Cal State Fullerton professor assaults Republican student

In a tweet yesterday, the College Republicans (CR) of California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), @CSUFGOP, claims that:

A man claiming to be a professor has assaulted one of our protesters. We are in contact with the police.


According to the Orange County RegisterBreitbart and Campus Reform,   about 45 members of a CSUF student club, Students for Justice in Palestine, held a rally and march yesterday against President Trump’s executive order temporarily barring immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Another student group, CSUF Republicans, held a much smaller counter-protest.

Eric Canin, a part time anthropology professor, approached the College Republicans group as they were marching, and attempted to rip away the sign College Republican Jared Lopez was holding. Another College Republican, Bryce Ignalls, saw what was happening and tried to separate the professor from the student. Canin then struck Ignalls in the face.


Christopher Boyle, president of CSUF College Republicans, said:

“I saw a man who had told us he was a professor attacking Bryce Ingalls, and immediately intervened to physically restrain him until police arrived to apprehended him. At the time, students identified him as anthropology professor Eric Canin. A quick google search and the police report confirmed this. Eric Canin is a part time anthropology professor here at CSUF, and he took offense to our presence during the protest, and assaulted one of my College Republicans, Bryce Ingalls. It’s unfortunate that young republicans and College Republicans can’t take their safety for granted on campus and get attacked for their views. I felt shocked that this kind of violence could take place on our campus. Our job on campus is to stand up for republicans and conservatives and when I see anyone especially a professor physically attacking a student I feel like it’s my responsibility to step in and be the safeguard that republican students deserve. After he assaulted a student, I put him under a citizens arrest and I want to make sure he is going to be held accountable.”

Amanda McGuire, vice president of the CSUF College Republicans, said:

“The CRs organized a counter protest, with just signs, to multiple student organizations who created an Anti-’Muslim Ban’/Anti-Trump protest, which consisted of speakers and various activities. After some time they began to march around the campus with our group following no less than 100-200 feet behind. Along the route a professor came up and started asking questions asking if there were any professors with us (there wasn’t) [and] stating that only uneducated people would be out here counter protesting.

[Professor Eric Canin] continued to engage our group even though some of our members were over the conversation, and finally I turned and saw him lunge for a sign. Another member steps in between and he gets shoved, so he shoves back. Professor Canin managed to also push an ASI (student government) student [who was] trying to break up the scuffle.

I thought it was awful. We started the counter-protest displaying our views on immigration and students got to see other people who held different views. The professor’s actions were completely wrong and unwarranted to respond in a physically violent way to a student on the basis of simply disagreeing with his politics.”

CSUF campus police department said a report has been filed for “battery” and that one of the CR members wishes to press charges. Ali Deway, a senior at CSUF, observed that “People would already be in cuffs if this was done to the Democrats.”

Following the incident, Jeffrey D. Cook, the chief communications officer for California State University, Fullerton, declared on Twitter that “any violent incident, however isolated, cannot be tolerated and is unacceptable.” But in a later tweet on Feb. 8, CSUF College Republicans said:

“It appears that the professor that assaulted one of our members will not be penalized. We’ll keep you updated!”

Hannah Reams, a junior at CSUF, said, “Since Eric Canin is not a tenured professor, we encourage concerned citizens to call or email the school to ask for corrective action.”

Here’s contact info.:

  • Eric Canin
    Part-time faculty in cultural anthropology
  • Mildred García, Ed.D.
    President, CSUF
    2600 Nutwood Avenue, CP-1000
    Fullerton, CA 92831
    Ph: 657-278-3456


18 responses to “Cal State Fullerton professor assaults Republican student


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  2. Another crazy professor that was screaming on the news:

    Evil, sick people they are.

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  3. And nobody protests against Kuwait.

    The fault is of DT, always.

    Bad weather, the fault lies with DT.

    Your favorite sport team has been defeated, the blame is DT.

    The scale tells you that you have a few kilograms more, blame it on DT.

    How much people would give their life by take advantage of those magnificent facilities for study, and read books…

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  4. I’ve noticed that cameras seem to be the new reality for millennials….they see life from the lens.

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  5. Have people ALWAYS been THIS insane,but didn’t have the “media” to go public with it? This is a madness that never,EVER was seen by America 10 years ago.

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    • truckjunkie . . . I also agree, it is alarming that we have insane people perpetrating acts of utter madness that we “that never, EVER was seen by America 10 years ago.” I do not know what the answer is, but if people are perpetrating criminal acts upon other citizens . . . then I want they arrested, I want them to have to defend themselves in court, and if found guilty, I want them incarcerated. The basic fact is, as a community, we only have to arrest and incarcerate a very few, UNTIL THE WHOLE HEARD GETS THE PICTURE! Then we would see this behavior stop overnight. I am very angry that if this were a conservative punching out a Democrat/Progressive–we would have a whole different scenario. If the student who got punched cannot get justice from the local law, then he needs to file with the Feds for (I’m not exactly sure what I would call this) perhaps it would qualify for hindrance of this young man’s civil liberties, or something along that line. All this goofy professor needed to do was to just keep walking and ignore the students . . . but “NO” he wanted to be the Lone Ranger and mix it up. I think that another response would be to bring civil suit against this professor. Obviously, the professor is deranged . . . he needs to be kicked to the curb by the school.

