What Andrew Breitbart said about John Podesta

Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012

Andrew Breitbart, the fearless, conservative founder of Breitbart News, was a brilliant shooting-star whose investigations exposed ACORN’s corruption, as well as led to the resignations of then U.S. Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod and Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY), husband of Hillary Clinton’s close aide Huma Abedin.

It is only recently that the Alternative Media discovered a curious tweet Breitbart had sent in 2011, in which he called John Podesta a “prog[ressive] guru” and a “cover-upperer” for a “world class” child sex slave operation.

John Podesta is a powerful, longtime Democratic Party operative whose political offices include:

  • Chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign
  • Counselor to President Barack Obama (2014-2015)
  • President Bill Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff (1998-2001)


A year after his Podesta tweet, walking home from a nearby restaurant shortly after midnight on March 1, 2012, 43-year-old Breitbart collapsed near his home in Brentwood, California. He was taken by ambulance to ER where he was declared dead.

On April 21, 2012, the L.A. Coroners Office released its final autopsy report that Breitbart had died from a heart attack. But Christopher Lasseter, an eye-witness of Breitbart’s collapse, said Breitbart’s face was bright red — a symptom unusual for heart attack victims, whose faces and lips typically turn blue. Bright red skin, however, is symptomatic of cyanide poisoning.

Three days before the release of the final autopsy report, Michael Cormier, a forensics technician/criminalist at the L.A. Coroners Office died suddenly from massive organ failure. Six months later on October 29, 2012, the coroner’s office released its findings on Cormier’s official cause of death as “extremely high amounts of arsenic in his system”. Police detectives and hazardous-materials officers who had searched the one-bedroom home in North Hollywood where Cormier lived with his wife, Sharon, had found no traces of poison or a suicide note.

All coincidences, no doubt.

30 responses to “What Andrew Breitbart said about John Podesta

  1. “extremely high amounts of arsenic in his system” This is a classic case of Arkincide. Those in the know will understand the terminology.

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  3. Attention: If you see this man hanging around, it’s bad.

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  4. As usual, Andrew was way ahead of everyone else. No doubt they were both killed by Clinton’s and Obama’s hit men. I’m sure that they were also behind the murder of Chris Kyle. Wonder why the Pizza-gate thing hasn’t broken wide open yet? Could it be because half the government and entertainment industry would be arrested?

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  5. it is only right, regardless of bad health, (which is outweighed by the death of the coroner) that Podesta et al are suspects in Andrew’s untimely death.

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  6. If you are TRULY enraged about the filth on MSM TV programming, where are your voices against the 1.) FOX (Murdoch) new comedy series called “The Mick” that airs PRIME TIME on Tuesdays @ 8:30 PM EST????

    The plot is about a 6-year old TRANSGENDER little boy, who in one episode was forced to wear an S & M mouth ball gag as punishment.
    In another episode he wears his typical dress and says that the “breeze feels great against my vagina”???
    I’ve already e-mailed to FOX TV programming rep, but just get back form letter stuff.

    2.) The APA and its new “DSM-5 of 2015. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, it hasn’t been “updated” for a few years. This is crucial for shrinks as all the number codes for paperwork is mandatory on any mental health form.
    [I’ll just put this as simply as I can]. Pedophilia, in and of itself, is no longer considered a mental illness or mental disorder. The thought or fantasy of pedophilia is NOT; however, ACTING on these thoughts is.] Faced with an outcry from the public, the APA promised to amend this; however, as of this present date I have found none.

    3.) Emboldened by THE ABOVE, a new man/boy love group has formed with its leader named as Paul Christiano, a registered sex offender.
    They call themselves “MAPS” — minor-attracted people.
    http://www.b4uact.org/ [Notice it says; Before You Act]

    4.) Of course, NAMBL (North American Man Boy Love) [or lover] has been around for DECADES. Just write out what is in the parentheses with an org) or just try the initials. It is NOT hard to find.
    Their “patron saints” are NOT just Walt Whitman. Minor one. Their Major one is LEWIS CARROLL and his whole “Wonderland Series”. Both of these sickos were notorious for boy pedophilia. In fact, one of the MANY world-wide stings I’ve uncovered — the one in the UK was simply called “The Wonderland Raid”. Please be careful with these “Alice in Wonderland” books and movies. I truly do NOT know what hints or clues or allegories they contain. **Has anyone here done this research as extensively as I have to share notes with??***

    5.) I do NOT know if I’m allowed to post hyperlinks; so I’ll refrain. Unfortunately this leaves me no option w/o approval. It’s the ground-breaking work of David McGowan in a 6-part series that NAMES NAMES and institutions NOT just in the US. It is from 2002 even. Look up: Carinne Haestebart (hope the right spelling) on YT. Look up MARC DUTROUX. This is a “civilian” but it will give you the sickening grip of a small group with dungeons and just hideous medieval torturing. And lack of prosecution due to blackmail. In Belgium. I believe this may have been called The Orchid Club.
    I also know the names of three major “castles” owned by the Monarchy and the Rothschild’s where this is practiced. Also where Hollywood has been allowed to film there. “The 9th Gate” with Roman Polanski. “Eyes Wide Shut” by Stanley Kubrick.
    I know the names and places, but many don’t even show up on GOOGLE EARTH or MAP, etc.
    ALL major European countries are involved; the “older”, the more involved especially GB, since they’ve been stealing and abusing for centuries with their colonial imperialism. If a country has a “monarchy”; even a token one? Look there for the worst.

