Designer of HPV Gardasil vaccine says it’s neither safe nor effective

Dr. Diane Harper, professor and chair of the Department of Family and Geriatric Medicine at the University of Louisville, specializes in human papillomavirus (HPV) and the diseases associated with it. As principal investigator of the clinical trials of Gardasil and Cervarix, vaccines against HPV, Dr. Harper was instrumental in getting Gardasil approved.

So it should give parents pause that, beginning in 2009, Dr. Harper has questioned both the safety and effectiveness of Gardasil. In stating her misgivings, Dr. Harper has appeared at the International Public Conference on Vaccination, a conference held by the the anti-vaccine group National Vaccine Information Center, and in an anti-vaccine film, The Greater Good:

  • Citing research, Harper states Gardasil has been associated with at least as many serious adverse events as there are deaths from cervical cancer each year, and that the risks of vaccination are underreported.
  • Nor is Gardasil effective in preventing HPV infection because the infection can take decades to develop, as explained below. Getting routine pap smears is more effective in early detection and thus, treatment of cervical cancer.

As Dr. Harper explains in the video clip above, of all the women who get an HPV infection:

  • Approximately 70% of them will clear that infection all by themselves in the first year, without the HPV infection being detected or treated.
  • 90% of the women will clear the infection within two years.
  • By three years, only 10% of the original group of women will still have an HPV infection, half of whom (i.e., 5% of the original group of infected women) will have progressed into a pre-cancerous lesion.
  • Among this small group of women who have developed a pre-cancerous lesion, it’ll take 5 years for the lesion in about 20% of these women (i.e., 1% of the original group of infected women) to become cancerous.
  • Among this very small group (1%) of women whose lesion has become cancerous, it takes 5 years for 20% of this group (i.e., 0.2% of all women infected with HPV) for the cancerous lesions to develop into invasive carcinomas, and as long as 30 years for 40% of the women with cancerous lesions (i.e., 0.4% of all women with HPV infection) to develop into invasive carcinomas.

In other words, in the very small number of women (0.6%) infected with the HPV virus whose lesions became cancerous, it takes 5 to 30 years for the infection to develop into invasive carcinomas. But whatever data there is on Gardasil shows that its effectiveness lasts only 5 years.

The above statistics prompted Dr. Harper, in a 2011 NPR interview, to argue against mandatory HPV vaccines for girls because, in her words, “95% of women who are infected with HPV never, ever get cervical cancer” because their immune systems are effective in killing the virus.

That is also why, as reported by Sharyl Attkisson for CBS in August 2009, Dr. Harper questioned the CDC’s recommendation that the series of HPV vaccine shots be given to girls as young as 11-years old. Harper said:

“If we vaccinate 11 year olds and the protection doesn’t last… we’ve put them at harm from side effects, small but real, for no benefit. The benefit to public health is nothing, there is no reduction in cervical cancers, they are just postponed, unless the protection lasts for at least 15 years, and over 70% of all sexually active females of all ages are vaccinated.”

Why Dr. Harper waited AFTER Gardasil had been approved by the FDA to come clean about the vaccine’s risks and ineffectiveness is a mystery.

Lastly, here’s another good thing that President Trump has done — he’s asked Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to chair a presidential commission on vaccine safety. Both Trump and Kennedy have questioned whether vaccines cause autism and, not surprisingly, are mocked by the MSM.

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36 responses to “Designer of HPV Gardasil vaccine says it’s neither safe nor effective

  1. I’ve never been a proponent of this vaccine. Hopefully Kennedy will heed Dr. Harper’s warning.

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  2. I am most grateful to Dr Eowyn for posting this most important article. For some years now, although I never had children, I found the fact that parent’s would render up their very young daughters to be vaccinated, all in the hopes that if the girls began to act in a promiscuous manner–they would be kept safe from contracting HPV. I just felt that this was not appropriate. If anything. teach both your sons and daughters to abstain from casual sexual activity until they are married. If we follow God’s law, we do not have to depend of man’s inventions to supposedly keep us safe from the consequences of our personal actions. I have several young great nieces who are in the age range where they may well have been vaccinated . . . frankly, I am afraid to ask, because I will be left bereft if the answer comes back that they were indeed vaccinated. I am glad that this doctor has now come clean with the full report on the safety of HVP vaccines.

