97 companies sue President Trump over temporary ban on immigrants and refugees from dangerous countries

On January 27, 2016, President Trump fulfilled another campaign promise of barring terrorists from being brought as “refugees’ into the United States by signing Executive Order: Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States.

The executive order states clearly the problem:

Numerous foreign-born individuals have been convicted or implicated in terrorism-related crimes since September 11, 2001, including foreign nationals who entered the United States after receiving visitor, student, or employment visas, or who entered through the United States refugee resettlement program. Deteriorating conditions in certain countries due to war, strife, disaster, and civil unrest increase the likelihood that terrorists will use any means possible to enter the United States.

“In order to protect Americans, the United States must ensure that those admitted to this country do not bear hostile attitudes toward it and its founding principles,” and by the authority vested in President Trump “by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America” and in adherence with already established laws of the United States — the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), 8 U.S.C. 1101 et seq., and section 301 of title 3, United States Code — “it is hereby ordered” that the issuance of visas and other immigration benefits to nationals of “countries of particular concern” be suspended.

Those “countries of particular concern” are referred to in section 217(a)(12) of the Immigraton and Nationality Act, 8 U.S.C. 1187(a)(12). These are the Muslim-majority countries of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

Why those countries?

Is it because President Trump is picking on a particular religion, Islam?


Those countries are selected  not because they’re Muslim, but because the foreign-born individuals who have been convicted or implicated in terrorism-related crimes since September 11, 2001 are Muslims.

My only quarrel with the visa ban on the 7 countries is that Saudi Arabia is, strangely, not included.


Suspending the issuance of visas from certain terrorist-exporting countries is a means to an end — so that the Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Director of National Intelligence, undertake “a review” to determine and obtain the information needed from any country to determine nationals from that country who seek to enter the U.S. as refugees or immigrants are who they say they are and “not a security or public-safety threat.”

In other words, the visa ban on those 7 countries is TEMPORARY.

President Trump’s temporary visa ban executive order has already sparked judges across the country issuing stays on the temporary ban, as well as a lawsuit by 97 companies as amici curiae or “friends of the court”.

In other words, those judges and the 97 companies are against the vetting or screening of immigrants and refugees to ensure they are not terrorists.

Let that thought sink into your head . . . .


Here is the list of the 97 companies (source: Gateway Pundit).

  1. AdRoll, Inc.
  2. Aeris Communications, Inc.
  3. Airbnb, Inc.
  4. AltSchool, PBC
  5. Ancestry.com, LLC
  6. Appboy, Inc.
  7. Apple Inc.
  8. AppNexus Inc.
  9. Asana, Inc.
  10. Atlassian Corp Plc
  11. Autodesk, Inc.
  12. Automattic Inc.
  13. Box, Inc.
  14. Brightcove Inc.
  15. Brit + Co
  16. CareZone Inc.
  17. Castlight Health
  18. Checkr, Inc.
  19. Chobani, LLC
  20. Citrix Systems, Inc.
  21. Cloudera, Inc.
  22. Cloudflare, Inc.
  23. Copia Institute
  24. DocuSign, Inc.
  25. DoorDash, Inc.
  26. Dropbox, Inc.
  27. Dynatrace LLC
  28. eBay Inc.
  29. Engine Advocacy
  30. Etsy Inc.
  31. Facebook, Inc.
  32. Fastly, Inc.
  33. Flipboard, Inc.
  34. Foursquare Labs, Inc.
  35. Fuze, Inc.
  36. General Assembly
  37. GitHub
  38. Glassdoor, Inc.
  39. Google Inc.
  40. GoPro, Inc.
  41. Harmonic Inc.
  42. Hipmunk, Inc.
  43. Indiegogo, Inc.
  44. Intel Corporation
  45. JAND, Inc. d/b/a Warby Parker
  46. Kargo Global, Inc.
  47. Kickstarter, PBC
  48. KIND, LLC
  49. Knotel
  50. Levi Strauss & Co.
  51. LinkedIn Corporation
  52. Lithium Technologies, Inc.
  53. Lyft, Inc.
  54. Mapbox, Inc.
  55. Maplebear Inc. d/b/a Instacart
  56. Marin Software Incorporated
  57. Medallia, Inc.
  58. A Medium Corporation
  59. Meetup, Inc.
  60. Microsoft Corporation
  61. Motivate International Inc.
  62. Mozilla Corporation
  63. Netflix, Inc.
  64. NETGEAR, Inc.
  65. NewsCred, Inc.
  66. Patreon, Inc.
  67. PayPal Holdings, Inc.
  68. Pinterest, Inc.
  69. Quora, Inc.
  70. Reddit, Inc.
  71. Rocket Fuel Inc.
  72. SaaStr Inc.
  73. Salesforce.com, Inc.
  74. Scopely, Inc.
  75. Shutterstock, Inc.
  76. Snap Inc.
  77. Spokeo, Inc.
  78. Spotify USA Inc.
  79. Square, Inc.
  80. Squarespace, Inc.
  81. Strava, Inc.
  82. Stripe, Inc.
  83. SurveyMonkey Inc.
  84. TaskRabbit, Inc
  85. Tech:NYC
  86. Thumbtack, Inc.
  87. Turn Inc.
  88. Twilio Inc.
  89. Twitter Inc.
  90. Turn Inc.
  91. Uber Technologies, Inc.
  92. Via
  93. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
  94. Workday
  95. Y Combinator Management, LLC
  96. Yelp Inc.
  97. Zynga Inc.



