Meryl Streep Pledges to Stand Up to ‘Brownshirts’ in Tirade Against Trump


Via NY Times: Meryl Streep,in a fiery speech criticizing President Trump on Saturday night, pledged to stand up against “brownshirts and bots” at a time when she and others are increasingly denouncing his administration’s policies and the president himself.

Ms. Streep, in New York City accepting an award from the Human Rights Campaign, referred to the backlash she received after the Golden Globes in January, when she gave a speech denouncing Mr. Trump.

It’s terrifying to put the target on your forehead, and it sets you up for all sorts of attacks and armies of brownshirts and bots and worse, and the only way you can do it is to feel you have to,” Ms. Streep said. “You have to. You don’t have an option. You have to.”

It was not immediately clear to whom Ms. Streep was referring in using the loaded term “brownshirts,” which was originally applied to a paramilitary group that assisted the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

The speech was an even more stinging rebuke of Mr. Trump than her Golden Globes speech. She seemed to relish a new type of role: Trump provocateur. Although this time, Ms. Streep was without a national television audience. She took a moment to respond directly to Mr. Trump, who called her “overrated” in the midst of a barrage of posts on Twitter the morning after the Golden Globes.

“I am the most overrated, overdecorated and, currently, overberated actress, who likes football, of my generation,” Ms. Streep said. The crowd applauded wildly.

Ms. Streep was receiving the National Ally for Equality Award from the Human Rights Campaign, an advocacy group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. Near the beginning of her acceptance speech, she addressed, initially in a lighthearted way, one of the most controversial parts of her Golden Globes speech.

“I do like football,” Ms. Streep said, to a roar of laughter from the crowd at the Waldorf Astoria. At the Golden Globes, Ms. Streep said, “Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. If you kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts.”

She received a torrent of criticism, particularly from conservatives, for disparaging the two sports, something she acknowledged in her speech and attempted to clarify what she meant. “It isn’t helpful to make it us versus them,” Ms. Streep said.

Referring to the film producer and director Mike Nichols, she continued, “I was making a joke, and Mike Nichols told me, ‘If you have to explain the joke, Meryl, you’re doomed.’”

Later in the speech, she returned to criticizing Mr. Trump. “If his catastrophic instinct to retaliate doesn’t lead us to nuclear winter, we will have much to thank this president for,” Ms. Streep said. “Because he will have woken us up to how fragile freedom really is.”

At one point, Ms. Streep referred to Mr. Trump as a “self-dealer,” and said, “The whip of the executive can through a Twitter feed lash and intimidate, punish and humiliate, delegitimize the press and imagined enemies with spasmodic irregularity and easily provoked predictability.”


20 responses to “Meryl Streep Pledges to Stand Up to ‘Brownshirts’ in Tirade Against Trump

  1. “Although this time, Ms. Streep was without a national television audience.”
    Thank God!

    I recently went on Netflix and noticed an interesting phenomenon: Streep’s movies are getting really low ratings. So I helped out by rating every one of her movies one star.

    Then I did the same with other outspoken anti-Trump actors Robert DeNiro, Hugh Laurie, Sarah Silverman, Lena Dunham, Jason Isaacs. LOL

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    • Wow! I never thought of that!

      However I do not do netflix and haven’t now for years. Many things changed in life as I became aware, sensitive to the adversary’s sneaky ways.

      At a christian women’s conference, a once hollywood actress who had found Christ Jesus explained to us in vivid details the narcissist and self centered many actors and actress’s can be, the very dark side of things there and how she and others found they could either not be around it once their lives changed or at the very least could not live in that area.

      She knew Streep and many others in the industry and had once been friends with many of them. It was a real eye opener for me because I had never thought much about it till then. From that point I and others started to beware of what we were actually seeing in movies and shows produced out of hollywood.

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    • Great job. Always thinking how you can help.

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  2. Like these guys?

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  3. She sounds really frustrated , must have run out of batteries for her ” personal pleasure device “……..Or , it gave up the ghost from over usage .

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    streep is twisting around who it is really marching in the streets. All they lack that is no doubt sure to come is, their matching shirts of yet unknown color and their jack-boots.

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  6. Sometimes I find myself over at Pam’s place,oddly enough this article was on my mind when I was there and thought….wow and they thought Trump was mean or Christians of these times? Seriously Streep and a few others need to realize what and who is not their friend that they are inviting in!

    Here is the link I read today:

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  7. Used to think MS was a great actress. Still do, but, God!, she is right up there with Robert de Niro and many others. All they can do is act, pretend, make believe, live in la la land; no brains at all, no soul, no heart, just sad, confused, intolerant, hateful minions serving the PTB. They should all move to Cuba, NK, or China, and stay there for good and leave America for those who care for this country. Hopefully Trump will drain the swamp and get rid of these rats. (Did any of the “I will leave the USA if Trump gets elected” rich and famous keep their promises? I can’t think of one. Maybe I missed the news, ’cause I don’t tune into the MSM. But hey, Trump is keeping his promises! How about that!)

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  8. At least half of our citizens voted for Trump. It is time to BOYCOTT these sore losers. I am not going to see any movie with Meryl Streeep in any movie theater, or rent it on video. She is overrated! There is a laundry list of others that can be hurt from a boycott of their music, concerts, movies, etc. Starbucks, and some of these other anti-Trump corporations, that dodge billions in legally owed taxes a year, should also be BOYCOTTED!

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  9. And I care what Meryl Streep says—why??

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  10. If we were brown shirts, we’d be marching in crazed masses and burning down liberal colleges. But they seem to be perfectly fine doing that themselves, so I really wonder what this woman’s problem is this time.

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    • You just pointed out that she is SUPPORTING the “brownshirts. Good job!

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    • Holy Cow….just my same thoughts….Why do people ignorant of HISTORY continually reveal their ignorance of HISTORY through their IGNORAMOUS statements? In public no less? ” If we were Brown Shirts…we’d be marching in crazed masses and burning down liberal colleges…” and I add….breaking windows like the historical “crytalnacht” in Germany &…setting things on fire in the streets…..OH WAIT….THAT”S THE DEMOCRATS IN 2017 AMERICA!!!! What was I thinking??????!!!!!!

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  11. Streep didn’t lose her mind. She never had one. What an idiot.

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  12. ¨ I am a actress, ¨…

    You are all saying.

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  13. Meryl Streep is Jewish, and I won’t fault her for that, but it seems to me she is, first and foremost, a Sabbatean-Frankist. It seems to me she intellectualizes everything she says, and she’s very coy about it. Only this time her politicized ravings came out, and she’s actually WORSE than Barbara Streisand. They are both Nietzschean madwomen!
    Both (alleged) women should get back to the crypt!


  14. “Meryl Streep is Jewish”

    From Wikipedia (

    Streep was raised as a Presbyterian in Bernardsville, New Jersey…. Streep had many Catholic school friends, and regularly attended mass…. When asked if religion plays a part in her life in 2009, Streep replied: “I follow no doctrine. I don’t belong to a church or a temple or a synagogue or an ashram.”[249] In an interview in December 2008, she also alluded to her lack of religious belief when she said: “So I’ve always been really, deeply interested, because I think I can understand the solace that’s available in the whole construct of religion. But I really don’t believe in the power of prayer, or things would have been avoided that have happened, that are awful. So it’s a horrible position as an intelligent, emotional, yearning human being to sit outside of the available comfort there. But I just can’t go there.”

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