    Had a doctor’s appointment just this last week; the nurse asked me if I wanted a flu vaccine, to which I answered “No.” Then when the doctor came in she noticed that I had not had a flu shot, and she asked if I wanted one. Big Pharma is making out like a bandit over all these vaccines they can get doctor’s to push on patients . My answer is “N-O,” and if I am taken home sooner, rather than later . . . well, then, so be it! I still think that these vaccines are more of a money maker for Big Pharma, than they are a help to real people in their lives.

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    • Amen, Auntie!
      kudos to you for saying “No” to their toxins.
      Parents today live by fear and industry/govt propaganda…that’s how these industries get to poison the kids…we are going to have generations of kids with health and reproductive problems but the parents will feel that they have “protected” their children.
      As you so eloquently said, “If we follow God’s law, we do not have to depend of man’s inventions to supposedly keep us safe from the consequences of our personal actions.” So true…unfortunately, we are being taught to ignore God’s law and live by our own devices. And we know the consequences of such behaviors have fruited into today’s problems.

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    • Auntie, you’ve answered for me so well it’s redundant for me to write my thoughts, same as yours.

      What I did w/Eo’s email on this was to IMMEDIATELY forward it to my oldest daughter, Lela, who has my only 3 grandchildren, and two of them are girls, 6 & 8.

      And I’ll say this: the younger girl, Cassie, w/a twin brother, is an extremely fit animal spirit, and every girl I’ve known like her had an overly active sex life [IMO, of course] starting at 13, which I feel is absurd.

      However, parents MUST be ‘realistic’ I suppose in our era of declining voluntary virginity. I was a virgin until nearly 20 and felt I would marry her, but she was 32 w/3 kids and after a year decided to get an older male who could support her & the children ‘better’. So be it: at least I know I’m not an ‘ageist’ I think it’s termed now.

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      • This may interest you and your family joseph:

        Dr. John Bergman speaking on vaccines

        This is Robert Kennedy Jr.’s organization.

        This last website is Dr. Gentempo and other doctors.

        Gentempo recently released a 9 part documentary titled, “Vaccines Revealed”. It was shown online (for free) last month, but is now only available only by purchasing it.

        The interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. was exceptional.

        Dr. Brian Hooker was also interviewed extensively during Vaccines Revealed. Hooker’s son has autism.
        About Dr. Hooker, from Wiki: “Brian S. Hooker, PhD, PE, is a former bioengineer and the team leader for the High Throughput Biology Team and Operations Manager of the DOE Genomics: Genomes to Life (GTL) Center for Molecular and Cellular Systems at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Hooker also is credited as a co-inventor for five patents. He now works as an associate professor at Simpson University.”

        Hooker was contacted by Dr. William Thompson, who was a whistleblower who had worked at the CDC. The files that Thompson leaked showed conclusively that the CDC (as well as Thompson) had covered up the direct link between the MMR vaccine and autism by falsifying and/or omitting the numbers that showed the causality. The study had been done in 2004 and they buried it—which means thousand upon thousand more children were damaged in the ensuing years and to this day!!!

        The documents leaked from Thompson to Hooker are available here:

        Lastly, another of the doctors interviewed (a woman whose name I don’t remember) was a doctor who directly worked on Gardasil on behalf of the CDC if memory serves. Watching her mental gymnastics and doublespeak was infuriating. She was saying that Gardasil doesn’t work and it has the potential to kill and/or permanently disable young people, but, at the same time, was saying it was a decision between patient and doctor.


