Disney Princesses Show the Terrifying Reality Facing Women in Trump’s America


From mindsaymohan Instagram

Trump Derangement Syndrome on steroids.

From Glamour: Just days into his presidency, President Donald Trump began to take steps toward repealing the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). After a midnight Senate vote left the road clear for Trump to gut the health care plan, millions of Americans stand in limbo—uncertain if they stand to lose the coverage they gained under the Act, and even more unclear on what plan Trump has to replace it. What is certain, however, is that the effects of repealing Obamacare will be devastating, especially for women (nevermind the fact that because of Obamacare, my health insurance premiums went up 80% this year and I have a crazy high deductible).

To help drive this point home, illustrator Maritza Lugo and writer Danielle Sepulveres employed their “god-given talents” to combat the “GOP’s war on women,” Lugo writes on Instagram. The Latina duo revamped their series of illustrations featuring Disney princesses attempting to go to the gynecologist (which first debuted last year as part of cervical cancer awareness month)—and it now includes the new, terrifying realities these princesses would face if the Affordable Care Act was repealed.

They include Elena of Avalor being turned away from Planned Parenthood, Aladdin and Jasmine forced to hold a funeral for their miscarried child, Belle having to pay out-of-pocket for birth control, Pocahontas being denied coverage for a pre-existing condition, and Tiana having trouble getting her HPV vaccine. Lugo draws the Disney illustrations, Sepulveres writes the captions, and the results are poignant, to say the least.

The picture above is of Elena of Avalaor, Disney’s first Latina princess, “going to Planned Parenthood to stand against the evil stepsisters of the GOP.” Belle “was super happy to get birth control. As someone who was dependent on it, finding out she was denied her refill will only make Belle’s life a little harder.”

Read the rest of the hyperbole here.


29 responses to “Disney Princesses Show the Terrifying Reality Facing Women in Trump’s America

  1. Confounds the heck outa me that birth control is a health care issue. Understanding that pregnancy and abortion are issues of health for one person or the “other”, they are not sicknesses or disease, and are easily preventable with just a little moral conscience.

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  2. It truly is frightening that so many Americans are certifiably insane.

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  3. More proof there’s NOTHING Democrats won’t defile or pervert to force their agenda on America.

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  4. Many, many of the young Progressives won the Sweepstakes when Obamacare was instituted . . . their premiums were taken care of by the US Taxpayers via our government, while those who work hard and do not qualify as indigent are in the position that their rates went sky high, and continue to rise in order to pay for the indigent. Many of the “indigent” in this country are in that state due to a lack of wanting to work 40 plus hours a week, or alack of proper planning on their part. The fact that some of these people are so imbecilic that they cannot figure out what causes pregnancy, and thus the rest of us taxpayers have to pony up money to pay either for abortions, or for birth control methods. Why don’t we have a say in this, because I would say, if you cannot take care of your own birth control–then you should not be having sex . . . period!

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    • Correct Auntie. Since when are we suppose to pay for others life choices. If you want to start having sex at a young age without protection, why is it our responsibility to clean up the mess? Just when are they accountable?
      Seniors lost with Obamacare when money was taken from Medicare to support ACA. Like the vets lost big when money was taken from them to pay for the refugee program. When you read deep into the ACA bill, don’t expect much for cancer treatments or mammagrams into our 70’s.
      Back when birth control was first on the scene, we paid for our own. About 4.25 a month. We didn’t expect anyone to pay for our choices. What next, money to cover men’s propalactics?
      They want to be taken seriously as adults, then they should act like it and prevent pregnancies leading to them wanting a abortion. Abortion is preventable. Or get a tubal ligation. From what I have seen from these lunatics so far none should be parents.
      If they have at much energy to hate and wanting to fight, maybe they should join the military and get it out of their system.

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      • I read yr comment, Glenn, and yr feelings are mine as well. I’m swamped w/new work coming in [answers to our prayers, all is well!] and have pretty strong feelings about these issues, as my 2nd wife had an abortion that was the major cause of her earlier marriage’s failure [unintended consequences. But then again, I guess it wasn’t HIS baby!].

        Your comment reminds of what I read about this issue in Holland maybe ten years ago or more. I’ve mentioned it in another posting here years ago, so it may be worth a revisit. The Dutch gubbmint & taxpayers had become sick & tired supporting teen pregnancies and abortions, so a major decision was reached in their Parliament.

        They first lowered the age of consent to 13, then declared that unmarrieds who got pregnant were now on their own. NO SUPPORT from welfare and NO ABORTIONS. Period, end of sentence. When I first read it I thought it didn’t make sense, but after a while I GOT IT! The gubbmint had introduced a remarkable birth control known as ‘RESPONSIBILITY’ which turned out to be extremely effective.

        Parents were mad as Hell, however, when their daughters came home, announced she was preggers, and now had to live there supported by them. When other teenyboppers heard from formerly pregnant now 14 & 15 yr old friends cum mothers about this new state of affairs, the change was remarkable. Within a year teen pregnancies declined by 90 something percent. Golly, responsibility does make one change, eh?

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        • I agree fully.
          Something else I would like to add, whether you have one child or ten, you get the same amount of assistance. Imagine how fast multiple births would decrease.
          The young high school girls over here think it is cool to have a baby out of wedlock, no assistance from baby daddy, then they quit school and spend the day spending their money. We recently went to a hot wing restaurant and there sat three young girls, all with their babies, with fancy nails, hair weaves and dos, nice cell phones, which they were on constantly, while ignoring baby. All on our dime. I think finishing their schooling and getting a job has to be a requisite, even if day care is provided, before they get a dime. No more dead beat parenting.
          We need to adopt some of the things the schools do in Japan.
          The children are taught at a young age, education is paramount while cleaning their own school rooms and working the lunchroom, etc.
          no wonder we are being left behind.