32 responses to “97 companies sue President Trump over temporary ban on immigrants and refugees from dangerous countries

  1. Now it’s even easier to spot the globalist corporations and promptly boycott and/or block them out of our lives. Now, if only Trump could fire all of the left-wing judges Obama put in over the past eight years…

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  2. President Trump,
    We, the American People think its high time you reform Big Business, make them pay their fair taxes,
    make them give the working man a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work,

    Liked by 3 people

    • In case you didn’t notice. Businesses don’t pay taxes. Really. Business incorporates any tax they have to pay into the cost of the product. The consumer pays. Not the business. Duh!


      • What you said is so true. But the liberals have convinced the uneducated that corporation are not paying their share of taxes. Liberal politicians know the truth, get the uneducated to demand higher corporate taxes but do NOT realize that they are just causing their own cost of living to go higher. Lower corporate taxes lower the cost, or should, of consumer products. Some people don’t have enough sense to see this and that is why they are lead by crooked politicians who use their lack of knowledge to further their agendas. In the end these politicians will turn on their followers like a snake. That is why liberal politicians don’t encourage our youth to stay in school and get a good education. The Pied Piper all over.


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  4. ,Boycott every single one of these companies.
    Starting NOW

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  5. did these same hypocritical companies jump up and sue obama when he instituted his temporary ban?
    today’s businesses are no longer about selling their services…but about selling their ideologies attached to their cheap products.
    they hold consumers hostage with their socio-political stances…definitely bad business.
    I say “boycott” these commie idealogues….the only problem is, I’m already boycotting most of them.

    Liked by 3 people

    • MomOfIV . . . the very first thought I had as I read this article was . . . businesses are so big, they think they should call all the shots as to the legislation that is acceptable for our country! It is an outrage if we let these low life’s get away with it. I plan on getting on the phone this afternoon and unloading my angst on a few of them. It as though they truly believe that this country is maintained as a fiefdom for their use and pleasure alone–with no regard for its citizens!

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    • I’m with you,Mom;
      I feel like the problem now,with the increasing amount of “stupidity” we have to boycott,boycotting all these Run-by-Idiots Corporations is hurting US more than it could hurt THEM. Soon,we won’t have ANY stores we can support. Why don’t we flip the list and start SUPPORTING businesses that are doing the right thing,and let all these UN-American,Idiotic businesses twist unacknowledged in the wind? (Not even being RECOGNIZED would HAVE to sting these businesses….)

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      • awesome idea truckjunkie!
        it would be wonderful to have a list of corporations that support our country and POTUS. I’d patronize their services in a heartbeat.

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  6. Well I will save more money now as There is now 97 more companies I won’t be buying from!

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  7. Yeah, ’cause we all know pissing off half (or more) of your potential customer base is such an astute business move.

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  8. Thank you for my latest BOYCOTT list.

