Friday Cuties!




14 responses to “Friday Cuties!

  1. All creatures great and small, adorable. And here’s another – human kind Jammin’ lol HappyFriday all.

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  2. Awww, I loved this that little black and white cat is gorgeous. Actually, they all are.

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  5. I’m more of a dog person myself….

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  6. I am a sucker for all cats: big or small, tame or wild, sweet or nasty, dignified or comedic. They are the best creatures in the universe!

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    • Karina, I’m with you. I rescue dogs…but they all fall in love with my husband and just “kiss” me when he tells them to….But my cats LOVE all of us , all of their kind in our home, AND the dog. I rescued an entire litter….brought to us one at a time by their wild mother. (They turned out to be the most humorous, most entertaining, most loving cats who’ve ever owned us.) We have a 23-year old rescue cat….and one whom we think is about 16….so, we thought, why not just keep this whole litter together of these new little cats? ( Not “planning ahead” or anything…but you have to admit….23 and 16 give us pause that we might any day end up “catless” if we had no others.)

      Not long ago, our daughter-in-law’s snooty University professor brother asked us,”WHY in the world we would ever want to DO such a thing?” And I leveled my gaze at him and said, “God has been very good to us. I did it because I am ABLE to do so, AND, it has blessed us with much love and pleasure for having done so.” Pretty much he shut up, and I thought I was not rude or whatever (like HE WAS to me)…..and, besides, it’s just the plain truth.

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