A scene from Resist Trump movement




23 responses to “A scene from Resist Trump movement

  1. It is a sad America when a man is elected honestly, and he is not given a fair amount of time to succeed. This is a bunch of sour grapes, they are so instilled in their own ideology that they can’t see beyond their nose. They don’t even consider the damage they could be doing to the country.

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  2. Butthurt kept alive by picking at the scab…

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  3. Are these people anti-Trump, anti-Netanyahu or both? Can they even agree on what it is they’re resisting?

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  4. We gave Obama 8 years to succeed and he FAILED. The US is $20 Trillion in debt with high UNEMPLOYMENT, unaffordable healthcare and illegal immigrants entering our country at their leisure. Obama spent more time on vacation or the golf course, at taxpayers expense, than he did solving any problems.

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  5. Notice also the disrespect these libtards show at the synagogue meeting by putting their feet up and the manner of their dress. No class…low class and they lack respect as Americans, illegals or paid organized protestors.

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  6. Well apparently…Michael O’keeffe is getting some ‘real feed back’

    If you have twatter go 4 it!

    Sin a goat….it means moon and the fact the tents were literally made of goat hair. No kidding!

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  7. Hmmm,..

    So,..does anybody remember when Obama threatened to take away the tax exempt status of anti [Christian] church that became involved on politics by preaching against his abortion & homosexual agenda,.?


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  8. I am about ready to say lets split the country in half. The libtards can have their half and we’ll take the other…..but then again they couldn’t live without conservatives because they would have no one paying for their welfare.

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    • Land has to be cultivated and fertilized to grow a seed. Liberals only think of how to abort the seed. Why give them land? Put them on barges and re-commission the USS Missouri for field testing.

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  9. It looks like Henry & friends are fighting back against the #Resist ( > Trump & everything Sane). I’m not sure if he means Canada only(?)


    • Or, maybe he meant by “We” that the citizen/libtards created 1,000 #Resist meetup groups, even though he is not one of those “We.”

      I need a tweet translator, lol.


  10. Kevin J Lankford

    The synagogue of satan…….Now we know who they are.


  11. Room full of stinking commie pukes.


  12. There’s a reason why Jesus went from synagogue to synagogue casting out demons


  13. Whatever happened to separation of synagogue and state?


  14. You have to wonder if there was a recent craigslist call for people to show up and how much was offered!


  15. I looked at the Facebook pages of 2 former friends who were belligerent obama disciples over the last 8 years. I had not spoken with them for a long time. Well, as of yesterday, they were in full speed anti-Trump propaganda mode.


  16. Okey…so…If an conservative, Evangelical Church had sponsored a Pro-Trump rally, wouldn’t every libtard and SJW come out of the woodwork, screaming, “Separation of Church and State!”???

    IMO, the actions of this synagogue violates very much its 503(c) status, and it ought to be investigated by the IRS and the State of New York Department of Taxation and Finance.


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