Muslim mayor declares borough immigrant sanctuary


Mayor Mohamed T. Khairullah

Keep it up demorats. You are going to get Trump another four years with your disrespect for law-abiding citizens.

From Syrian-born Mayor Mohamed T. Khairullah signed an executive order Friday declaring the borough a sanctuary for immigrants.

The order signed Friday allows equal protection treatment for all borough residents, regardless of immigration status. The move comes one week after President Donald Trump signed an executive order barring refugees from seven majority-Muslim countries, including Syria, from entering into the U.S.

“It is important to me as a person who came to the U.S as an immigrant, that we uphold our laws and values,” Khairullah said Saturday. “The U.S is the land of opportunity and dreams for many people all over the world.”

“No department, committee, agency, commission, officer or employee of the Borough of Prospect Park shall use any Borough funds or resources to assist in the enforcement of Federal Immigration Law,” the order reads.

Trump has signaled that he plans to take away federal funds from municipalities that declare themselves as (ILLEGAL) immigrant sanctuaries but Khairullah said he that wasn’t a factor in Prospect Park. “We are in a unique position that we don’t rely on federal funding,” Khairullah said. “Even if we were in that position, we would try to figure something out.”

Khairullah joins the ranks of other New Jersey mayors, such as Newark Mayor Ras Baraka and Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, who have vowed to continue to protect (ILLEGAL) immigrants.

Prospect Park’s order recalls the borough’s history, founded by Dutch immigrants, and the continued diversity of its population. About a third of borough residents are foreign-born, according to Census data.

Khairullah was born in Syria and fled the country as a child. He later arrived in the United States in 1991. His political career started in 2001 when he was elected as a councilman in the borough. He has now served as the mayor for 11 years. Khairullah has long been an advocate for his native country and its embattled residents. This past September, he disclosed that he had lost two relatives in the ongoing civil war.

Khairullah, who has criticized Trump for his anti-immigrant stance, has also called out Gov. Chris Christie for his similar stance on Syrian refugees.

On Thursday, hundreds gathered in nearby Paterson to protests Trump’s travel ban.


15 responses to “Muslim mayor declares borough immigrant sanctuary

  1. Mayor Mohamed T. Khairullah is not just defying an executive order, by declaring his borough a sanctuary for illegals, he’s also in violation of U.S. federal immigration laws. I say it’s time for the FBI to arrest this POS and all mayors & governors who continue to shield illegal aliens in defiance of established laws.

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    • You are absolutely right Dr. Eowyn ! All mayors, governors and those who interfere with national safety, against our legal citizens, should be arrested and put into prison. These punk maggots think they’re above the law and our U.S. Constitution. We, are at a point now, where a civil war may be necessary to “head em’up and move em’ out “. A civil war, in our streets to get rid of all the anarchists, the illegals, and some of the Dems, may be necessary to take back America. Stay locked and loaded, because it may come down to “us against them”. Also, federal funds need to be cut off from all sanctuary cities. I grew with immigrants, who came to America legally, and they are adamantly against illegals. This mayor should be immediately arrested and others like him. Leeann

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . you are right on the money. Until the arrests begin, these fools will remain defiant. Please, President Trump, start with the arrests here in Oregon . . . Ted Wheeler, our newly elected mayor, and move on to Mrs Brown, the lesbian Progressive governor.


  2. Mayor, Will your “executive order” also give protection to regular American Citizens from illegal immigrants harassing and attacking them or is it going to be a one way street? Will it protect so called honor MURDERERS, wife beaters?

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  4. Clip the little dirtbag worm’s federal funds and arrest him if he continues to break Federal Immigration Laws.
    These little sand ,,,, dirtbags needs to get attention while they are arrested and show the entire USA that we the American People will not take this BS anymore.

    Trump 2020

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  5. make an example out of him and throw him in prison…it’s easy for these cowards to hide behind pen and paper, but can they handle bubba in ‘the big house’?

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  6. Smoke ’em if you got ’em Boys.

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  7. Arrest the criminal dune monkey and send him back whence he came.

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  8. Wait until muh muzzie doesn’t have the funds to meet the payroll for his cities overstaffed jobs program and his own paycheck bounces. Even liberals can’t live off ‘good intentions’.

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  9. They are seeping in and slowly taking over. Now many are holding office. That is scary. Soon, we will be at the no return point.
    There is even a Muslim woman in Minn holding office that is married to her brother. They are disregarding our Judeo Christian beliefs.
    They are holding true to their agenda.
    Establish a mosque
    Create an enclave
    Grow the population
    Resist the national authorities
    Institute a sharia constitution
    Form a Muslim country
    Remember Afghanistan used to be Buddist
    Pakistan was Hindu
    Lebanon was Christian, now they are all Muslim.
    We have to enforce our immigration laws or we are done.

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  10. It’s exactly these illegal sanctuary situations throughout the country where current terrorist cells are residing, and waiting for the call to carry out attacks. All mosques have to be under surveillance for evidence of terrorist training. There are known terrorist training camps dotted throughout the country that have to be shut down, the property seized and the perpetrators arrested. The Mexican cartels are working with ISIS, etc. to help bring islamic terrorists across our border. There is a least one training camp on the Mexican side of the border near El Paso ,TX where terrorists are waiting. Our government has known about it since at least 2015. Judicial Watch (God bless them) wrote an article about this April 2015. Here is the link:

    Here’s another link with the same info. plus some extra information:

    And, when did a clear and present danger situation ever prompt obummer and Jeh Johnson to protect America?! These two traitors, as well as, many others in our government have purposefully allowed this.

    Trump has to send a secret attack group to wipe them out and when Mexico tries to blame us, we simply deny any involvement.

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  11. It would seem to me that if they’re telling all the illegal immigrants to go to NJ, it’ll become an even worse place to live than it already is.

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    • I guess NJ will have an influx of rapists, TB cases, parasite infections, female genital mutilations, honor killings….yeah, sounds like it will be heaven….what a bunch of idiots.

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  12. Seems like Syrian Christians need protected more than others, as they’re being murdered because they are Christians. Once I found out that the Koran tells Muslims to behead unbelievers, I realize now who “Allah” really is- Satan.

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