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  9. These companies can give no logical reason to throw this hissy fit.
    Do they think they will have unlimited cheap employment or do we just put them down as giving a rat’s patootie about safety for this country?
    I noticed several of the biggies have CEOs that BO has been wining and dining for years now. Was this all part of he plan? Create chaos after he leaves and let others do his dirty work and his hands are clean?
    Some are massive disappointments and others make little sense.
    Do they truly think if we have unlimited entries of possible terrorists that their own massive fences will actually keep them safe?
    The named countries make sense since some are breeding serial rapists that have been busy all over Europe and even in our own country.
    Not to mention those that want to behead us.
    Why were they silent when BO had his bans? Did they speak up Bill Clinton addressed the issue in his 95 SOTU, of course not. And not a word when Carter actually deported them all.
    This is a left right political fit since,they now know their wheeling and dealing they had with BO is over. All deals are off.
    These companies are a huge disappointment.
    And my list still grows.

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  10. Golly, Dr Eo, why are you complaining about these companies, some of them mega-corporations, doing it all for our Greater Good? Is it that “My only quarrel with the visa ban on the 7 countries is that Saudi Arabia is, strangely, not included.” Dontcha know that the Saud Mafia and Mossad, the perps of 9-11, are our ‘friends & closest allies’ in the ever-so-dangerous Mid-East? Or maybe that should read ‘our closet allies’? You tell me and Chalmers Johnson.

    And without perfectly balanced massive arms sales in the tens of billions to the Saudis and Israel, why, the US would suffer a HUGE drop in its balance of payments, and we can’t have that disappoint those behind-the-sceners pulling our feral gubbmint’s strings, can we? To say nothing of the tens of thousands of hardly-working deskers in these key industries, which have had the only real growth YOY since the Clinton era. That’s a Good Thing, isn’t it?

    Never mind what a previous Pope said and wrote about the morality of Mid-East wars and foreign involvement; what does he know, really? [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iraq_War & https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_John_Paul_II%5D “During a private meeting, he also said directly to George W. Bush: “Mr President, you know my opinion about Iraq War. Lets talk about something else. Every violence, against one or a million, is a blasphemy addressed to the image and likeness of God.”[111]”

    I just read a very fine, sharply written analysis by Israel Adam Shamir, in which he roasted Broom Hilda & the Clintonistas while praising President Trump’s [Lord, it feels SO good to write that!] change of directions in Mid-East policies, a change Shamir hopes may actually reduce tensions, lower the insane religious-based killings, perhaps even restore a more normal relationship for the US, much as it had before being hog-tied by British imperial gubbmints and oil dependencies.

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  11. Stop using google for your search engine. I use duckduckgo.com instead.
    Get rid of your fakebook account. Boycott the rest.
    Thank you for the list! 🙂
    Uber is a corporation hell bent on destroying the ability to drive a car, secretly of course. Once they got the automated thing worked out, lots of drivers will be unemployed, and since they’re ‘independent contractors’, I don’t know if they’ll be able to get unemployment or not.
    Sorry, but illegal immigrants are not supposed to be here, especially ones who do not want to assimilate into our culture.
    Islam says to behead those who don’t believe in allah. What sort of ‘loving’ religion is that???
    Look up muslims and atheists that had near death experiences (and they were interviewed), they all converted to being a Christian soon after.

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  12. Lol I could see this protest if they included India in the ban but not the jihad production centers that made the ban. I mean how many coders come from Mosul, Cairo, or Benghazi? That being said, including Saudi Arabia in the ban would really send a message, they’re no better than Iran as far as exporting terrorism. At least it’s a start.

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  13. I don’t buy from the HUGE majority of ’em anyway-Thanks to 8 years of Obama’s “Ideal World”,my idea of prosperity now is being able to make all my bill payments without having to send any apologies for only making half payments.

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    • After being relentlessly hammered by scammers & conmen who once worked for me as trusted ‘business associates’ and foremen, I was advised by a credit counselor to file for bankruptcy, as he said that w/my low income and advanced age [71 or 72] no bank will ever give me a loan or extend better terms.

      I looked into bankruptcy and found it costs $2500 to file, but if I had that much I’d pay bills! So I decided I died financially, closed all bank accounts, moved to a large Credit Union, and stopped paying on loans I took out to salvage damage done by others.

      Now I’m a financial nobody, which suits me just fine. I can still manage my business as my suppliers know that I pay my bills, but no longer have any credit cards or other debt extensions. I’m VERY careful as to which corporations get my hard-earned dollars, so this list is invaluable.

      Of course I can’t afford the C$1500 rent on my small 2 BR 1937 ‘character’ house w/o housemates, but I FINALLY learned how to tell the sheep from the goats and here I stand, no longer in need of a cane and determined to endure until either my crew leader Kody Sinclair or my oldest daughter can take over on my 75th b’day, 17th Feb 2018.

