United Airlines pilot frightened passengers to tears with her anti-Trump meltdown

A United Airlines pilot took the Trump Derangement Syndrome to a whole new level on Saturday, Feb. 11.

The pilot, who showed up late to UA flight 455 set to depart for San Francisco from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, boarded the plane in street clothes instead of her United pilot uniform. Standing at the front of the cabin, she told the passengers on the intercom:

“Sorry I’m late. The reason I’m late is I’m going through a divorce. Look, I don’t care if you voted for Trump or Clinton, they’re both assholes…. I’ll stop and we’ll fly the airplane. Don’t worry, I’m going to let my co-pilot fly it. He’s a man. Okay?”

At this point, a passenger seated in front of her says something inaudible. The pilot laughs and says:

“Okay, if you don’t feel safe, get off the airplane, but otherwise we can go. Okay. This is all set up! Okay, come on up.”

A male passenger in a blue short-sleeves shirt gets up, removes his bag from the overhead compartment, and begins to leave. To another passenger in front of her, the pilot says:

“Alright. So I purposely offended you. Did I offend you? Okay, did I purposely offend you? I did! The answer’s yes.”

The pilot then instructs the flight attendants to check on doors to ready for take-off.

A passenger took this video:

According to The Sun, “The whole episode left some passengers weeping.

The tall guy in the blue shirt who deplaned is Randy Reiss.

In a series of tweets (@undeadsinatra), Reiss said that nearly half the passengers followed his lead and deplaned. He said “That was scary as f*ck”, that the pilot “was crying. She apologized. I wished her well & said I hope she gets the help she needs,” and “I kid u not, her parting words: ‘We should be on show together. We should write a book.’ OMG.”.

Reiss posted a picture of police talking to the pilot after she was removed from the plane.


United Airlines spokesman Charlie Hobart confirmed that the pilot was removed and the crew was replaced before the plane continued on to San Francisco. He said: “We hold our employees to the highest standards and we removed that pilot from that flight. We brought in a new crew and they operated that flight. We removed her from the flight, (and) we’re going to discuss this matter with her. We were looking out for our customers to get them to where they needed to be.”

The flight departed Austin, Texas, approximately two hours late and passengers were given snacks and a meal voucher to compensate for the delay.

That pilot should be charged with committing an act of terrorism.

Sources: Sun; The Blaze, Austin-American Statesman


19 responses to “United Airlines pilot frightened passengers to tears with her anti-Trump meltdown

  1. I agree with the man who left the plane. She is obviously having a mental breakdown. WTF does the election have to do with her issues or her divorce anyway?

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  2. I agree with the man who left the plane too. I wouldn’t feel safe flying with that idiot. She needs to be suspended. And yes, what does the election or her divorce have to do with anything, and where is her uniform. Just looking at her would give me big time pause about being on that plane. If this is the kind of people United hires to fly planes, I’m glad I don’t fly anymore. Once TSA took over, that did it for me.

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    • Just before TSA and right after 9/11 I stopped flying period. I never liked flying anywhere. A friend of mine purposely quit their job recently because of having to fly around the country, simply got fed up with it all. I can’t blame them either.

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  3. Waaah!

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  4. I think I read where she was distraught because of a break up with her “partner.” Might explain why she said her co-pilot was a man.

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  5. Of course the pilot is deranged and should be committed for observation. The Second class snowflake pin in the comment above is unintentionally an affront to recipients of our nation’s Bronze Star Medal whose colors and arrangement thereof are identical. Use the rainbow coalition colors and insult the perverts instead.

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  6. I agree with the officer who sent two rounds into this nutjob’s head and put us out of her misery.


  7. Just damn , these libs are going totally insane …..Can you imagine if Barry finagled his way to run for a 3rd term ; and LOST ! ???????????

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  8. Where was the rant? Just curious.


