Sears & Kmart join hate movement; dump Trump merchandise

Liberals are such paragons of tolerance!

During the presidential campaign last year, Macy’s went all PC by dumping Donald Trump’s line of neckties because he said he would build a wall along the US-Mexico border.

After Trump won, the Left began boycotting Ivanka Trump’s brand , followed by the dumping of the Ivanka label and other Trump merchandise by, Penzeys Spices, Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Shopping Network.

Now, already struggling Sears and Kmart have joined the dump-Trump hate movement.


From Business Insider, Feb. 10, 2017:

Sears’ and Kmart’s websites no longer sell products from the Trump Home line, which is owned by the Trump Organization.

As of Friday, a search for Trump Home items on both retailers’ sites yielded no results, except items sold by third-party sellers.

“As part of the company’s initiative to optimize its online product assortment, we constantly refine that assortment to focus on our most profitable items,” a Sears Holdings spokesperson told Business Insider. “Amid that streamlining effort, 31 Trump Home items were among the items removed online this week. Products from the line are still offered online via third-party Marketplace vendors.”

As of Tuesday, Sears was still selling 19 Trump Home items online and Kmart was selling 13, according to Shannon Coulter, the brand strategist who started the #GrabYourWallet Trump boycott….

Neither Kmart nor Sears has carried Trump Home in brick-and-mortar stores.


26 responses to “Sears & Kmart join hate movement; dump Trump merchandise

  1. For some time Sears seems to have been trying to go out of business. Perhaps this is yet another attempt and perhaps they will succeed this time.

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  2. Sears and Kmart are done anyway. Their business models, combined with PC, hasn’t made them profitable. Bye bye.

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    • I was going to say the same, DCG. We have one of each in a town next to me. I’m afraid to go to either of them, alone, without my trusty sidekick. Thank goodness SC is one of the good 2A states!! They’ve both been headed downhill in the six years we’ve been here. And, it’s not that I need to shop at either, other choices [won’t be many the way this boycott is going with the left able to dictate what merchandise stores should carry!] have what I might need. I fully expect to see them both boarded up before the end of the second quarter of this year. Kmart, perhaps later than Sears, due to location.


  3. Kmart & Sears will be out of business soon. We won’t miss these stores! Goodbye Kmart & Sears, RIP! We’ll buy Ivanka’s products DIRECTLY FROM IVANKA’S WEBSITE.

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    • I plan to buy direct from Ivanka’s website. Sears and Kmart have been biting the dust for a long time, so it’s time for their last gasp of breath! Leeann

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  4. Our K-Mart left here over 2 years ago and Sears the same due to low sales. This is just another step by both companies that will lead them to the retail graveyard. I did have pity for both companies, that I never thought would fail, but this just proves that liberal thought leads to failure. Goodbye K-Mart and Sears! You were great when you stood for the working class and those who bought quality.

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    • Monkey Wards went under in 2001. Sears is on life-support. “Jacques Penne” is not far behind.

      The old business model, established over a hundred years ago, of the downtown all-purpose department store is a marketing dinosaur. Even its move to the suburbs and the malls, as an anchor, gave the concept new life…for awhile. Discount retailers like Target and WalMart have eaten them for lunch, while online specialty outfits have obviated the need to shop there.

      So let the feckless management of these establishments, easily cowed by SJW twits, drive their companies out of business, as if they can halt the inexorable slide anyway.


  5. Few will miss KMart; Sears was an All-American institution for more than a century, but once professional stock manipulators and company-killers got its body in their clutches it was doomed. So many very fine tools –ALL made in USA at one time!– w/amazing guarantees that were honoured even when it was clear the buyer had abused both the tools and the policy….

    Shame on all you vultures, from the highest billionaire to the weekender who needs a tool for one day and returns it. You are ALL the worst kind of unAmerican vampires.

    I loved Sears so much I gladly drove the 250 miles from my Slocan Valley home to the Spokane WA store on a yearly tool-buying holiday, and YES I was happy to pay the import duties and the exchange. While I was there if I had enough money I’d buy all four tires for my truck, oil change, etc. My aunt Philomena was an immigrant who was glad to work the big Chicago store for 35 years w/o a complaint, God rest her sweet soul!

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  6. Two more stores to boycott !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will speed up their floundering a bit!

