George Lopez Calls a Woman ‘Bitch’ After She Wouldn’t Put Up With His Racist Joke


Why is George still in the USA? Last November after the election of President Trump, Lopez was one of many celebrities who said they’d leave the US if Trump was elected. Lopez said, “Listen man, I’m in escrow so don’t worry about my residential status. I’m already in escrow, motherf—er. And I’m not going to tell you where I’m going to go because it will drive up real estate prices ’cause by the end of the year no one’s going to want to be here.”

Alas, he’s still working in the US. And still being a jerk.

From HuffPo: George Lopez lost it on a female audience member who evidently didn’t appreciate a racist joke the comedian told at his show in Phoenix, Arizona, Saturday night.

“There are only two rules in the Latino family. Don’t marry somebody black, and don’t park in front of our house,” Lopez said during his set, which prompted a woman in the audience to put up her middle finger.

In a clip of the incident obtained by TMZ, Lopez is seen responding to the woman’s gesture by calling her a “bitch” and telling her, “Sit your fking ass down or get the fk out.”

“Sit your fking ass down,” Lopez repeated three times. “I’m talking, bitch. You paid to see a show. Sit your ass down. You can’t take a joke, you’re in the wrong motherfking place. Sit your fking ass down or get the fk out of here.”

“You have two choices,” he continued. “Shut the fk up or get the fk out. I’ll tell you what. I’ll make the choice for you. Get the f**k out of here. I’ll make the choice for you. Bye. Bye. Bye.”

Eventually Lopez’s tirade against the woman became too much, and she and her friends left. “Four seats just opened up front,” Lopez said as he watched her walk away.

Lopez has yet to speak publicly on the incident, and while The Huffington Post reached out for comment from his representatives, we did not receive a response by publication time.


15 responses to “George Lopez Calls a Woman ‘Bitch’ After She Wouldn’t Put Up With His Racist Joke

  1. Yuk, I think my ears need a bath. Looks to me like both Lopez and his audience are classless & rude. But since he is being paid by the people attending his show, he should show a little more civility to his fans.

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    • Lenny Bruce was more witty than this and he got arrested for it…

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    • I would have to get paid to listen to this pompous arrogant ass, I don’t think he’s funny. If I or someone else told him to his face the above according to him we would be racist. I would buy the jerk a one way ticket to any country of his choosing, preferably Venezuela, because he and his ilk would turn America into another Venezuela if left on their own. I agree about him being a racist, a foul mouth racist at that, of course this Dipwad believes only white people are racists.

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  2. I have never ever liked this guy. I never liked his jokes either. Apparently I’m not alone. The woman who spent HER money to see his unfunny show purchased a service and has every right to express her dissatisfaction of that service or performance in my opinion. I’m sure front row seats aren’t cheap. I hope he also pissed off a local MS 13 gang member or anyone from one of the 100+ gangs in Phoenix too. Then maybe they can help “Ese” to STFU!
    Better yet, Mexico is a hop, skip and a jump away. Drop him off. Good riddence to the arrogant pick! (Any homies from Sunnslope. AZ. feel me?)

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  3. This joker has always been a smarmy dude. I wouldn’t spend my time or money going to watch him do anything . . . except board one way flight to somewhere far, far away.

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  4. Althought it sounds Lopez went overboard berating the woman, she went to go see him. Ive watched him a little bit and hes racy. Im sure shes seen him before and knows his act.
    Besides, hes a comedian, thats what they do.
    They’re supposed to be politically incorrect and off color. Most of us complain about correctness so we shouldnt hold comics hostage to it.


  5. Maybe he’d find more appealing women if he kept his promise and left.

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  6. He has gotten progressively nastier the last 5 years or so. It reeks of desperation. I find nothing redeeming in spending money going to one of his shows and being insulted and berated.
    He should leave like he promised. Cleaning up America one bigot at a time.

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  7. Shut up, George, and make me a taco.


  8. He’d be funnier if he would spray his audience with watermelon pieces. Oh never mind, somebody else already did that shtick.

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    • Oh Gallager what unique guy. And even Carlin could have a potty mouth but he didn’t degrade his audience and he was way ahead of the world. The comedians today could never hold a match to the old ones. Never.


  9. To see if I guess, the next day or in the next few weeks, man – well spoken – will ask for apologies, and already have a ticket for next promotional events on television.

    I wonder if those programs are in protected time, because the language is more typical of other explicit subjects.

    It must be remembered that (the real thing) racism is not crime or crime of faults, or anything negative. Opposite the racism is something natural and positive; as well as took place with Mr. Owens at the Olympics in Germany, and thanks to the host: Hitler.

    As true as that the Amerindian cultures were supremacists and imperialists before the arrival of Columbus to America.

    But you have to read more, above all the man – well spoken.

    It is very well these articles, they are interesting.


  10. Lopez has always been an America-hating ass.

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