    Give me the okay and I can post more hyperlinks, especially David McGowan’s research is VITAL

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  7. Let me guess: the coroner’s report was released in PDF format, on whitehouse.gov, and nobody’s seen the original.

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  8. Wow! This was already known back then?! Amazing!

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  9. And yet Podesta and Soros still walk the earth with impunity.

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    • Exactly, and what does that tell you about our SES: Selective Enforcement System?

      Here’s one for the record books: in November 1972 I believe it was, a young couple arrived at my rural 40 acres seeking shelter when they arrived in the Slocan Valley, when Real Winter comes on for keeps. I welcomed them to our little group living situation [see Acts] and they soon became positive contributors. Phillip eventually came forward w/an incidence out of his very recent past.

      He was hitchhiking in Montréal, Quebéc one night and a car pulled over to over him a ride [1970?]. It was a middle-aged guy & it was cold, so 17 yr old Philip went for the offer. It wasn’t very long before the driver made it clear he wanted a sexual favour, to which Philip said he didn’t want to do it, and this pig assured him that no charges would be laid, as he was the head of the Montréal Vice Squad. Philip got out at the next corner. Case closed on SES.


    • txfella: The temp. god of this world protects his own for his evil purposes, we war with those in high places, mortals as well as dark spiritual forces of Satan. In the Book of Daniel an example is given to show that the dark side can take control of man’s government. Trump doesn’t seem to be part of this evil, I have never witnessed so many people in all eco. socio. walks of life against a presidential candidate and even carrying on their hatred after the president was sworn in, this is most bizarre and unusual, so just maybe Yahweh has put Trump in place to slow things down some, I pray he realizes it’s not just evil men that’s against him, if Mr. Trump doesn’t know this then his V.P should know as a Christian, extra precautions need to be taken for both their families.


  10. I’m trained in psychology. The APA is a joke. Two examples:

    (1) In the 70s, due to homosexual backlash against the APA (the sodomizers didn’t like being labeled mentally ill), homosexuality was removed from the DSM.

    Curiously, the published reasoning was somehow NOT political, of course. “No no no, this is Science”, they said!

    The REAL reason, we were told, was a complete lack of any cause-and-effect explanation for the behavior.

    Did you catch that? The APA argued “there’s nothing wrong with these people’s brains or bodies, so we won’t call it ‘illness’.”

    In other words homosexuals are NOT “born that way”, nor are they unable to stop their behavior for some reason beyond their control. It’s their CHOICE.

    The APA unwittingly(?) argued AGAINST the homosexual cause by removing homosexuality from the list. But this is probably the first time you’ve heard about it.

    Maybe it’ll be on CNN sometime soon….

    For what it’s worth, the DSM does still say homosexuality is mental illness in that any compulsive behavior that HARMS the person is a “Not Otherwise Specified” sexual disorder.

    Update: nope, they scrapped that one in the DSM V, as well. The Ministry of Truth never sleeps!

    (2) The APA just added another Eating Disorder, and lowered the bar for the others. For example, you used to have to be abnormally skinny, or have a consuming fear of gaining weight, to be diagnosed “anorexic”. Not today! You just need to have a set of anorexic “tendencies”, like WATCHING WHAT YOU EAT and feeling guilty when you overeat. Also, there’s no need to have a history of throwing up your food.

    So now we have an “increase in eating disorders!” Anorexia and Bulimia are on the rise!

    The fat feminists (but I repeat myself) use this “alarming trend in mental disorders among women trying to lose weight!” as ever more ammunition in their battle to force society to love them, and they no longer must endure the pain of being told to put down the fork.

    The “mental health professionals” enjoy greater political correctness points and can now drum up more clients who need “treatment” to learn to love their obesity and become “body positive”.

    Talk about the Fox guarding the henhouse….

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  11. Aaaaand once again I have posting problems. Sorry to all. This was in response to the other long poster who mentioned the APA.


  12. It is common knowledge that Brietbart was close to exposing something. I still think his death was very suspicious. A heart attack with a bright red face with a white band around his forehead???? That was the description of the first person on the scene. Will we ever learn the truth, hard to say. I think there are a lot of very scared people out there. Look at all the sudden and mysteriously deaths surrounding the government.
    I hope one day, we finally hear the real truth, not the manufactured one.
    As for Podestra, I hope they prove it was he and his brother in Portugal during the McCanm disappearance. Another strange event.
    Podestra is like the creepy uncle no one wants to come to Thanksgiving.

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  13. unfortunately, many who expose the truth against the occult have had untimely deaths or disappearances…”heart attack” when perfectly healthy or “suicide” by gunshot to the back of the head…nothing is done by man to protect purveyors of truth, but everything is done to protect evil.
    “For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed” Mark 4:22

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