Britain needs one new home every five minutes to house booming migrant population


These young men are going to need new homes…new selfies!

From Daily Mail: Almost half of new homes built in the next five years will go to migrants, government figures have revealed.  Soaring immigration means that Britain will need to accommodate as many as 243,000 new households each year for the next 22 years, the Department for Communities and Local Government has said.

It is been estimated that an extra 5.3 million new properties could be needed to meet the growth in population, and an extra 2.4 million of the new homes will be needed for migrants alone. This means that one new home needs to be built every five minutes to house Britain’s burgeoning migrant population. 

Integration minister Nicholas Bourne told peers that an 109,000 extra homes will be needed every year by migrants and their families as Britain’s population grows. ‘Net ­migration accounts for an estimated 45 per cent of this growth,’ he said.

The figures were published last week in response to a question by Lord Green of Deddington, the chairman of think tank Migration Watch.  The group claims that as a conservative estimate, 300 homes a day will need to be built each day just to house the new arrivals, the Sunday Express reports.

Addressing the House of Lords, Lord Green said: ‘To put the point slightly more dramatically, that would mean building a new home every five minutes night and day, for new arrivals until such a time as we can get those numbers down. I know there is a strong view in the House that there is a lot to be said for migration. All I am pointing out is that there are also costs.’

However, the estimates are based on projections of popular growth from 2014, which does not take into account Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, which is expected to reduce net migration by ending free movement.

But Migration Watch claims that the most recent projections are lower than actual net migration numbers, meaning housing demand from migrants has been underplayed.

It was also revealed that new immigration controls will have to be phased in after Brexit takes place raising fears it could take years for the number of new arrivals to fall. 


17 responses to “Britain needs one new home every five minutes to house booming migrant population

  1. The term “useful idiots” is no longer adequate to describe the idiocy of the UK.

    The problem is the term “idiot” in IQ parlance already refers to the most stupid — those who have an IQ between 0 and 25. (“Imbeciles” are people with IQs between 26 and 50; “morons” have an IQ between 51 and 70.)

    So what should we call the UK? Islam’s very useful idiots? Useful idiots with a shoe-size IQ?

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  2. Dear Brits, please stop making colonization easier… your way of life might depend on it.

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    • P.S.

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      • Anonymous . . . thank you for that gut wrenching visual. When you look at the path of Islam in that manner, there is very little questioning left to be done. We all know what they want the end result to be.

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      • Dear Anon…this is ALL in the 7th-grade World History Book that I’ve had to teach from in years that this was my assignment : esp in regards to Arabian Peninsula, then, N. Africa, finally, Islamic Spain—“Build a Mosque, and they will come….& so on & so forth, as you described.”

        Dear ignoramous citizens of the 2000’s….please read our 7th grade World History Social Studies texts being used in our schools–the ones that we’ve been STUCK WITH FOR OVER A DECADE B/C we have NO MONEY from the taxed population to replace them—which means…during the span of the OBAMA years…(if you THINK the OBAMA admin econ doesn’t matter—THINK ON THIS!)….-these books are maybe the ONES your own child had to study….maybe even the one that describes and outlines in very simple terms the “pillars” of Islam…AND the definition of SHARIA law as “MY STRUGGLE.” (Remind you even in a minor way of, for instance, Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” —which means LITERLLY, THE SAME as ‘SHARIA” , OR……”My Struggle,” or Lenin’s similar expositions? Among others? ) WAKE UP!

        Meanwhile…I’ve raised my own kids and a foster child very successfully. I’ve fought my way through high education…as did my husband, while raising these kids ….without a generation of our OWN parents behind us who contributed or even CARED…..and now,, that I am in the position of trying to ‘raise” YOUR children…and defend THEIR RIGHTS….THEIR FULL education in history and how it allows them to “fit” into current events…and so on….I’M JUST RUNNING OUT OF STEAM. It was always difficult, but now it is JUST RIDICULOUSLY HIDEOUS. You parents have to STEP UP…and become involved…become educated to what is going on…become advocates for your child beyond the regular “my child is failing/missing homework and it’s all the teacher’s fault!” YOU HAVE TO actually LOOK AT THEIR HISTORY TEXTS, for instance when they are announced in the paper for public view. You have to READ THEM…you have to talk to their teachers……