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  7. Sears & Kmart have been circling the drain for a while now. I agree with the PC comment above. It’s what ended my relationship with them some 20 years ago. Hiring by quotas instead of qualities. Kmart = no service whatsoever and little English spoken in what’s left of them here. Haven’t gone to Kmart in at least 10 years. Not to mention that the business model is just about dead. At least the Craftsman Tools will endure a little longer. Not many businesses last 100 or more years anyway.

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    • Stanley/Black&Decker bought the Craftsman brand and line from Sears. A last gasp by the century-old retailer to remain in business. That was a flagship brand. A sign that the Sears ‘ship’ is no longer ‘circling the drain’, but going down the spout…


  8. Another “modern, progressive” company riding the ideology into the ground…

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  10. Alas, feckless liberal managers of 2 once great retailers have chosen their company’s fate, and will take many loyal hardworking employees with them.

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  11. I keep getting a message on this site, “the identity of this website or the integrity of this connection cannot be verified”, how do get this off??


    • I’ve heard from other readers saying the same thing. Sorry, I have no idea why this is happening. A case of harassing conservative sites? I suggest clearing your computer of cookies, or use another browser. Good luck!


  12. Sayonara Sears and K Mart!

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  13. Sears going out of bizz anyway, Kmart starting closing across many states, so the loss is well…not much in my gestimation!

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  14. Another brilliant decision made by the bigwigs. All these companies are on a suicide mission. It is like they have been taken over by aliens and are being absorbed by their tentacles.

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  15. Thank you. It’s good to know where I should not shop. Stanley is buying the Craftsman brand and moving manufacturing of the tools back to the US.


  16. is already done. Removing Ivanka’s line was pretty much the nail in their coffin. Completely shut down – a few stores, and all internet retail. I promised I wouldn’t ever order another pair of shoes from them when they announced they were eliminating her line, and I didn’t. Apparently many others felt the same way I did. Can’t wait to see Nordstrom / Neiman Marcus stocks plummet!! The people “in charge” really, really do not understand how serious many of us are about this. Two wrongs may not make a right, but I’ve had enough, and I’m not going to put up with “their” crap any longer. They started “this.” I’m going to help “finish” this.

    I highly suspect “they” didn’t expect pushback, “we’ve” been “turning the other cheek” for so long it was entirely expected we’d continue to do so. Problem is going to be when the real SHTF; the problem will be for “them!”


  17. Would it be possible to compile the list of all liberal businesses, so we could reference it before shopping? We could share it on social media, so more people would be informed where not to go shopping.


  18. Brick & Mortar businesses, of the ‘BIG Box’ variety, are a dying breed and many seem intent on hastening their demise by allowing PC BS to dictate their merchandise and marketing.
    I prefer online purchases; extensive selections, numerous sellers, no hassles with driving, parking, crowds, sales personnel, etc…and I can have delivered to my home, usually within just a few business days. If it is an item that I need immediately I can go to a local merchant and try to avoid those ‘BIG Box’ stores and their big corporations.
    And, online purchases often have no sales taxes.
    I have to admit, it feels like WINNING!!!….


  19. Sears has been on a death watch, hooked up to life-support, for the last 25 or more years ….and…… here in CA…if you speak English, it’s too difficult to shop in KMart…so, I don’t, and none of my neighbors or associates do. Also…where I live, the one local KMart is filthy dirty, dishelved, chaotically run by inept employees—–(who barely speak English and all the intercom “call outs” are in Spanish) and when my elderly mother came to visit one year from the East, she was determined to go to the local KMart to get an advertised bargain buy—against my begging to NOT GO—and came down with a hideous, life-threatening (for her age) virus/flu almost within 24-48 hours of going there. It was a horrible interim for her & our other visitors and our family and also ruined our limited time together…which is also very rare to begin with b/c of our geographics and her age…..

    LIVE and LEARN….and so we DID.

    So–no skin off my nose if these corporations both want to “boycott” Trump. Pretty much I’m hoping that the big heartland of America…the ones who voted Trump in…are MAYBE the “baseline” traditional buyers of Sears and KMart…YA THINK!!!!! And, so….if they want to dump their baseline buyers of generations in their businesses in America…let THEM cut their noses off to spite their faces. Pretty much hope they go down in flames in the midwest and “rust belt” & maybe just go down in flames…period..


  20. Another place I can cross off my list. Thank you, Sears and Roebuck…

    The next sound you will hear will be the papers rustling…of the bankruptcy and liquidation forms filed on behalf of Sears Holdings…


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