Student senators under fire for bill abolishing safe spaces


From Campus Reform: Student senators at Texas State University recently introduced a bill that would place a permanent ban on “safe spaces,” but are facing predictably intense criticism over the “detrimental” legislation.

According to a copy of the bill obtained by Campus Reform, its passage would result in a ban on “all safe spaces and equivalent spaces,” and promote a campus where students can “be open to other concepts without ‘trigger warnings.’”

“It has become a nationwide trend for colleges to allow students to escape from views and concepts that might be deemed controversial, dangerous, or offensive,” the resolution argues, explaining that “upon graduating, students will experience views that differ from their own and will not be able to retreat to safe spaces.”

The bill, set to be voted on Monday night, is facing strident opposition from left-leaning organizations and students, including a candidate for the school’s Student Body President, who shamed the sponsors of the resolution for their “detrimental piece of legislation.”

“Not only is this detrimental to the social safety of many groups here at Texas State, but a clear obstruction of our core values as a university,” Russell Boyd wrote in a statement. “As representatives of the student body, it is imperative that the student government take into account the many students that will be greatly impacted by this detrimental piece of legislation.”

Meanwhile, the school’s Pan African Action Committee also rebuked the controversial bill, publicly reprimanding one of its four cosponsors, Student Senator Alex Sherman.

“Underdeveloped and undefined, this senator has administered a relatively weak challenge to the diverse student body of Texas State,” the group protested in a statement on its Facebook page, arguing that “a school with such a diverse population deserves not fewer but more ‘safe spaces’ to facilitate dialogue and education about the communities Alex Sherman is clearly detached from.”

Another group of students, identifying themselves simply as “the student organizers” who recently circulated a sanctuary campus petition, have now drafted a letter that urges students to “testify in opposition to the bill” Monday evening, and vote for candidates who support their movement.

“Our student government has many members that scoff at the idea of helping minorities and the [sanctuary campus] petition itself,” the letter contends, noting that “allies to the petition feel like they have a target on their backs,” and once again singling out Sherman for his support of abolishing safe spaces.

While Sherman has been repeatedly, and almost exclusively, called out by his peers, the primary author of the resolution is actually Student Senator Mason McKie, who told Campus Reform that he was not “surprised by the negative reactions” to his bill, since “colleges across the country have been experiencing similar reactions when conservative views are brought to the table.”

“This piece of legislation isn’t just important for my campus, but it could be a cornerstone for many more things to come,” he continued. “Students have the right to freely express themselves. College is a time to be open to new ideas and learn from others that might not necessarily agree with you.”



20 responses to “Student senators under fire for bill abolishing safe spaces

  1. Aw, boo hoo… enough of “safe space” wienieness.

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  2. Doesn’t the Student senators at Texas State University realize that the “CHILDREN” that attend or at least take up space’s on campus need a nursery to stay in so they will feel safe? These are the same children that would run to Canada if the USA was ever invaded by a foreign military. Crying about how unfair a war is. These children will run in the face of danger and leave their friends(?) to defend for themselves. Their only loyalty is to themselves and people that will give them free stuff. That is until the free stuff runs out!

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  3. Every time, the left resorts to personal attacks on people that simply say something they disagree with. So, let’s be straight about this: These Marxist little bastards are a disease. They are the most cancerous representation of humanity, and they aren’t going to stop trying to infect our country until “freedom” itself becomes a banned word, probably for “insensitivity toward slaves” or some such bullshit, but the reality is that a leftist is never free.

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    • Mr Graves . . . I could not agree more with your well thought out and aptly presented opinion! This business that so called adult people who attend college are so mentally frail that they cannot hold their own in the real world is ridiculous. People of this little mettle need to fry burgers, and empty bed pans for the rest of their lives, as they are not fit for much more.


    • Yup… all those folk who find a “structured environment” to be “liberating” really don’t like the personal responsibility of having to think for themselves or just personal responsibility in general.

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      • Since, as you say, these “Children” taking up space in colleges don’t want the responsibility of having ti think for themselves, maybe they should drop out and make room for people that WANT to learn to think for them selves. They would feel at home in China, Cuba, Iran or even better yet North Korea where it is dangerous to think for yourselves! Most real people would rather be leaders instead of sheep.

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  4. These crybabies are going to be shocked when they get out into the real world and discover there are no safe spaces waiting for them.

    Most of these idiot goobers are probably going to need therapy for years.

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    • Dave, agree…with a minor adjustment…it will be their CHILDREN who PAY—and these babies will NOT HAVE a “safe space” (b/c you know these feel-gooder spoiled brats will have MANY MANY children BY MULTIPLE PARTNERS —b/c it feels good to them—-and continue our ever-burgeoning”broken family” problems that plague our public school kids….where teachers/admin have to sort out the ensuing problems of these kids….take parents to court for myriad failings that threaten the lives and welfare of these kids…much LESS their educations…..)

      Sadly….I predict it will be the CHILDREN of these crybabies who will need the years and years of therapy….IF it can even “help.” For sure, it will never “atone” or “make up” for such hideous egotism at the expense of generations past , present, and FUTURE.

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  5. So let me get this straight….. Breaking up into ever smaller like-minded groups
    ….. will somehow bring us all together?
    The whole college campus is a safe place if you don’t shout down the other side. Present your views in a civilized manner. Respect the right of others to hold their own views and opinions. That they shouldn’t force their ideas on you, nor you, yours on them. And it starts with the individual’s choice of how they want to be perceived. Angry and intolerant? Or thoughtful and caring? You do get to choose…

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  6. In the safe places (rooms?) should have diapers, pacifiers, bottles, play pens, cribs, and the special bank (blanket)! They can also call home to talk to mommy any time for the pats on the back for brat-hood.

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  7. Day care universities.

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  8. My question to little these muffins is, when can we expect them to start acting like the adults that they claim to be?
    I have seen no action that would convince me that any of them are capable of even tying their shoes.
    Obstruction of their cores values…..what the heck is that? I have seen no values.
    If this the best we can expect out of them, this country is in for a world of hurt.
    Someone that has an opposing opinion is dangerous to them or anyone that may want to hold an adult conversation is in for a huge disappointment.

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  9. The problem is growing larger by the day. Everyone who isn’t an SJW is deemed a “Fascist”, and must be dealt with harshly. If you voted for Trump, you’re a Fascist. If you use “hate speech”, you’re a Fascist. If you’re Christian, guess what? You’re a Fascist. White male? Most likely you’re a Fascist.

    It reminds me of the Chinese Cultural Revolution: “If you’re not for us, you’re against us!”

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  10. So,.Can White people have a ‘safe space’, where they an be safe from the vile language & the body odors,usually associated with Blacks,.?

    I’m just asking,..


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