Massachusetts kids make valentines: ‘To Islam, With Love’


Useful idiots. Allah does not permit those of Islamic faith to celebrate that which belongs to Christians. Try explaining how inclusive that is to the kiddos.

From Boston Globe: Lots of kids make lots of Valentine’s Day cards this time of year, but the cards hung on a display inside the Massachusetts College of Art and Design on Sunday afternoon were different. Among the usual red and pink, hearts and doilies, glitter and paint, were messages in Arabic.

More than 150 adults and children showed up for “To Islam, With Love,” a card-making marathon at the school’s Design and Media Center.

The handmade pieces will be delivered to the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center in Roxbury around Valentine’s Day, along with others mailed in by people who couldn’t attend, said Tanya Nixon-Silberg, co-founder of Wee the People, which organized the event.

Twelve Boston Latin Academy students who study Arabic at the school volunteered their time at the event to help families write the Arabic script. Members of the Arabic program created a handout with “phrases of love” in Arabic as a guide, according to Katie Quackenbush, who teaches Arabic at the school.

“On a very visceral level, kids understand when someone’s not being nice to someone,” said Nixon-Silberg. “If kids can understand fairness, they can understand unfairness, which means they can understand injustice.”

Parents in the room said they felt a duty to make the local Muslim community feel wanted and included, especially given some of the heated rhetoric expressed during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. And though the children in the room were young — most under 10 years old — their parents and caretakers wanted to get started early, teaching inclusion to the next generation.

“I don’t think they’re ever too young to teach empathy and support for others,” said Lisa Ballew, of Melrose, who brought her two young children to the event. Her 4-year-old son, Henry, said he was there to make cards for Muslims, “because some people don’t like them and we want to cheer them up.”

From attending rallies to contacting legislators to supporting local nonprofit groups, “every day, we do something” to spread inclusion and stand against Trump’s rhetoric, said Lynn Brown, of Jamaica Plain, who was at the event with her partner and her partner’s nephew Noren. That morning, she said, they had called the office of Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona.

It took a few tries, but 3-year-old Noren carefully used a clothespin to attach his card to the display. Scrawled in marker upon the red heart glued to the white doily, he explained, was a drawing of “a machine for when monkeys get hot.”

Renato Milone and his wife, Monica Cohen, smiled as their 1 1/2-year-old daughter climbed around his shoulders like a jungle gym, blue paint smeared on her face and hands. “This is beautiful,” he said. “With or without Donald Trump, this should happen every day.”


31 responses to “Massachusetts kids make valentines: ‘To Islam, With Love’

  1. Those parents are mentally ill.

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  2. reminds me of the fools in germany, sweden, et al who held up “welcome” signs as the rapefugees entered their countries…either we learn from history or we are bound to repeat it.

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  3. Saint Valentine was beheaded February 14, 270, year of our Lord.

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  4. As a alumnus of one of these schools, I am grieved to the core, but (sadly) not surprised. We think the term, “useful idiots,” is overused, but but in this case the term is correct.

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    • Dear traildustfotm, you write that ‘We think the term, “useful idiots,” is overused,’ but is that really the case, or is it because not nearly enough of we the sheeple know & understand it? For if they did, I think we’d have a lot fewer, but no: on and on it goes, w/ignorance being the norm rather than the exception, which would be the most desirable situation.

      I think what drives us informed conservatives REALLY batty is when all-too-many are happily ignorant and CHOOSE to stay that way! H L Mencken was right when he wrote [I recall as best I can] that the boobocracy was happiest when surrounded by more of the same fools, then imposing its ignorance to become the rule. Meanwhile we suffer that sad state and become evermore angry about it. At least I do!

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  5. Some of the past presidents planted the seeds to destroy this country. Then came those that weeded and tended the garden of destruction. oreo made it ripe for the picking. Trump is surrounded by those weeds that grew out in profuse numbers. soros keeps watering the main plants. This nation IS under judgement and are about to reap what has been sown. Not only are the weeds nurtured but the sins in our own homes and lives.

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  6. No wonder todays youth are out there rioting if this kind of nonsense is being taught to them. Learning only 1 side of an issue is dangerous.

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  7. Oh my, my, my how sweet, what a great idea, let’s send millions of Valentines to the Middle East especially to ISIS “freedom fighters” who would immediately realize all this fighting is just a big misunderstanding, I can envision them now, dropping their weapons with tear filled eyes.”Useful Idiots” these fools truly are, giving a valentine to a Muslim could cost you your head, I’ve been to several Islamic countries, countries that I would love to get these Adult Massachusetts Morons behind this insanity to visit, I would help them financially to get there, if they came back it would be inside plastic boxes. Basically these adult fools are teaching these children lies, it really is a form of abuse and also a form of Jihad in it’ self. Jihad can be done in many ways, violence is just one.

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  8. All that takes place because it allows the Islam.

    The Islam (according to numerous experts and doctors in the thematic) is anti-democratic (Besides not democratic, that are two things different, there is that analyze it carefully to understand it best).