    • Excellent comments. I agree fully. So many young women’s lives are forever damaged or destroyed by the HVP vaccine. Several deaths as well as paralysis has occurred and been down played and down right hidden from the public. Many of those surviving will never be the same.
      Sadly, big pharma owns our government with massive payouts. It is no hidden secret. The outrageous amounts they charge for these vaccines when they bill the insurance companies makes it hard on everyone. We all suffer needless higher rates. Big pharma has the power and money to make demands on releasing info.
      Just listen to the hundreds of medical commercials and all the warnings given at the end. That should send up a big flag to every human on earth.
      If they have that much money for so many commercials, they could lower the cost.
      Then we have no idea on what we are getting exactly. Did they use modified live virus or not. With flu vaccines. They have no idea what strain is going to be rampant is the coming year. It is a hit or miss and many in the medicinal fields say they are a s little as 5% successful.
      My last flu vaccine left me with horrible side effect for 5 months. And yet I still feel I am being strong armed when refusing another one. The doctors make a killing as well.
      I do think those that feel there is a connection between vaccines and autism are on to something. When I was a child and there were fewer vaccines, we never saw a child with autism.

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      • The MMR is particularly devastating, the measles virus is grown on glyphosate contaminated gelatin and this causes a very bad reaction in many children. Dr. Stephanie Seneff has a great article on this in Wise Traditions, Winter, 2016.


  3. because a small percentage of the population develops a “problem”, everyone should be treated for the “problem”…that is the same mindset for this country forcing people to “accept” the perverted lifestyles of the trannies and homosexuals. I say “NO” to all of the above.
    and yet these idiots who legislate our lives and health are mandating this crap for our babies and children.
    so many young girls (and boys) have had their health and lives ruined by this particular vaccine (really all vaccines cause some level of damage).
    It should be criminal what the pharmaceutical industry (largest lobby group in US) is doing to people.

    What about people who’ve been vaccinated with these poisons and donate blood? The recipient of the blood receives their own form of HPV “vaccination”.
    People who’ve been “vaccinated” against HPV should not be allowed to donate blood. Of course, big pharma won’t tell anyone to screen for gardasil/cervarix shots….
    “Blood donations from people vaccinated against HPV may be harmful to recipients”

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    • MomOfIV . . . Wow! I had not thought of the “blood transfusion” aspect of this HPV vaccination before reading your contribution. This is pertinent to the use of all vaccinations, and this really does pose a problem to our society. I also remember a time when autism was not seek amongst school children, or children in our community. It is definitely a blight which has come upon our society in more recent years. I hope that more emphasis will be put on research and bringing this problem to the attention of our leaders, and our doctors.

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  4. I am shocked, shocked I tell you.


    Vaccinations are not the answer.

    I can remember when my kids were in school and the system kept insisting that I vaccinate them against diseases which were no longer prevalent in this country.

    They insisted that my children were danger to the others. I found this fascinating. They felt my children were dangerous to their children who were fully vaccinated.

    If their children are fully protected, vaccinated, then they must not have trusted their vaccinations. How could my children be a danger when your children are fully protected?

    if you study vaccinations carefully you will find a very interesting correlation between the increase and sanitation standards and the diminishment of disease. You cannot find the same correlation with vaccinations and the diminishment of diseases if you truly do your research.

    I would suggest you look into the Bill Gates Foundation, polio vaccines, and thousands of children contracting polio in India.

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    • I very much like all your points, but best of all was to reveal the actions of the murderous Duo of Duplicity & Deceit. Truly what we should expect from these world class creeps, along w/their pals George Sorrows [sic] and Bill ‘Grim Reaper’ Gates.

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      • joseph . . . It is a heinous thought that those who achieve the pinnacles of amassing vast amounts of money, somehow begin to believe that they and they alone are responsible for “making the decisions” as to providing food and medicine for the poor and indigent of the world. We see that “their caring and loving ministrations” maim and kill untold humans. I am grateful that I am not amongst the truly wealthy of the world, thus I will never be among those who will be called to answer for this needless slaughter among Heavenly Father’s children in foreign lands.