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  14. All tech companies. They’re probably worried more about their Indian IT people than anything else but that H1B program is going bye-bye as well.

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  15. Kevin J Lankford

    Really don’t understand why the Trump administration is expected to answer to these lower courts or give any legitimacy to any company suits concerning any thing to do with immigration policy. I would think only congress or the supreme court would have such jurisdiction and any actions would have to originate with in congress if there were just cause.

    Seems just a tad suspicious to me that Trump does not ignore any attempt from such lower courts to supercede what they must know is well with in his authority as president. Especially considering none would act against the known fraud and foreign infiltrator obama.

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  17. Thank You Dr E for the list of reprobates….they have NO STANDING in the US SUPREME COURT…where this case is surely heading.

    The outcome in the Supreme Court over this will set forever ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, that the ideals held by popular opinion, from year to year, by unelected appointed regional/federal lower court judges…can/or can not–set US foreign policies…and US domestic security & bondaries/safety….as well as the access of foreign NON CITIZENS…NON- occupiers (NOT EVEN YET ON US SOIL) to the “rights” of US citizens and those WITHIN its boundaries …..If ruled AGAINST the legal & Constitutional powers of the presidency….


    Then, our very Contitution will have been “ammended” in a way unanticipated by our founders and unsupported by our Constitution….taken over by “injured states” on the “eventuality” (claim of FUTURE HARM….very much like the Southern states of the USA who claimed they would be harmed IF slavery were not permitted in new states…EVEN IF those mythical future states MIGHT NOT BE conducive to slave-holding….NO BIG PLANTATIONS IN the desert SouthWest..did you ever notice???? BUT, THIS is what this Washigton State judge is claiming—damage to his citizens and FUTURE damage IF we don’t allow people from these 7 Obama-identified states into our country for the next 90 days…”.Balls as big as a hot air balloon…all I gotta say…….)……of harm from prohibiting immigrants from SEVEN states for 90 days. If upheld…then….it will be a 50-state “free-for all” about ANY issue that the Federal Gov’t might uphold within its Constiutional pervue…GOOD BYE separation of powers…HELLO rule by unelected judges. HELLO 50 different sets of laws. YOU CAN’T MAKE LAW outside the US Congress…BUT THESE courts FEEL entitled to do so.

    OTOH….maybe there is a “rainbow” in this…..maybe California —or the 3 states on the West coast, will either fall off the continent from the “big one” OR….they will secede (hello you all out there…it’s in the papers all day long every day here….CA wants to make its OWN country….been’ in the public eye for years, but now since Trump election, they are SERIOUS….). Let them GO, I say….I’ll bail out….and the benefit to the country is…..NO MORE 55 ELECTORAL VOTES (MORE if Oregon and Washigton go)…….we’ll be rid of a crap-load of uber-liberals for a LONG LONG TIME!!!!! (Not to mention a huge share of the country’s “entitlement” free-loaders, illegals, public enemies…..an ultra share of failing schools, over-regulated “businesses,” decreped and inefficient oil conduits and refineries…..Chicago “rules” second amendment rights….and on and on ad nauseum…..), OH…but I fall back to Earth—-since I am an historian & student of the Contitution…unlike maybe so many Californians…..I pretty much KNOW that this effort was settled more than 150+ years ago by the Civil War……Union was voluntary….leaving it is NOT.

    Liked by 2 people

    • CalGirl, are you positive in re “…this effort was settled more than 150+ years ago by the Civil War… Union was voluntary, leaving it is NOT.”?

      Wasn’t one of the Founders’ earliest points that the States were joined in a voluntary Union, and that they could leave at such time as the State deemed best? Otherwise a coerced Union was NOT a union but a dictatorship.

      Please correct me where I missed the point here.
      Many thanks in advance!


  18. That’s a lot of corporate entities to boycott… Is it time to abolish corporate personhood?

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yes, indeed it is, and I’d like to see a return to the Founder idea that such a corporation has a prescribed ‘lifetime’ of 17 years, I think it was, but it may have been 16. Correct me where I’m wrong, as I do all this from memory now that I’ve lost most of my sight.


  19. And here’s a list of tech companies (and a few others) that signed the amicus brief opposing President Trump’s executive order on immigration…


    Liked by 3 people

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