mosque in North Seattle. The address on Tuesday, his spokesman said, is meant to stand with the Seattle Muslim community “as we fight sanctioned discrimination by the Trump Administration.”

Murray made the announcement Monday with City Council President Bruce Harrell. This will be the first time Murray has held one a major speech to Council outside City Hall, though previous mayors have done so, his staff said.

Idris Mosque was opened in 1981 and is open to Muslims and non-Muslims.

“Both the City and Idris Mosque are committed to the American ideal of separation of church and state,” Murray’s spokesman, Benton Strong, said in an e-mail statement. “With this address Mayor Murray and Council are standing with Seattle’s Muslim community in their house of worship as we fight state sanctioned discrimination by the Trump Administration.”

“Throughout its history Seattle has stood with communities facing persecution from the government, including during the civil rights era at Black churches. “

The address will be given during a special Seattle City Council meeting which will be open to the public. It will be led by Harrell at 9:30 a.m. Doors open an hour earlier.


25 responses to “Homosexual Seattle mayor to give State of City address at mosque, slams Trump administration

  1. Death wish? Who knows. Smh.

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    • MeThePeople . . . . Amen to that! I cannot imagine what this Homosexual man is thinking. Does he really think that behind his back that the Muslims that attend that mosque really love and accept him? I rather doubt it. They are going thru the motions, so as to divert any attention to themselves. And the city of Seattle has citizens that are so stupid that they fall for that foolishness! If the citizens of Seattle choose to re-elect this same grunt come the next election . . . then Heaven help them, they deserve exactly what they have been willing to work towards! It saddens me immensely.

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  3. I wonder if the Mosque leaders know that this guy is Gay?? If they do then it would be an insult to Allah & Muhammad to let him even enter their Mosque much-less speak in their prayer room!

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  4. The future consequences.

    Yes, this is a fatwa hanging from a crane.

    To what the Mayor has said:

    That you have to respect everyone.

    Then an army of policemen surrounded his mansion, and his office. Police assaulted, continuous demonstrations, the hatred is increased in the Muslim community. Several people gay attacked in the next few days. The gay community expresses its rejection of these attacks and is responsible for the extreme right, nazis, etc, and for racist and xenophobic reasons.

    The press (Soros, there is no other greater) insists that the society should be aware of these problems not solved, highlighting the rise of Nazism and xenophobia…

    Many people from that city chooses to leave. Ghettos, no-go zones are formed. The targets of life become the minority (already they were before, now more), moving to other areas lost lifelong friends and their families money (sell bad houses at one lower price). They flee. (Detroit?)

    Channels, no matter international are shops of efforts where their owners are Detroit, are proud of the city…

    The Mayor of the city continues expressing support to Islam. While appear numerous videos of killings of gays in other Islamic Nations, and stoning women…

    But the mayor says that Islam is a religion of peace… (and that he admires the body of a Muslim man… etc..)

    The attacks continue. The Mayor is retiring at the end of the year, and moved to an island paradise.

    And life goes on.

    But already by then the terrorist attacks are almost continuous, life is no safe ( is not secure ), people are afraid to leave the House (even in day). But the Mayor enjoys his retirement, on the island, while they serve you an aperitif (a drink margarita).

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  5. Doesn’t Ed Murray know how Islam regards homosexuals?

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  6. EVERYONE knows,but he’s a typical Liberal-he thinks it’ll be DIFFERENT if HE’S involved…..

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  7. Left/libtards don’t know they’re the “useful idiots” here…

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  8. This on Breibart today:

    American Pastors’ Prez: Calling Islam Non-Violent Is ‘Purposeful Denial of Facts’

    Attacks 43
    Killed 214
    Injured 266
    Suicide Blasts 5
    Countries 11

    Eventually people are going to get fed up with the lies and the ones who enable them.

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  9. What else would you expect from a flaming calamite?

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  10. Useful idiot. Moe ham head will toss him off the roof first.

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  11. Kevin J Lankford

    So he doesn’t want to answer to the true U.S. citizens….

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  12. Nothing bad could possibly happen here, right?

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  13. NAaaah-it’ll be FINE. They’ll LOVE him…….


  14. In Islam It is allowed to make alliance with “infidels” temporarily if it’s for the benefit of Islam, it’s ok to act friendly to infidels as long as they dont really mean it. But when they have the upper hand the quran demands moslem to subdue the unbelievers.

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  15. If the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Who’ s the real enemy?


  16. He’s so dumb he’ll probably bring along his husband, holding hands and give each other a kiss. I wonder if he’ll bring coloring books for the kids so they can draw pictures of Muhammad. In my opinion this is without a doubt the most ignorant mayor Seattle has ever had.


  17. UPDATED: In State of the City Address, Mayor Promises New Tax for Homelessness, Threatens to Sue Trump


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