Kentucky teenagers who left their newborn baby in a dumpster are sentenced to probation


The “parents” Casside and Trevon

From Daily Mail: A judge has sentenced two teen parents (that term is a stretch in this case) to probation for leaving their newborn girl in a dumpster in western Kentucky.

The teenagers, 16-year-old Casside Cherry and 18-year-old Trevon Elmore, had earlier been convicted by a jury of first-degree wanton endangerment, third-degree criminal abuse, and tampering with evidence, reported. They were acquitted of attempted murder.

McCracken Circuit Judge Craig Clymer said during the sentencing hearing Thursday that he had to follow the juvenile code. According to, he said: ‘The court could not have certified them… as adults on the crimes for which the jury found them guilty. So we then have to go back to the juvenile code and treat them as juveniles as far as the sentencing goes.’

Clymer said both have already served more time in a juvenile facility than he could impose, so he sentenced them to 12 months’ probation. He also ordered them to complete a moral therapy program. The teenagers were ordered to pay $150 each month for the child’s care, according to

The crying infant was found in a dumpster in July 2015 with its umbilical cord still attached. The baby was hospitalized and later released into state custody.

Cherry told the judge the baby is with her sister in Iowa, WPSD reported.

The teenagers were ordered to get jobs to assist in providing for the youngster, according to the TV station.


20 responses to “Kentucky teenagers who left their newborn baby in a dumpster are sentenced to probation

  1. Probation for dumping their child in a dumpster? So that’s how little a human life is worth? But then, every day in Planned Parenthood “clinics” across the U.S., tiny human beings are aborted — with impunity.

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    • Well, an innocent and helpless Black life, didn’t matter to those two degenerate Black Lives, that tossed their live Black baby in the trash!! Neither one of them look intelligent and are probably borderline. It should be mandatory for them to be sterilized. Who knows, there may have been other babies, before this one, they also threw away in the trash. Recommended “moral therapy” for scum like them is an oxymoron! Leeann

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  2. Where does the BLM movement stand on this crime?

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  3. kellereleanor, BLM is only interested in crimes against blacks when they’re perpetrated by whites, don’t you know that?

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    • What they see as crimes. Refusing to obey a LEO doesn’t qualify as a crime. Robbing a store is not a crime. Vandalism is not a crime. Assault is not a crime. Looting is not a crime. so anything done to them by ANYBODY in authority is a violation of their civil rights.

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  4. big time slap on the wrist for a heinous crime…I’m surprised kentucky “allowed” the aunt to take the baby to Iowa…kentucky usually steals children in the name of “foster care” to meet their budget/quotas.

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  5. Once again, more proof that abortion—pre- or post-birth—benefits THE MAN AND NOT THE WOMAN. So the only Question is this: AT WHAT POINT did the man obtain or force the woman’s CONSENT to this act? Was it before birth or after birth? Was it once he was told she was pregnant, or at some other point?
    Whatever the answer to this question is, it was THE WOMAN who was betrayed: Biology is Destiny, whether we like it or not. SO: At what point was this woman persuaded to go against her Nature, her Destiny? The answer to this question is most important, and, I dare say, the METHOD in which this woman was gotten to betray her own biology and her own destiny WAS IDENTICAL to the Method the Devil successfully used against Eve in the Garden of Eden.

    And once again we see how abortion benefits the MAN.


    • The modern ‘ education’ or ‘edutainment’ is one way the young girls are lured away , peer pressure and the evil hollywood media brainwash are others…. Then the comercialization of sex, the chemical exporse & sex for fun culture, not to mentionhypersexualization of children.. All roads lead to pizzagate

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  6. Hmmm,..
    So some people are upset because these people only got probation, for an act that was ,..’intended’,.. to kill the baby,.

    But hey, they could hae, just,e gone down to any Planned Parenthood, the day before. & had the baby ,..legally,.. killed

    So, what’s the big deal,? I mean, after all, the result is the same,..I mean, after all, a dead baby is a dead baby, regardless of who kills it,..


  7. Make sure that child support payments are paid through the courts ONLY. That way if either gets behind on their payments the sister can’t excuse one or the other. You know with a sister keeping the baby these two are going to try to avoid having to pay every month without fail. The courts can send the money to the sister and make sure the payments are punctual and regular!!!

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  8. I sincerely hope a Spay/Neuter for these two is part of their “sentence”.

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    • truckjunkie . . . that was exactly the first thought I had when I was two-third’s the way through the article . . . they both need a little snip-snip! You cannot tell me that a16 and 18 year old do not know that throwing a baby in a dumpster is W-R-O-N-G! Neither of them should ever be able to pro-create again, they are unfit as human beings to bring any children into this world.

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  9. In regards to recent varied subjects here such as the Texas judge with a head cold, or perhaps the hat is to make up for what’s missing between the ears, child porn in high places, newborn found in dumpster and pro abortion women gone wild; the following sort of fits in here. At the other end of the spectrum is the surrogate baby industry.

    Today’s headlines from Norway’s “Aftenposten” feature surrogate fatherhood. Every other week a new surrogate baby is imported in Norway from USA. Sounds like a new global industry. What about existing babies in need of adoption into good homes? The article states there are other countries to choose surrogate babies from, but USA is the favorite. Newly imported surrogate baby Sverre from Texas now has two Norwegian fathers, featured below.

    Importing surrogate babies apparently is not enough to reach the goal of overpopulating the kingdom of Norway. Last month the goodhearted folks in that kingdom flew in over 600 “EU refugees” from Italy and Greece to help lessen the burden of those countries. The goal is to lessen the load of those countries with a total of 1,500. So far. More to come.

    Google translation below of the surrogate articles:
    When someone asks who is the father of Sverre, we answer “both”
    Sverre was born of a woman in Texas and came to Norway in January. But Lasse Pedersen and Øivind Henriksen Skilbrei do not like the word “surrogate mother.” It is still postpartum mood in the apartment in Oslo. Milk replacer heated bottles washed and diapers are changed. Lasse Pedersen have maternity leave and enjoying Sverre during the day while Øyvind Henriksen Skilbrei are at work.
    Biweekly comes a new baby to Norway from surrogacy in the US.
    United States emerging as the major new surrogat supplier. To get a baby here costs shirt. At least one million it costs to get a surrogate mother in the United States to carry out a baby. The price does not seem to scare Norwegians from realizing baby dream using surrogacy.

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  10. Look likes more of Obama’s childrens. Bet both are choir members who are set to go to college.

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  11. They, too, should be relinquished to dumpster living. But that’s just me, I guess….
    Shoot them both! They’re not human. They’re sociopaths and have no reason to exist in a civilized, human society.

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  13. Many times I’ll read just the headline and comment on it. Well, I just read it and I’m beyond pissed!
    “Couldn’t sentence them as adults”? Really? They deliberately tried to MURDER an infant – theirs, no less – and they get “probation”? My ass!
    And what the hell is “moral therapy”?
    Gandhi once said that “a society can be judged by the way it treats it’s most vulnerable” (paraphrased). What does this act indicate??? And what does this “sentence” indicate”???
    We’re long overdue a massive “culling”…let it commence.


  14. Sterilization comes to mind now…..

    Hopefully others will run them into a place they can’t hide.

    Utterly disgusting deeds and verdict.


  15. If you are old enough to have sex and old enough to deliver your baby and old enough to make the decision to kill it, you are old enough to be arrested as an adult.


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