        IF YOU”D have talked to me about the last Social STudies text adoption in our district (OVER a decade ago…which is sooooo weird…b/c we USUALLY adopt every 6 years…..) I would have TOLD YOU that the publisher, his wife, and many of his editors were MUSLIMS and MUSLIM sympathizers…..I went nearly on my own…just ONE OTHER social studies teacher supported me… our district “CAC” (Curriculum Advisory Counsil) to protest the adoption of this text in 2005….EVEN as the 6th grade text from this publisher was NOT EVEN PUBLISHED at the time b/c it was being protested/boycotted/litigated ……we could NOT even view a 6th grade text while in the middle of this text adoption in our district…..THE ONLY condition I was able to exact of these district people was that, IF the 6th grade text did NOT come into print through it’s litigation problems…..we’d not be obligated to adopt any of their texts. JUST STOP AND THINK ABOUT THIS…my district was ready and willing to spend 2 million bucks on the adoption of a 6-8 grades social stuidies book that a) did not EVEN have a 6th grade text published yet because of legal problems…and b) had so many problems connected to the 7th grade Muslim/Sheria Law teachings…let alone that the 8th grade US History text was and is so full of factual errors that teachers with HISTORY DEGREES must issue “default” warnings….& dig up their OWN teaching references/lesson plans……AND SO ON……AND, BY GOD..this was the pubblisher they chose!!!!!!!

        PARENTS..WHEN there is a note in your paper that your district i s adopting new history/social studies texts..& that they are OPEN TO PUBLIC VIEW (they are requiired to do this) YOU MUST DO YOUR DUE DILAGNECE….& go view//read these texts before they are irrevocably adopted by your districts…….if NOTHING ELSE…then…PLEASE talk to your child’s social studies teacher about it…they MIGHT know something!

        A ND THIS….my dear ones….is why I “ran away to art” ( one of my 4 OTHER degree certifications) when my district adopted a substandard academic history text…..and PRO MUSLIM to boot…..) in 2005…..for the 2006 academic year…..just 4 years after 9/11. And then, due to the Obama economy that followed all this hoopla…..instead of ditching this hideous text when we realized how substandard it was…….(NO ONE IN OUR DISTRICT CAN STAND IT AT THIS POINT)…since we’ve lived in the Obama economy all these last years…we had to skip our USUAL every-6-yr-adoption….and we’ve had to KEEP these hideous & offensive texts since 2005/2006…..and we are NOW in 2016/7, w/no relief in sight…..

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      • Thank you for the eye opener. They have told us they are going to take our country by the thighs of their women. Since we are letting them have four wive and we aren’t producing and the blacks have such a high percentage of abortions. I am thinking they will accomplish this unless our President gets this under control.
        I would love to know how many are here illegally and how many were permitted to jump the line.

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  3. We see human intelligence filled with knowledge of the world overtaken by dark powers, evil rulers and authorities and spirits serving Lucifer; he will fall and bring his followers down with him. Ephraim. 6.

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  4. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Use what sight you have and separate from those who are blind and are marching you to hell.

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  5. Those statistics are enough to take away your breath. How can you possibly maintain an orderly society when you have horrendous waves of people who do not necessarily want to assimilate, and add value to the established British community. Is it little wonder that foreigners want to make it to Great Britain, after all they have all the goodies–rent assistance, medical aid, and no doubt they have some sort of food assistance, similar to the US food stamps. It is interesting that over one million “Brits” signed some petition that petitioned the British government to not allow Trump to have full diplomatic honors when visiting. After seeing these statistics, even if they were based on 2014 data, is it little wonder that one million people (probably a good many among the migrants) who signed this petition. When people are so bloody stupid that they will not stand up to defend their homeland, then there is little hope. Here in America, we have a judge who halted Trump’s attempt to stop the immigration into our country, so we are in the same boat, although perhaps not to the frantic degree that Great Britain is. I wish the native British people only the best.

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  6. Well, London just elected a Muslim mayor, they are done. Soon to follow will be a Muslim parliament, etc.
    Now, they are trying to shame us into taking in more, since,they have screwed up their country. I guess they want company in their misery.
    Soon to follow, France and Germany. Sweden is near gone and have gone into acceptance mode for the abuse and deaths of their women.
    Someone had better wake up and soon.
    So many of us in the US have families in those three countries and we are so sad to see it happen.
    Right now it looks like President Trump is the only one to admit what is happening and calling it for what it is. Invasion and take over for all countries.
    Our precious children deserve better than this.
    But, right now, I have little empathy, we are spending so much on our own repairs.

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    • Glenn47 . . . you have brought up such pertinent points, it is especially true that so many of us have ancestry that came out of Western European countries, and Scandanavia . . . I am left feeling an extreme feeling of gratitude for grandparents, and great-grandparents, etc that left these countries for America. They did the “heavy lifting” back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s . . . today is the day all of us have to step up and save America from the problems that assail us. I rather doubt that any of those who left the “old country” could even conceive of what is going on in those lands today. One of the foremost tools we need to practice as a guard against the current problems that assail us is Prayer. None of us will be able to overcome what lies ahead of us on our own, but united in one spirit, in addition to thoughtful, persistent prayer, and we might just have a chance.

