Germans rush to buy illegal firearms and grenades to ‘protect themselves from migrants’


I dare any of the proggies freaking out over Trump’s temporary immigration ban take a lovely vacation to Germany.

From Daily Mail: Germans have been arming themselves with illegal guns and grenades to protect themselves from migrants.

A website calling itself Migrant Fright was discreetly selling what it describes as first-class quality goods so that its customers can avoid ‘annoying bureaucratic hurdles or annoying paperwork’. The website has since been closed down, but Germans who have already received the weapons in the post, are practicing firing the guns in their back gardens in preparation for potentially aiming it at a prospective terrorist.

The now-defunct website, seen by MailOnline, carried a mission statement that read: ‘Protect yourself and your family. We offer first-class quality goods, discreetly sent, at a fair price. Without annoying bureaucratic hurdles or annoying paperwork. Simply order, pay conveniently and receive the delivery. Simple, fast and discreet – that is the motto of Migrantenschreck.’

Various packages were available to customers, ranging from €7.99 to €799, and includes guns, grenades and ammunition.

Professionals, including doctors, were getting the deadly weapons delivered to their workplaces, according to Sued Deutsche. Undercover reporters from the paper tracked the guns to a doctor’s address to quiz him over his purchase.

The now-armed physician claims not to have a problem with protecting his family, but has an interest in weapons. He has been practicing firing his gun in his garden, and said the noise was deafening. ‘I think the rate of crime increases with the influx of foreigners,’ he told Sued Deutsche.

‘People from other countries, of course, have different ideas about how to behave in society.  The uncontrolled immigration is a problem, we need a 180-degree rotation.’

It is understood the weapons were being bought legally in Hungary and shipped to Germany, which is illegal. Many of the customers are thought to be unaware they had broken any laws.

Germany was rocked by terror last year, heaping pressure on chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door immigration policy. A bloody week of violence that rocked Germany began on July 18 when Pakistani teenager Riaz Khan Ahmadzai, 17, posing as an Afghan refugee, hacked at passengers on a train in Wurzburg with an axe, wounding five. He was shot dead by police.

Four days later mentally unstable German-Iranian teenager Ali Sonboly shot nine people dead during a rampage through a shopping centre in Munich before taking his own life. Sonboly claimed he was taking revenge for being bullied at school with no political motive to the murderous rampage.

Earlier that month, a suspected ISIS airport bomb plotter hanged himself in a German prison after being arrested following a manhunt. Syrian national Jaber al-Bakr, 22, was found dead in his cell in Leipzig, eastern Germany on Wednesday evening – having reportedly used his own t-shirt – and was taken away overnight. He was detained on Sunday after three days on the run following a tip-off that he may have been looking to team up with associates in Leipzig.

Al-Bakr had built ‘a virtual bomb-making lab’ in a flat in Chemnitz and was thought to have planned an attack against either one of Berlin’s two airports or a transport hub in his home state of Saxony, security sources said. Chemnitz was on lockdown for hours when police raided his flat but failed to seize him before he was captured by fellow Syrian nationals who tied him up and handed him over to the authorities.

And on Monday, December 19, Tunisian ISIS fanatic Anis Amri hijacked a 35-tonne truck and ploughed it into a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 people. 


12 responses to “Germans rush to buy illegal firearms and grenades to ‘protect themselves from migrants’

  1. Why would Germans need to protect themselves from those “migrants”? Aren’t they all women and children? /sarc

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    • I guess they realize women and children are capable of strapping on bombs and walking into a mall , restaurant , whatever , and blowing themselves up , just like their men do . /more sarcasm……..

      I guess the light bulb has finally dawned on their mind , get them , before they get you !!! It’s about time , don’t you think ?

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  2. When seconds count and the police will only scold you about being racist if you survive…

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  3. finally, common sense and self preservation is starting to trickle in….
    betcha they wish they had never given up their rights to bear arms.

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    • MomOfIV . . . . the question needs to be asked — “were the German people really better off by giving up their rights to bear arms?” I rather doubt it. Part of the influx of all these Muslim immigrants is because they knew beforehand that the German people did not have any means to defend themselves. What a pitiful state of affairs. God Bless the German people, I hope that they can circumvent the laws and orders their government has heaped upon them.

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  4. I wonder what took so long?
    They need those guns to take care of the leaders who sell them out

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Could offer them a “lend-lease” program like the U.S. did for england back during world war ll, cept merkel would just dump straight in the ocean, unlike england, who used em first, then dumped em in the ocean rather than give em back, or let the citizens keep em.

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  6. Nothing like closing the barn door after the horse has left. Why the German people have not stormed the offices of those in leadership and replaced them with people that want to protect their country and it’s people is baffling.
    Left with the option of saving my babies and getting rid of deranged Merkel and her ilk, is a no brainier.
    I pray Germany once agin finds a way to save their country, their culture and their people.

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  7. Better late than never. Germans need a 2nd amendment.

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  8. I don’t blame them one bit, as their government has repeatedly proven they aren’t going to do anything meaningful to stop the invaders.

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  9. I feel so sorry for the Germans and have seen videos of the out of control refugees. They believe they are superior, feel the German government should take care of them, think they are entitled to take over Germany and the even the homes of the Germans, saying they don’t care if that German has no place to live, it should be theirs. Very sad situation they’re in, and I’m so disappointed the government did this but the more I read about the opposition, the different groups owned by Soros determined to stop Pres Trump and all the plans they have, the more I realize that it is very possible, even here in the United States. Imagine the US under China rule? Imagine so many refugees here that they can “out vote” the Americans and destroy our customs? It’s all part of the plan and Americans need to wake up before it’s too late.. The power these groups have is amazing and I pray that Pres Trump plans accordingly. If you love our country, read, research, arm yourself, spread the word & inform others that our country needs us to fight back. It’s only a matter of time, unless we all band together to do something

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