Trump Homeland Security releases a very curious PSA on human trafficking

On February 4, 2017, the Trump Administration’s Department of Homeland Security, now under the direction of retired General John F. Kelly, released a 29-second public service announcement (PSA) on human trafficking which prominently features pizza and a pizzeria.

The PSA begins with a man walking past the pizzeria while the voice-over narrator says:

“The signs are everywhere. Sometimes you just have to take a second look….”

Here are some screenshots from the video:

(1) At the 0:01 mark in the video, the word “PIZZA” can be seen on the wall behind a young woman:


(2) A bit later, still the 0:01 mark, a man crosses in front of the windows of a business with a neon “PIZZA” sign and a painted black spiral design similar to the LBLogo (Little Boy Lover) in the FBI’s Symbols and Logos Used by Pedophiles to Identify Sexual Preferences.


Note that both of the man’s hands are empty.


(3) It takes about 2 seconds for the man to walk past the pizzeria, through an open metal gate and onto the street outside. By this time, however, the man’s hands are no longer empty: a pizza takeout box suddenly materialized in his left hand.



37 responses to “Trump Homeland Security releases a very curious PSA on human trafficking

  1. Well, Donald Trump is a very intelligent fellow, and he knows up from down 24/7, as he was raised in NY, NY, same as I was in Chicago. One never forgets those first lessons in survival!

    He knows what’s going on, and this is his way of firing a warning shot across the bows of the SS Clintonista.

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    • Joseph . . . I hope all of the Clinton crowd are needing Depends right about now. This Pizzagate thing needs to be looked at from every conceivable angle, and those involved in this heinous activity need to be nailed to the wall.

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      • Sorry I couldn’t respond sooner, Auntie, I was busy putting out a few business-related fires here, as my truck was abandoned by my crew leader yesterday and I have two jobs ground to a halt. I’m afraid that ‘global-warming climate-change’, or GWCC, has created record-breaking snow dumps here in Victoria, BC. Where is global warming when we need it?

        Anyhow, I really liked yr reference to Depends, very clever & fitting. I also forgot to mention that SS Clintonista = Sinking Ship Clintonista.


    • It makes no sense why Trump would fire a warning shot if the decision is to arrest all the perps. Here’s my guess:

      The PSA was released 14 days after Trump was inaugurated. Making a PSA takes time, which suggests the DHS team who created the PSA had started working on it BEFORE Trump’s inauguration and BEFORE the Senate confirmed Gen. John Kelly as head of DHS. The DHS employees who made this PSA believe Pizzagate is real, but they had been frustrated and chafing under Obama and his DHS appointee Jeh Johnson. After Trump won the election, these stalwarts began putting this PSA together, containing the pizza/pizzeria references.

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      • Eo, I did not mean it as a ‘warning shot’ but rather as ‘Your ship is now in range & tagetted. Surrender or be destroyed!’ Donald Trump famously does not take prisoners, as best I know.

        If he can get a few creeps out of the rotted woodwork, then roll over on their fellow creeps for a lighter sentence, it will save us all a LOT of time, money, and fugitives nearly impossible to bring back, i.e., Eichmann.

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  2. I can only hope that this investigation is able to be pursued to a successful conclusion and not the topic of choreographed congressional hearings.
    If Posdesta is busted he will probably be offed by his Clinton buddies before he can snitch.

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    • John . . . taking into consideration all the dead bodies surrounding the Clintons, it is highly probable that Podesta’s life may very well be in peril. On the other hand . . . it couldn’t happen to a “nicer or more deserving guy!”

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  3. I was truly hoping this would come to light and be exposed for the evil … but I’ll wait and see if it actually gets out or if it’s just another false alarm. So much is hidden, so much covered up, the people are kept in the dark about the evils that really exist.

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  4. That’s not a ‘Company Man’ in the oval office. They can’t predict what he will do because they base their strategy on the other guy playing by the same rules or lack of them as they do.

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    • YouKnowWho .. . that is indeed the beauty of Trump. He is absolutely unpredictable, I think that works to our good. It also allows the “fear of God” to marinate a while in the other guy’s minds! They just don’t know “when” or “where” they are going to get it! I love it, I love getting to sit back and wait for the hammer to drop!

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  6. If you see this man hanging around, it is a very bad sign…

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  8. While the LA arrests are seemingly unrelated to DC’s comet ping-pong, take a look at the LA sheriffs’ badges. It contains a pedophile symbol engraved in each point of the star, and a bear.

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  9. Unfortunately, if you recall how Westminster ended, they take them out, but don’t “besmirch their reputation and record of public service” by making the public investigation end inconclusively. So I predict you’ll have to put up with a lot of “nyaah nyaaah see it wasn’t real after all” and only one chump (Probably Podesta for costing them the election in the first place) taking the fall. The rest will be forced into retirement or suffer a ‘sudden heart attack’ and not exposed. Too many favours moving back and forth.
    Even though Trump and Mercer are wealthy enough to not be dissuaded with bribes, you’ll always find judges that won’t sentence, attorneys that won’t prosecute, and agents who won’t arrest in these situations.

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  10. I love the fact this is being kept on the front burner.
    There is a couple of guys that have done extensive work on this and there was about 100 videos on YT if they are still there.
    I haven’t gotten through all of them yet, but what I did see was sure compelling.

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  11. Are they trying to warn those who know about it that the PizzaGate scandal is very real, despite the attacks on those who sounded the alarm?

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  12. I like that they are calling it Operation Blue! 😉

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  13. More CA counties’ Sheriff badges, 1 from Tenn.

    The recent pedophilia raids in Haiti, LA, etc. are firmly believed to be intentional “self-outing”.

    When the meta-data contents of Weiner /Abedin laptop are “leaked”, the perpetrators can claim they were actually being part of the solution. As Deutschefolkhero said, we are unlikely to find out about some until after they’re dead.

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  18. WThech!!!
    Queen Beatrix wears PIZZA BROOCH with Marina Abromovich!!
    Left shoulder gold pizza slice…

    Went to, link on photo, found another pic of her with two pizza slice shaped pins next to each other…!

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  21. Back when “Wikileaks” made the DNC dump of emails the expectation was that this would net a huge number. The response was an unprecedented cover up and false “debunking” of “Pizzagate”.

    For some of us following this it was an education in their “codes” and symbols as well as methods of operation. The universal truth, that this is global and long-standing was known to a great many of us.

    To me the bigger story is the proof element. We are given a stage production version of “reality”. It is rare to get a glimpse of how these creatures really operate. Those who followed this got to see the sick, depraved world these “social giants” exist in. They are all puppets of the elite, but they are made to feel “special” indeed by association with depravity.

    If one allows this to sink in, it means that those who claim to man the helm of our destinies are perverts beholden to Satan. How’s that for a reference?


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