  9. IMO the divorce courts are prejudicial against women. Especially if there are kids and the man is adulterous.

    But that has no bearing on this situation.
    I wonder how this ‘pilot’ would deal with a mid-air crisis? I wouldn’t want her in my humvee either.
    She ought to be reassigned to the lost and found counter at Walmart

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  11. wow…really sad…I would’ve gotten off the plane as well (and I don’t fly).
    my question is why did half the passengers stay?
    being a pilot is a VERY stressful job and if your hormones put your judgement at risk…well, all I can say is there must be a reason men are usually the pilots.
    PMS should never factor into whether or not a pilot can do the job…she should’ve checked her emotional baggage before she got on the plane. who in their right mind would ever want to risk their lives with her as the pilot?….PC world.

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  12. In defense of female pilots,when I maintained generators on mountain tops,I had a woman who flew the helicopter much of the time. I’ would,and DID,trust her with my life. We used a helicopter that was routinely flying at or slightly above its official “ceiling” around the weird air currents on mountain tops,so very “mushy” controls were typical. She was as good a pilot at 10,000+ feet as any,better than most I’d flown with. There WERE a couple of times when she handed off the job to another pilot (a specific one I’d flown with often and trusted) when she didn’t feel up to flying on a particular day,as did other pilots with the Company.
    That’s the big difference here-THIS pilot,the United pilot,should have had good enough judgement to pass on the flight before showing up out of uniform and out of control. THAT,the Management would understand and accept; This tirade,not so much.

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  13. This airline was notorious in the industry for its affirmative action hiring practices back in the 90’s, you can see the results. A lot of these female pilots don’t have the skills required for the job, but everyone’s afraid to say something. They don’t want to risk their job.

    One more thought. Being a major airline pilot is one of the few jobs left that can easily support a whole family…esp given that pilots can commute by air to work, and thus tend to live in areas with low cost of living. As a result, virtually every male pilot you come across is supporting a wife and kids. But virtually none of the female pilots are – they are either single, or are “double dipping”, i.e. marrried to a high-wage earning spouse (often another pilot). Few of the female pilots have any children, but virtually all the male pilots have multiple kids.

    So when you as a major airline hire a male pilot, you are almost always supporting a whole family by doing so. But when you hire a female pilot, you are almost NEVER supporting a family.

    Food for thought.


    • Your “food for thought” cannot be the basis for employers to discriminate against females who are equally qualified in training & skills as the males. If employers do as you recommend, they would be engaged in gender discrimination, which is a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: Title VII, and U.S. Code Title 42, Chapter 21.


      • Regarding the skills of Women to operate equipment,there’s a reason the mines around here tend to hire more Women than required “by Law” to run their equipment. Women are usually more focused on their work,they take better care of their machinery,they have better depth perception and hand/eye coordination so they’re better at intricate work,they spend more of their shift working/less of their shift bitching,and are more Safety Conscious. Naturally,there will ALWAYS be exceptions…..


  14. I’d like to think that, were I on that plane, I’d have followed Randy Reiss off in a heartbeat. He was a true LEADER in that moment, and he was RIGHT to do this & lead at least half the passengers off—-which, I’m pretty sure, led to this pilot being throttled/grounded. There have been at least, that I can remember off the top of my head, TWO recent international instances of a pilot who had some sort of “break with reality” due to personal life situations, flying their planes and passengers into a mountain or into the deep blue. This ranting/raving woman pilot seemed a likely “next.” Just like the 9/11 terrorists….people/pilots who cross this threshold are literally flying a BOMB. And, their “right” to detonate this “bomb” hangs by the thread of their own perceptions. So sorry, I have a lot of living to do and I just don’t give a damn about her break up with her partner—or at least enough to possibly give up my life for it for flight “decorum” or for losing the price of a ticket……

    And, PS…I am demoralized now b/c I never ever flew United before (though our son did the years he was in a Boston college), and I’ve been an on-again-off-again frequent flyer through different stages in my lifetime…..but this past summer I found the BEST flight ever for me out of San Diego to one of my favorite back East airports…a UNITED…that has a NEW connecting commuter flight to near where my remaining rural family lives. AND as small as the commuter airport is…it still has rental cars! It was the easiest, nicest flight I’d had in a LONG time—-and cost me almost a THIRD of other arrangements that are available through other lines that have no relationship with the commuter line…..DANG! Now what?


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