Federal judge who halted Trump’s temporary immigration ban is a proponent of Black Lives Matter

On Friday, U.S. District Court Judge James Robart issued a temporary restraining order on Trump’s Executive Order on the temporary immigration ban. The judge, appointed by George W. Bush, said the state of Washington proved that the local economy and citizens have suffered “irreparable harm” and an injunction should be applied.

This same judge presided over a case of overseeing the reform of the Seattle Police Department due to allegations of excessive force and “biased policing.” According to Wikipedia, Judge Robart presided over a 2012 consent decree requiring the Seattle Police Department to address federal allegations of police bias. During the hearing, he declared “black lives matter.” See the video below.

The judge ultimately sided against the Seattle Police Department. According to the Seattle Times, Robart ended the hearing with deeply personal remarks, in which he noted a statistic that showed, nationally, 41 percent of the shootings by police were of blacks, when they represented 20 percent of the population.

“Black lives matter,” he said, drawing a startled, audible reaction in a courtroom listening to the words coming from a federal judge sitting on the bench. Read all about the Seattle Police Department case at the Seattle Times here.

Appears the good judge is nothing more than an activist judge. Just what the libtards needed to stick it to Trump.


21 responses to “Federal judge who halted Trump’s temporary immigration ban is a proponent of Black Lives Matter

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  2. Good find, DCG!
    I predict President Trump will redouble on immigration/refugee ban when he returns to the White House tomorrow. This issue will tie up the courts for some time to come with judges issuing orders to stay the ban and the Trump Administration countering the orders.

    Meanwhile, as the Left and their judges are kept busy frantically dealing with the “red meat” baits Trump threw them, our indefatigable President continues his Executive Order blitzkrieg, undoing the 8 cursed years of Obama. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

    There is an unconfirmed rumor that in the next few days, new Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the FBI will go about making arrests in Pizzagate. Our prayers are needed more than ever.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . I am just abut ready to leave for church, and reading your response above has gladdened my heart. Indeed, we have been richly blessed . . . and I whole heartedly agree . . . . PRAY, PRAY and PRAY some more that the Heaven’s will Bless our Land, Bless our People, and Bless our President–Donald J Trump!

      (It is interesting, although Trump is older than some Presidents–the man is just like the “Eveready Bunny” . . . . he just keeps going, going, going . . . .)

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    • I pray that all that is true. There was a story today, saying that Clinton benefited more from “fake news” than did Trump, during the campaign. Among stories classified as “fake news” was the one about Clinton and pedophilia and the one that reported that Huma Abedin is a radical Muslim. Fake news about fake news!

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  3. So the judge uses false statistics in his decisions? It is not that 41% of people shot by police are black. It’s that there was one year (iirc, 2015) when 41% of UNARMED people shot by police were black. So the question is: How many unarmed people altogether were shot by police in that one year? Certainly very few.

    While blacks are disproportionately shot by police, based upon their percentage of the population, it’s also true that blacks are disproportionately involved in crimes, based upon their percentage of the population.

    More whites than blacks are shot by police. It’s wholly inappropriate for a judge to use a political slogan in a ruling, imo.

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  4. ” 41 percent of the shootings by police were of blacks, when they represented 20 percent of the population.”
    I’ve seen that sort of “statistics” used before,and they’re totally irrelevant;all they prove is that there are more Blacks committing crimes than Whites and others. Actually kinda proves OUR point,doesn’t it?

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  5. This wacko judge also spends his off hours doing pro bono work for immigrants. He should have recused himself.
    I would also like to see proof of the damage done.

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  6. The judge needs to go back to law school. Not sure but I think the McCarran-Walter Act Of 1952 is still in effect. It gives the President the power to do exactly what he did. Jimmy Carter used it to block Iranians from entering the U.S. and throw out thousands of Iranians that had overstayed their visas after Iranian “students” took over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.