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  6. With all the recent descent into wackoism with these professors, did they all attend the Ward Churchhill school of idiots?
    Anyone that sends their kids to any of these schools, deserve what they get back.
    I would rather raise a blue collar worker these days.

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    • Glenn47 . . . you have made a profound statement . . . “Anyone that sends their kids to any of these schools, deserve what they get back. I would rather raise a blue collar worker these days.” As one who has a couple of nieces who were sent to Oregon State, and Portland State (Hotbeds of liberal/Progressive BS,) you cannot imagine the shock when they return home. They are so indoctrinated that they literally turned away from my side (their father’s side) of the family because we are gun totin’ nuts that believe in the Constitution, and believe that individuals need to take care of themselves rather than depend on the government to take care of them. It has been one of the most hurtful, and damning situations I have ever gone through. I would agree, it would be better to have a blue collar young person in the family than someone who has become so tainted with Progressive ideology that they are unable to see straight.

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      • Thank you Aunte and I am so very sorry about your nieces. We have one that went to a community college and we still catch her in some liberal statements and we give her the stink eye instead of arguing. Since she thinks her dad walks on water he makes a little progress. She is doing better these days since she married a sailor and is now a mommy. She is finally getting it, but we had our doubts for awhile.

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  7. I’d be pressing assault charges if it had been me.

    • And that’s assuming I didn’t beat the sh*t out of him first.

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    • Dave . . . I personally think that this professor could well use a good stompin’, that might prevent or at least make him think twice before he assaults another student. This whole thing is absolutely absurd, and he needs to be relieved of his professorship ASAP.

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    • lol, I hear you. I do think he needs a behind the shed come to Jesus meeting, just to get his head on straight. It would be a dividend for the community.

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  8. Typical professor, violent if they don’t get their way. Useless major, btw.
    Maybe he can get a job with that Click woman from Missouri University. Oh wait, he’s the wrong color, ha ha!

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  10. As I’ve said before—-I’m so glad my kids are all “over” this stage in their lives. I couldn’t pay money for ANY university in the USA these days for their educations unless the likes of Liberty University or similar….(which, BTW…I’ve been recommending to conservative parents when they ASK me to direct them in their searches for a conservative college for their kids). Furthermore…..years ago…before even all this LGTBWXYZ@#$% etc blew up… son had a “pro heterosexual” banner on a campus where he was a student, just opposite one of those LBTBQXYZ@#$% banners that were populating his campus…. and, when a “pro LBTBQXYZ@#$% etc” defender CHARGED him/assaulted him with their OWN signs and he deflected it….”hurt” the sign….he was called before the student council and warned/sanctioned b/c these LGBTBQYXZ@$% “had their rights.” I won’t name the school…but it WAS in Massachusetts…..go figure….He could NOT defend himself against people with whom he disagreed in free speech….but, when THEY assaulted HIM and he defended himself, which included “hurting” their pro LGTBQZYZ@#$% sign……a tear or something….it was my SON who was hauled before the student senate and warned….NOT the attacker…..this was SOME TIME AGO….but doesn’t it sound like it happpened yesterday???????

    Maybe we were wrong…but…we advised him that he should keep his EYE on his ACADEMIC ball…not the political ball…b/c we were NOT rich people, and neither was HE….he took loans and worked the entire way through college…having also won many scholarships…before and during his college years….we were at the time pitifully poor….considering that my husband was in a PhD program, I was to begin an MS JUST so I could get a job in our new state (of CA) and had a kid who (we did not know THEN…but it developed) was a talented figure skater who rose eventually to the top of the US Figure Skating arena….for which we spent as much or more money out of pocket ….AND we raised/sent a foster daughter to college…it was a time of hideously demanding economy (for which we are still paying…we’ll “die in the traces”…never retire) —always SHORT of money…..or any OTHER resource. (BUT…the happy ending of this story is—–when my kids and we and the foster daughter look back on it…it was the HAPPIEST TIME of our lives….just like so many American stories……) 🙂

    Even so—today we have ONLY one grandchild….and she is already, at age 2-1/2, signed up to start a very expensive private Episcopal school at age 3….(it goes from pre-school to grade 12….and, in this case, you must get in on the pre-school acceptance if you even THINK your child and you will want to continue through to graduation at grade 12…..I KNOW I KNOW….doesn’t this sound like something out of a HOLLYWEIRD movie? Well…my friends…we LIVE in CALIFORNIA…and it is HOLLYWEIRD all the way…and you HAVE to find a way to get around it…..). I was so concerned at first, having been a “stay at home mother” through thick and thin…..mostly thin…..until I went to work when I thought my kids could benefit more from me working than me staying home……But…THIS IS A NEW SOCIETY…and I work in it every day in the public school system…and I am RELIEVED that she will be going to this school very shortly…….to have a chance to by-pass having to go to school with kids…whom I love regardless…BUT, whom are so troubled, so emotionally disturbed, so misbehaved and undirected academically from their home life…and so on.

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