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        • Brilliant. Democrats act like they don’t nunderstand human nature

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  5. If someone wants to murder their child that’s on them but I shouldn’t have to pay for it

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  6. My Hubby just showed me a video of a young woman trying to figure out how many half cups are in 1 cup. Then how many quarter cups are in one cup. He got sick of it before she could figure it out. I told him she probably has 4 kids and her brain cells are depleted. We might be better off if we just give away Birth Control and get rid of the physical exam to receive it.

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    • Sterilization is a better option.

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    • Golly, maybe you folks are being a bit hard on her. What if it were SI/metric, and she had to figure out the following: 1 liter equals 1000 mls ; half of that is 500. Half again is 250, the new ‘cup’ size. Now a half cup is 125 mls, and so on. Kinda hurts one brain, doesn’t it? Oh, it didn’t hurt yours?

      Well I guess that poor video gal’s not as strong-minded as the rest of us. OK, let’s go w/the rest of your recommendations!

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    • Birth control (of the wearer’s choice) should go with the silly hat…

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    • HUGE laugh at your post on the “measuring cup” thing b/c of our own family experience along these lines…..

      We’d moved to CA when our (brilliant) first born was 13….so, though he did not “grow up in CA,” his peer group in HS in CA was his whole world. He earned early acceptance/full ride scholarship to an Ivy League college back East (where we were fr anyway) but, after first year of whining all the time abt “I am not worthy to be here w/all the private-school-educated kids, etc…(we’d moved to an Indian Reservation to work w/Health Service when he was 8 yrs old….not the best of schools for an extended period of time…in fact….we left there to get him to a “real” school” for HS).

      so, compared to the “”rich kids” who’d gone to private Swiss boarding schools, like his room mate, etc…he felt inferior….).

      Very tired of hearing of this whining about not being “able” to compete..& that he wanted to come “back home” to CA & some limp CA college system…..we said…”OK”…but then, you’ve got to work this summer here in our town…& he got a job in a local, new, Pizza Hut. He was the ONLY young person hired. The others were all adults with families to support. On the “pizza-assembly- line”….they had CUPS for measuring how much of each ingredient/topping was to be put upon each pizza….whole cup, half cup, quarter, etc…..One time, all the “WHOLE CUPS” were “busy” on the assembly line….and so my son grabbed the half cup so he could use it TWO TIMES to place his topping on the pizza…and the entire “assembly line” broke down in fear/loathing/dismay…..yelling at him that he couldn’t DO THAT!!!!! He had to use the “whole” cup!!!!!! (PS..they were COLOR-CODED…b/c the “help’ couldn’t EVEN distinguish between the measurements…so…it was “red cup, blue cup…etc, etc…..)

      That night, he came home to us & related the event…& promised us he’d return to his Ivy League school…& finish….which he did…& went on to get additional academic scholarships within the university system to study abroad & so on..& he is now an engineer with his own consulting firm…etc etc…. I think…all b/c …..he worked that summer with the “regulars” of our community at the Pizza Hut…the poor, struggling adults, mostly already parents…who didn’t KNOW that TWO half cups equalled a WHOLE cup.

      And, believe me….this was one tough stretch of parenting….hoping that what we chose to do, the “tough love” that we stuck to, was going to all come out “OK,” with the outcome that we were trying to teach….and it worked…thanks to that banal measuring cup understanding (on his part) or cluelessness (on the part of his ADULT Pizza Hut co-workers) .

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  7. Disney must be okaying the usage of their princesses. We used to be big attendees of Disneyland. But stopped when they went so far left.

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  8. ‘We have to repeal this law to see what’s in it that needs to be replaced’.
    Same logic they used to pass it. At night. On the weekend. With no Republicans. Just sayn.

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  9. Planned Parenthood’s main business is the business of abortion. They’ve run a side-business of selling viable baby parts from these abortions…some of which were PROBABLY “born alive.” And yet….they receive millions from our tax monies to remain in business as a “woman’s health care provider.”

    Planned Parenthood….get this—–ABORTION is NOT HEALTH CARE. IT HAS NEVER BEEN , NEVER WILL BE A ‘CURE” for ANYTHING that “AFFLICTS” a human being….other than the removal of the daily, legal responsibility of caring for a living child……

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  10. CalGirl, you may wish to read my reply to Glenn47’s comment above, as it agrees w/yours. How the Hell PP crapola got swept in as qualified for taxpayer support is beyond me, as it is on the same level as ‘cosmetic surgery’ and that means elective from choices made earlier. My head is starting to hurt having to even think about this madness!

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    • I think it has to do with the government giving them millions every year, for all their good work, cough cough, and then they, in turn, donate mostly to the Democratic Party. Thus our tax dollars is being used for the benefit of dems. Taking a wild guess here, but my guess is it began with the Dems.
      Basically money laundering.

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  11. Well, that just made “Disney Princesses” too creepy to ever think about again. I don’t even want to know what they would do with Snow White. Never liked Disney much anyway. Bugs Bunny could beat the crap out that insipid mouse.

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  12. Omg! I totally remember these Disney princesses being treated for STD’s or whatever it was last year. The thing’s these women on the left come up with are just so cringe worthy. They truly do exist in a different reality. The lens with which we see the world couldn’t be more different.

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  13. I remember when Dad told my Sister,”Here’s a dollar-if you can’t behave,at least get some protection.” She said,”What kinda protection could I get for a dollar??” Dad said,”If things start getting too intense,take this dollar and clamp it between your knees,and don’t move it until you get out of his car.” Of course we all laughed,but she got the message,and it WORKED!

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