Senate confirms Jeff Sessions as Attorney General!

52-47, despite Demonrat opposition.

And now . . .

Let loose the dogs of war



11 responses to “Senate confirms Jeff Sessions as Attorney General!

  1. Amen. A fine man that fought for desegragation and even prosecuted a KKK member for murdering a black. He even got a settlement for the family.
    He was treated horribly that was unwarranted. Kudos for the shutting down of the wacko Warren.

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  2. This is the man I’ve been waiting for. the fact that 47 of the rotten senate voted against him should tell him that his job is cut out for him. I love this man, have watched him for years, and what he’s done for the black race in Alabama has all the folks there loving him, that Fockahontus idiot last night, I just wanted to slap her, what a dumb wench, time to oust the nutcase.

    Go Jeff…now if we could only get rid of rotten Gorsuch, that guy needs to resign from the nomination, he’s another Souter, don’t believe me? Read the latest

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  3. Looks like Lieawatha failed. 😀

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  4. Personally,I’d have preferred Thomas Hardiman,but I think Gorsuch will do a good job until Ginsberg retires or GETS retired and Hardiman’s turn comes around.

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  5. Congratulations are in order, and Mr. Sesssions will make an EXCELLENT Attorney General.
    Meanwhile, Elliott Abrams MUST NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, be chosen to be Deputy Secretary of State. I was, quite frankly, ALARMED that his name came up: It would mean that President Trump will not drain the swamp at all! The State Dept. must be SWEPT CLEAN of any and all pernicious neo-con influences.

    I do fear that President Trump has a few things to fine tune here, and that he’d better do it quickly.


  6. YES!!! :0)


  7. What a difference it will be to have a worthy occupant of this office, instead of the malefactors imposed on us during 8 years under obama.


  8. Sigh of RELIEF!! Our two previous ” Attorney Generals of the USA” were in name ONLY. Only the “general” part applied.


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