    Is so, you can tell in others languages, but to the end all it know.

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  10. Traveling patriot

    Obviously the parents of these poor children know NOTHING about the ideology of Islam. They are teaching their children to welcome the barbarians who will one day kill them all if Muslim “refugees” are not stopped and all Muslims deported unless they agree to assimilate and agree that the constitution, not sharia law, should reign supreme! (Even then, I would be suspicious of them. Fourteen hundred years of inbreeding and Indoctrination are not easily reversed).

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  11. I’m feeling like some heated rhetoric right about now. Super heated.

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  12. WTH, is the no end to all this insanity? Do these parents not realize that even the so called American Muslims believe that girls should be sexually mutilated and that sharia law should be the last of the land?
    What next? GM for their girls in solidarity?
    And to think people home schooling their children are having them taken away.
    Are they all sniffing Round Up?

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  13. How come Muslim (or Jewish) schoolchildren never ever make “To Christianity, With Love” valentines?

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  14. Proof that Einstein got it right about left/libtards:


  15. Ah yes, the public schools sure do try to indoctrinate them early, don’t they?
    Those teachers should be sent over to muslim countries if they think their religion of hate is so great.

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  16. I think these parents are pathetically stupid. They obviously really do not have a clue. Did they not see the pictures of the men in orange jumpsuits lined up to have their heads cut off . . . or the heinous pictures of men in cages being burned to death. Do they really think you can clutch as asp to your breast, and not get stung? They are teaching their children ideas that will prove to put their children in harms way. I am not for teaching hatred of Muslims or Arabs, but I am for teaching young people to keep your distance. Just as we would keep our distance from a rattle snake, or other venomous creature . . . that is a way of ensuring our safety. There is no doubt that if Muslims can overcome the Constitution of the United States of America . . . they are 100% for that. The very best way to react to Muslims (this was an idea I learned from my Father, it does not only pertain to how we should react to Muslims, it is appropriate in many different scenarios) . . . BENIGN NEGLECT! You do not come out in open conflict with others, you keep you distance, and attempt to not interact with them, thereby you are trying to keep yourself safe.

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  17. “On a very visceral level, kids understand when someone’s not being nice to someone,” said Nixon-Silberg.
    YEAH, like when a muslim is beheading an ‘infidel’ Christian, maybe? Would that qualify as not being ‘NICE” to someone?
    God, these people are DEAF DUMB AND BLIND!!!!!!!!!

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  18. Wondering what that caption picture is??
    What system of government do these muslim countries have? I know saudia Arabia is a repressive monarchy, but what about the others?
    They don’t seem to be too hip on ‘freedoms’ of any kind! Why would these liberal morons even go with them? It is soooo counter-intuitive!
    I guess under the mask they are really supporting that sort of thing, no rights for women, genital mutilation of young boys and girls, a horrible evil government that suppresses everyone. Why would the liberal morons be for that? Or are they really THAT brain dead?
    I’m guessing all paid protesters that would sell their mothers for a buck.

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  19. No hearts for all those Christians the Muslims beheaded? How typical.

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  20. At some point in time, children need to be taught what the other side of coin is all about . . . the side where Christians are beheaded, Christians are burned alive. I am not sure exactly what age this should be taught, but only teaching that they should love all the Muslims, regardless of what stance the Muslims take on non-Muslims, puts these young people at jeopardy. Young people should not be lied to, but they should be taught the truth about exactly what fundamentalist Muslims believe in. How many parents brought baby daughter’s into the world with the express wish that their daughter become a sexually mutilated slave to her husband, who may or may not have other wives. I would not wish this fate on any female . . . to forever be second class!

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    • Auntie, you wrote that “I am not sure exactly what age this should be taught,” to which I’ll add that I used the Church rule that a child attains the age of reason at 7 years, and based my own children’s upbringing on it. That seems to fit & work in nearly all cases.

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  21. Someone didn’t do their homework…

    Valentine’s Day – Its reality and ruling

    From the link…

    Every Muslim must know that this holiday was invented by the disbelievers and it is therefore unlawful to celebrate it according to the religion of Islaam. There is no difference of opinion among the Muslim scholars regarding this. In fact, even if this holiday was invented by the Muslims it would still be unlawful to celebrate it.

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  22. Usually these kooks send valentine cards to veneral diseases, leprosy or irritable bowel syndrome. This year was different.


  23. I hope the parents, teachers anf organizers include their return address so the kind and gental receipents will know where they can find them and their children and give them proper “thanks” for the cards.

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    • Dear YouKnowWho—Brilliiant!!!! JesusJosephandMary—-these parents are so OBAMAFILED that they would sacrifice their children to the OBAMATHEORY that, we must not “offend” the Muslims, or they will hate us (and want to behead us/kill us/annihilate us from the face of the Earth more than they already do.) How has that ‘been working out for us over the last 8 Obama years? NOT!


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