Hollywood Agency Scraps Oscar Party In Favor of Refugee Rally


Jeremy Zimmer

Exactly how many refugees has Mr. Zimmer and his wealthy Hollyweird friends/clients let into their gated/guarded estates?

From Hollywood Reporter: United Talent Agency is scrapping its annual Oscar party in favor of hosting a rally at its L.A. office and donating to the American Civil Liberties Union, which has been on the frontlines of fighting the President’s executive order targeting travel from Muslim-majority countries. 

“This is a moment that demands our generosity, awareness and restlessness,” wrote UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer to staff. “Our world is a better place for the free exchange of artists, ideas and creative expression. If our nation ceases to be the place where artists the world over can come to express themselves freely, then we cease, in my opinion, to be America.”

The agency also said it would be donating $250,000 to the ACLU, the group that has seen a temporary victor in legally challenging Trump’s travel ban, as well as the International Rescue Committee, a humanitarian organization.

“When fear and division get the better of a society, artists are among the first to feel the impact—and to denounce the ill winds,” Zimmer added.

Last year, UTA held its Oscar party at chairman Jim Berkus’ residence. A number of major studios and agencies hold galas and parties on the biggest awards night of the year, including CAA, WME-IMG, ICM Partners and The Weinstein Co.

It’s unclear whether UTA’s move will foreshadow any similar moves by other agencies. The same day that UTA announced the move, WME-IMG co-CEO Ari Emanuel sent a staffwide note stating that the agency plans to form a Political Action Committee and vowing to protect company diversity.

Los Angeles, like other major cities, has seen several major, peaceful protests aimed at President Trump since his election, including recent demonstrations at Los Angeles International Airport over the travel band.


8 responses to “Hollywood Agency Scraps Oscar Party In Favor of Refugee Rally

  1. LOL – Hollywood is dead.

    They are just too stoopid to figure it out – yet.

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  2. Possibly those cuts of money have gone to any avid Hustler.

    I think that all those star of the film so charitable and solidarity should of put to them refugees in their large mansions, for among other things: know them.

    Surreal whole.

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  4. Oh no, butthurt meets virtual signaling…

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  5. So, these stars believe the refugees are coming here to contribute to the arts?! I’ll be back when I finish laughing, cannot see thru the tears.

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  6. So now, beheadings, mass shootings and bombs are now considered creative expression? We are in deep poo poo.
    What are those Hollywood idiots smoking because we need to use it as a secret weapon against our enemies.

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  7. I don’t know about the rest of you,but I’m really enjoying watching the “useful” idiots melt down.


  8. Mike Moore said he’d give rooms in his mansion to “refugees”, wonder how many “refugees” he’s given room and board to?

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