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  7. This clown in a black robe should be impeached. Microsoft, Google and Amazon are among those who funded this suit, because their cheap labor H1B visas are impacted. Robart is an emotional wreck, who should not be ruling on law.

    The DC Circuit was clear on the non-applicability of “irreparable harm” cited by Judge Robart :
    “First, the injury must be both certain and great; it must be actual and not theoretical. Injunctive relief ‘will not be granted against something merely feared as liable to occur at some indefinite time.’ It is also well settled that economic loss does not, in and of itself, constitute irreparable harm. . . . Implicit in each of these principles is the further requirement that the movant substantiate the claim that irreparable injury is ‘likely’ to occur. Bare allegations of what is likely to occur are of no value since the court must decide whether the harm will in fact occur. The movant must provide proof that the harm has occurred in the past and is likely to occur again, or proof indicating that the harm is certain to occur in the near future.”

    The entire 9th Circuit is a cancer on our legal system, and should be defunded ASAP.

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  8. The regulation of immigration–legal or illegal–is the perrogitive of the law-making branch of our government–the Congress—as PRESENTLY WRITTEN….& not the Supreme Court in the absence of any case brought before it in this interest …& NOT the mobs out on the street…& that the ENFORCEMENT of the law-making branch of our government is the job of the EXECUTIVE—the POTUS..to which he/she takes and OATH OF OFFICE…& this is his/her JOB…and NOT the job of anyone else…HE/SHE does NOT enjoy the pleasure of picking and choosing WHICH laws he/she will enforce….as did OBAMA for the last 8 years. Please tell me if I am reading the Constitution of the USA & NOT–for some stupid reason … comprehending what I’m reading… ? And, just FYI….not to brag…but I helped write a “Teaching American History Grant” worth 3-million dollars for a 3-yr period..& it took me & 25 others, among other major local studies …TO THE ROOM in which Madison wrote the Contitution in his Orange Co VA HOME….to STUDY historically & in the PRESENT…the Constitution as our founding document….& why it is STILL so ALIVE & vital today for our needs…& WHY–if we abandon its intent…we are back to square ONE of over 200 + years ago…..MAYBE this made an impression on those 25 people who took it back to classrooms &, they gave it to their 200 students per year in the last 5 years hence. So, since this teacher training….25,000 students have passed through our collective classrooms. Pretty much could have influenced SOME OF THEM. We can ONLY HOPE.

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  9. You all can crrect me if I’m wrong in this, as I’m in Canada and must rely on 2nd & 3rd hand reportage, but from what I’ve read from the US Internet sites that follow this, I believe that D Trump is ONLY re-emphasing the rulings laid down years ago, many of them from the Obamination, but some from as far back as Carter.

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    • You are correct Joseph, all the way back to 52, then Carter used it in 79 and in 95 Bill Clinton addressed the same issues in his SOTU address and not a word from anyone. Then of course BO did the same thing in 2011. And not a word. This is all about discrediting President Trump, the one person actually working hard to save this country.


  10. I find it ironic that the Democrats consider HIGHLY illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL some of the things OUR President is doing,many of which Democratic Presidents and Obama did in exactly the same ways with the Democrats’ BLESSINGS. That’s PROOF that they think there is a separate set of rules and laws WE have to live by than what THEY live by.

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  11. Left/libtards feel recusing one’s self due to conflict of interest is “racist” or something…

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  12. Judge James Robart looks like a job for a mental health professional!


  13. Judge Robart Was, and Is, Wrong About U.S. Refugee Arrests From Countries Within Trump Visa Ban…


    And here’s a list of tech companies (and a few others) that signed the amicus brief opposing President Trump’s executive order on immigration…



  14. This judge grossly overstepped his authority, as presidents alone have the authority to restrict who is coming into this country pretty much anytime they feel like it.

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  15. James Robart, the Seattle federal judge who recently blocked the travel ban of President Trump has interesting past affiliations


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  16. EXPOSED: George Soros OWNS Attorney General Blocking Trump’s ‘Muslim’ Ban



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