      God Bless America, and God Bless President Trump!

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  7. The once great Britannia is gone.

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  8. I’m sorry for the UK. It’s the “leaders” pushing this refugee insanity. They all need to be hung for treason.

    Likewise, every day of Trump’s Admin is probably going to be total pins & needles & fits & hysterics & lawsuits. It is so disgusting. I just saw this list & wanted to drop it off. These are the BOZO COMPANIES suing Trump re his “immigration PAUSE” (good grief, it was only for 90 days & you’d think these idiots are having a heart attack over it). WORDPRESS’ Automattic is on the list, too. It reads like a list of practically the ENTIRE INTERNET.

    2/6/17: “Here’s the Full List of the 97 Companies Suing POTUS Trump Over Temporary Refugee Ban”:
    1. AdRoll, Inc.
    2. Aeris Communications, Inc.
    3. Airbnb, Inc.
    4. AltSchool, PBC
    5., LLC
    6. Appboy, Inc.
    7. Apple Inc. > > Curse you Apple!
    8. AppNexus Inc.
    9. Asana, Inc.
    10. Atlassian Corp Plc
    11. Autodesk, Inc.
    12. Automattic Inc. > > WordPress!
    13. Box, Inc.
    14. Brightcove Inc.
    15. Brit + Co
    16. CareZone Inc.
    17. Castlight Health
    18. Checkr, Inc.
    19. Chobani, LLC > > Ugh! I do like their Greek Yogurt.
    20. Citrix Systems, Inc.
    21. Cloudera, Inc.
    22. Cloudflare, Inc.
    23. Copia Institute
    24. DocuSign, Inc.
    25. DoorDash, Inc.
    26. Dropbox, Inc.
    27. Dynatrace LLC
    28. eBay Inc.
    29. Engine Advocacy
    30. Etsy Inc.
    31. Facebook, Inc.
    32. Fastly, Inc.
    33. Flipboard, Inc.
    34. Foursquare Labs, Inc.
    35. Fuze, Inc.
    36. General Assembly
    37. GitHub
    38. Glassdoor, Inc.
    39. Google Inc.
    40. GoPro, Inc.
    41. Harmonic Inc.
    42. Hipmunk, Inc.
    43. Indiegogo, Inc.
    44. Intel Corporation
    45. JAND, Inc. d/b/a Warby Parker
    46. Kargo Global, Inc.
    47. Kickstarter, PBC
    48. KIND, LLC
    49. Knotel
    50. Levi Strauss & Co.
    51. LinkedIn Corporation
    52. Lithium Technologies, Inc.
    53. Lyft, Inc.
    54. Mapbox, Inc.
    55. Maplebear Inc. d/b/a Instacart
    56. Marin Software Incorporated
    57. Medallia, Inc.
    58. A Medium Corporation
    59. Meetup, Inc.
    60. Microsoft Corporation
    61. Motivate International Inc.
    62. Mozilla Corporation > > SHAME ON MOZILLA!
    63. Netflix, Inc.
    64. NETGEAR, Inc.
    65. NewsCred, Inc.
    66. Patreon, Inc.
    67. PayPal Holdings, Inc.
    68. Pinterest, Inc.
    69. Quora, Inc.
    70. Reddit, Inc.
    71. Rocket Fuel Inc.
    72. SaaStr Inc.
    73., Inc.
    74. Scopely, Inc.
    75. Shutterstock, Inc.
    76. Snap Inc.
    77. Spokeo, Inc.
    78. Spotify USA Inc.
    79. Square, Inc.
    80. Squarespace, Inc.
    81. Strava, Inc.
    82. Stripe, Inc.
    83. SurveyMonkey Inc.
    84. TaskRabbit, Inc
    85. Tech:NYC
    86. Thumbtack, Inc.
    87. Turn Inc.
    88. Twilio Inc.
    89. Twitter Inc.
    90. Turn Inc.
    91. Uber Technologies, Inc.
    92. Via
    93. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
    94. Workday
    95. Y Combinator Management, LLC
    96. Yelp Inc.
    97. Zynga Inc.

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  9. Why are mostly all these ‘refugees’ all teen and 20-something males? I never see many women and children. Almost like they’re promising these men something…jihad perhaps?
    I’m wondering who the 100 million horsemen are who are defeated by Jesus Christ and his over coming saints.

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