Did the New York Times ignore top-selling book about abortionist/killer Gosnell?


Convicted baby killer/abortionist Gosnell

I’d bet money on “yes.” This wouldn’t the first time that the New York Times has been questioned about their best-seller list.

From Fox News: It debuted at No. 3 on Amazon’s best seller list, but supporters of the true crime book “Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer” say that the New York Times intentionally kept it off its influential bestseller list.

The book focuses on former abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted of murdering three infants who were born alive during procedures. It sold out on Amazon in just three days, but the book’s authors and their supporters say it never showed up on the Times’ list.

“This is shocking that the coverup of the Gosnell story is continuing even after the mainstream media were so criticized for failing to cover the trial,” co-author Ann McElhinney recently told the Washington Examiner. “It’s clear that this is a blatant fake list in a fake news newspaper.”

McElhinney and her husband Phelim McAleer wrote the book after making a movie about the shocking case of late-term abortions and murder that took place at Gosnell’s Philadelphia clinic which led to his conviction and life sentence in 2013.

Officials for the New York Times denied intentionally keeping the book off the list, noting it is on the most current best sellers list for nonfiction. “Those reports are inaccurate,” a New York Times spokesperson said in a statement provided to Fox News. “‘Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer’ is #13 on the Feb. 12th Combined Print and E-book Nonfiction list.”

The statement added that the Times’s best-seller lists are based on a detailed analysis of book sales from a wide range of retailers who provide specific and confidential context of their sales each week. Despite claims that the true crime book was kept off the list by NYT brass, it currently sits on the nonfiction list at #13. The ranking is based off of sales for the first week of its release.

Other books on the bestseller list with “Gosnell” includes “The Book Of Joy” by Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, “Born a Crime” a memoir written by The Daily Show host Trevor Noah and “Killing the Rising Sun” from Fox News’ anchor Bill O’Reilly.

The new list will appear in the Feb. 12 print edition of the New York Times Book Review but is already posted online. The rankings are based on sales for the week ending Jan. 28 the first week of “Gosnell’s” release.

Regnery Publishing, which released “Gosnell” charged in a recent news release that the Times “ignored real sales numbers.” “While Gosnell landed on the ‘Combined Print & E-Book Best Sellers’ list (at #13), the Times ignored the real sales numbers and refused to correctly list Gosnell as the fourth-bestselling nonfiction title,” reads the statement.

Amazon’s bestseller rankings are updated by the hour and include pre-sales which may be why the book ranked high upon its release.


8 responses to “Did the New York Times ignore top-selling book about abortionist/killer Gosnell?

  1. Did the New York Times ignore top-selling book about abortionist/killer Gosnell?

    2 words: Of course!

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  2. Just goes to show any prudent person would only use The New York Times if they needed to line their parakeets cage. Otherwise it is 100% drizzle.

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  3. The gray lady died years ago.


  4. if the truth doesn’t push their agenda then they want nothing to do with it…hypocrites….they are the definition of fake news


  5. New York Times Leaves Pro-Life Book on Kermit Gosnell Off Its Best-Seller List


    From the link…

    McAleer and McElhinney also produced a film about Gosnell; however, they have run into problems finding a distributor.

    “Gosnell has scored off the charts at test screenings. It has been overwhelmingly popular with audiences. It broke records in crowdfunding – almost 30,000 people paid for it to be made but Hollywood is ignoring it,” McAleer told LifeNews.

    “Test audiences in their feedback have cried and praised the storytelling but also praised the movie Gosnell for its accessibility,” McElhinney added.

    The Gosnell movie is currently in post-production and will likely be released independently since the “cover-up” is hampering efforts to release and distribute it.

    “This is one of the biggest crime sprees in American history,” McAleer told Brietbart. “The book and movie will ensure that the coverup is ended and the truth will be known.”

    Gosnell currently is serving three life sentences in the Huntington Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania.

    In a 30-year killing spree, he is thought to have killed hundreds, perhaps thousands of babies. However, investigators said he destroyed most of the evidence that possibly could have led to further convictions.

    According to court testimony, Gosnell would perform illegal abortions on late-term unborn babies, inducing live births and then stabbing the babies in the backs of their necks with scissors to kill them.


  6. Despite what the NYT would want you to believe on how they compile a bestseller list, the fact is, it is based on how many copies of a particular book are bought by the BOOKSTORES across the country. Not necessarily how many individuals buy the book. A large chain bookstore could buy a quantity of 100,000 copies of a book for its chain of stores and put the book on the NYT bestseller list. But it might end up selling poorly in the store so 50,000 copies get returned. Generally very large booksellers buy from huge book distribution centers. The distribution center buys from the book publisher. Most of the time If distribution centers don’t return poor sellers to the pub They simply resticker the book at drastically reduced prices as “remainders.”
    Amazon probably has a more accurate count of a book’s sales because individuals buy direct from them.
    I worked as a manager for a large chain bookstore for 20 years.


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