We have a winner!

. . . for FOTM’s 142nd Caption Contest!

FOTM‘s writers duly voted, each for what he/she considered to be the best (#1) and second-best (#2) captions. Each #1 vote is worth 4 points; each #2 vote is worth 2 points.

Happily, we have a clear winner!

And the winner of FOTM’s 142nd Caption Contest, with two #1 votes and two #2 votes, totaling 12 points, is . . .

Snoopy danceKerry Luomala!

Here’s the winning caption:

"That’s it, I’m turning Republican!"

“That’s it, I’m turning Republican!”

Captain America and Paul Fox are in 2nd place, each with one #1 vote and one #2 vote, totaling 6 points each. Here are their respective captions:

One thing he won’t ogle, Moochelle, not even by accident.

Hillary: “I was thinking the same thing!”

japoa and MoFrappy are in 3rd place, each with one #1 vote and 4 points. Here are their respective captions:

Hillary : “Remember when I looked like that”?
Bill : “Was that on Fantasy Island”?

Killary wanted to control the country, but she can’t even control her own husband.

Helene Pineau and lahthoughts are in 4th place, each with one #2 vote and 2 points. Here are their respective captions:

Look at the bright side Hillary, at least he isn’t lusting after Michelle/Michael Obama.

Limbaugh is right, conservatives are hotter than Democrats.

Well done, everyone!

Congratulations, Kerry Luomala!

Here’s your fancy-schmancy Award Certificate of Great Excellence, all ready for framing! LOL

StrawberrydancingbananaCarrotChilliMuffinPurpleBanana PineappledancingbananaCarrotChilliMuffinPineappleStrawberry


For all the other caption submissions, go here.

Be here tomorrow for our next very exciting Caption Contest!



2 responses to “We have a winner!

  1. The Clintons are a pervert duo.


  2. Huge Congratulations to Kerry Luomala!

    And big thanks are due to all the contributors, especially Captain America, Paul Fox, japoa, MoFrappy, Helene Pineau and lahthoughts! Without you, we wouldn’t have half the fun we have on this little blog.


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