Singer wears MAGA gown to Grammy; sales of her album go through the roof

Don’t let the MSM con you that the American people don’t support President Trump.

Here’s an indicator of just how popular he is.

A singer of whom I — and probably you, too — had never heard has the guts to buck Hellywood’s zombie group-think by wearing a patriotic red, white and blue gown with the words “Make America Great Again” and “Trump” at last night’s Grammy Awards.


Her name is Joy Villa, 25.

Within hours of her Grammy red carpet appearance, Villa’s 2014 album, “I Make the Static,” went from #2,300 to #1 on, with 98% of reviews giving her album a maximum 5-star rating.


Villa told Fox News:

“I am 100 percent a Trump supporter. I believe in his message, I believe he will run this country like he runs his life, successfully. I stand as a proud American and I stand for a unified America that is tolerant of each other no matter who we voted for. I stand behind our President because that’s the American thing to do. I believe in love, above all.”

The singer said on Instagram:

“Go big, or go home. You can either stand for what you believe or fall for what you don’t. Above all make a choice for tolerance and love. Agree to disagree.”

But Villa and her gown received vicious, hate messages from the always-tolerant Left. Below is a sample, beginning with a one-word message, “Die,” from @kevinrizzi:


Andre Soriano, the designer of Villa’s gown, said on Instagram the gown is a “tribute [to] OUR President Of The United States Of America” adding the hashtag #MAGA.

Soriano is an immigrant from the Philippines. A tolerant Progressive named David X Lodger wrote this on Soriano’s Facebook page:

 Wow Andre Soriano, you dumb as fuck, ain’t ya… if you love America so much – go back to the Philippines where Trump thinks you belong…. self-hating dumbass

To which Soriano gave this response:

Peace be with you.

I tried to get on Soriano’s website, but kept getting a “Service Unavailable” message, most likely because the website crashed from the sheer volume of people trying to access it.


21 responses to “Singer wears MAGA gown to Grammy; sales of her album go through the roof

  1. This is one great poll to tell you where the grassroots Americans really are…all those other losers are destroying themselves and this little gal had the steel spine and iron guts to stand for what she believes. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME, AND ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOD, and just look at how he rewarded her for standing for what she believed in. Amazing justification for those who voted for and supported Donald J. Trump. And nope, I don’t agree with all his choices, but 95% of them are great…GO DONALD! AND BLESS YOU JOY VILLA!

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  2. that was bold…where was she during his inaugural ceremony especially after jennifer holiday backed out with her tail between her legs?
    well, I give ms. villa credit for her timing at the glammy’s…from 2,300 on amazon, she had nowhere to go but up…

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  3. I bet they had to hire extra illegals to mop up all the Liberal heads that exploded from seeing this lady’s dress. WAY TO GO,Miss Villa!
    I’m a new fan of yours!

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  4. Thanks Dr. Eowyn for publishing this story, I’ve been busy and haven’t heard about it, I doubt that the Marxist media would have shown it anyway with the exception of Fox News. I hope she doesn’t get to close to the maniacs that she will surely encounter, there is something seriously wrong with some of them. it’s as if some of them have been possessed by demonic spirits, never before in this country have so many people in an organized crowd acted in the manner we see today, yes rioters burned and looted but the intensity of the hate wasn’t there. I cant point it out exactly but Obama’s “Change” did come about, change that I “Hope” our new president will be led by Yahweh to heal America.

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  5. LOL @ the Libtards’ bewilderment that theirs is no longer the only voice in town.

    Long before Trump won, I was already telling people he’d changed politics forever, as now the rest of society finally felt like it no longer needed to hide its opinion.

    I have a product (can’t describe it here) that I’ve been marketing gently for years. Maybe I’ll have to change my marketing focus to reach out in heavy metal style to the MAGA supporters who want to tire themselves from WINNING!

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  6. Bravo! This took my breathe away—her chutzpah…courage….IN YOUR FACE Politics…CAPTURING and OWNING her own free speech right out there in BIG public……I don’t think I could have done it…..I couldn’t put up a Trump sign in my neighborhood during the campaign/election b/c the people who did were vandalized/hurt……..(AND….we live in a “Trump enclave” in So CA….of several towns/communities….several thousands of us….& were STILL assaulted/vandalized/punished….pretty much think people from “outside” were sent or paid to do this…..)

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  7. How long are we to tolerate the leftist vermin whose only purpose in life has become to betray their country, crash its ideals, trash its traditions, and bring harm in many different forms to those patriots that still cherish their national identity? How long, I ask? These people will stop at nothing to destroy this country since they can’t have power. I think it’s time for a National Citizen’s Militia.

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    • Mr Graves:

      For now, it’s still a culture war. The way you fight in such a war is exactly how this brave singer did. Show the other side that THEY are irrelevant, and they will either run away with their tails between their legs or join the winning side.


  8. It has become a sad world when people thrive on attacking anyone that has a different opinion. They treat their hate like its an aphrodisiac.
    Have we gone too far to turn back into people that once cared for each other and people that love their country? Is there no cure?
    It is like rabies out there, very contagious.
    I send a thousand kudos to this young lady for having larger testicles than most of the men today.

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  9. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Designer Of Make America Great Again Dress Is a PRO-TRUMP IMMIGRANT (Photos)

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    • The distinction the fake news never makes is that of ‘legal immigration’ and ‘illegal immigration’. I can imagine the legal immigrants don’t want the illegals over here because they’ll give everyone a bad name.

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    • awesome link and I’m loving the comments on the page:
      “Liberals finally found an immigrant they want to deport.” -Marc Craven The Redeemed
      “They wanted political statements at the Grammy’s. They got it.” -Oversensitive Millennial
      “She has done more to empower women than Madonna or Streep could ever do in their entire life.” -Patty
      “Clever touch with the Trump “train”. -Robert Palmar

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  10. Pingback: Trump är omätligt populär — här är beviset – Harpolekarens blogg

  11. She’s one classy lady! The MSM are in their death throes, they are clawing at the air, trying to make people believe the lie of mainstream ‘news’. They’ll do anything to make it look like Trump is not popular, but all they’re doing is further revealing how full of poo they are.
    Funny how the commie left supporters don’t see reality. They are the exact embodiment of the ‘establishment’ they so vociferously oppose. They’ve had the status quo since Clinton, and they can’t bear to see it CHANGE. Doesn’t that make them “conservative”? LOL!
    Most of the armchair warriors out there are probably all paid govt sock puppet shills who are surfing kiddie porn anyway.

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  12. Progressives:


  13. Kevin J Lankford

    Legal and proud; that’s all we really want.


  14. Kevin J Lankford

    Just read that the designer is also gay; hope he is proud of the right things and that it is not some twisted expression of gay pride.

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  15. Great article!
    If you like politics, check out my blog at the link below!


  16. So, I wonder how soon Amazon will be tweaking its ranking system to prevent people from knowing about how well appreciated and received people like Joy are and will continue to be?

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  17. JOY VILLA you rock! Keep on keeping on. The hate won’t stop you with LOVE like that. WOMEN and young GIRLS around the world need YOU! We need you! “GET YOUR FREEDOM” ! Thank you and God bless!

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