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    • Excellent points. Our youngest daughter had all her vaccinations and when we moved to a new school they demanded she be given four of one that previous schools and Drs. Had deemed three were enough.
      I took her to the family doctor to get his opinion. He said it was not needed and in fact, they had proof that too many was causing premature arthritis in younger people. He then wrote a letter to the school where he said it was unnecessary and to basically back off.

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      • Glenn47 . . . thank goodness you had an ethical physician who was on your side. It is altogether to easy for school systems to demand things which will not damage them if things go badly.

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      • We have home schooled since the vaccination argument. Now, the public YMCA and other organizations are demanding proof of vaccination. The lie will not die, they will continue to push their agenda.

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    • “If their children are fully protected, vaccinated, then they must not have trusted their vaccinations. How could my children be a danger when your children are fully protected?”

      Brilliant point! Unassailable logic. And yet that’s the flawed reasoning used to coerce and mandate vaccination of all children, as in California.

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  5. Like many other vaccines touted by the gumment to be important and necessary I question their honesty. More social engineering if you ask me. Maybe even some nefarious binary type substance just waiting for the second half of the components to be distributed. Maybe the liberals have already gotten the second half. Well, gotta go. Need to adjust my tin hat.

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  6. I got ONE Flu shot,and found it most effective-I got the worst Flu EVER shortly after the shot. Never again!!!!

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  8. Remember last summer when there were at least 14 or more holistic doctors who very strangely died or disappeared? Most of them were doing research on the connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. Some of the doctors were sharing their research with other doctors doing similar research. They found a substance in the vaccines that reduces one’s immune system and could cause one to develop cancer years later. Some of them were also speaking out against other vaccines, including the flu shot, as mercury and other carcinogenic substances are being put in them. Just say NO!!

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    • Greenworxx, thank you for this post. I do remember all the Doctors dying and disappearing and never saw a follow up. I smell a massive cover up.
      Actually the vaccine I was talking about in the above post was the MMR. The mumps part of it they have connected to children and warts also.
      After having my horrible reaction to my last flu shot, I knew something was amiss. My husband, who is healthy as a horse and with the most amazing immune system, after our injection, within minutes we both had a headache that was the granddaddy of headaches. Both of our harms became numb and mine lasted a week. Then suddenly I had the weirdest sweats, I would be sitting there and you could see the sweat break out at the top of my head and work its way down the length of my body within a few minutes. Then it would quickly dry up and start over, several times an hour for 24/7 for 5 months solid. No break in it. We had to change the sheets and my clothes repeatedly. Then after five months it suddenly stopped cold turkey.
      Afterwards. I had an allergist do a hair anyalsis and they found among other things, Mercury. I did a 30 day heavy metal detox and started taking natural cleansers and have ever since.
      That was the year, they told us they put something extra in the injection since they didn’t have a clue what to use or what kind of flu it would be. It is all a crap shoot.

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      • Hey Glenn47, you give the medical-industrial-pharmaceutical complex much too much credit. It’s not a crap shoot. They know precisely what they’re doing and it isn’t curing a damn thing. Vaccines are one of the ways they are changing our genetic make-up. Read “The Sanctity of Human Blood” for starters. There’s plenty of info out there. One just has to seek it out.

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    • Vaccine Pioneer Dr. Maurice Hilleman.

      Make sure you are sitting down. The rabbit hole is very deep.

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  9. This topic is close to my heart. When my daughter was 14, the pedatrician, (who vaccinated her with chicken pox vaccine behind my back, when I said NO) tried to vaccinate her with gardicial, again I said NO, and actually grabbed my kid and left, thank God. 4 of her friends have been destroyed by this vaccine and 2, close to death. I told both kids, if they go to hosp. for anything, LIE and tell the staff they already had gardicial and the flu vaccine. Lieing is not my gig, but.their life is at stake. I will go to the dark web and get fake vaccine registries, if it comes to that.

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    • I am so sorry to hear this and thank God your daughter was ok I know there was so much concern with all these injections and giving so many at once to little babies just a few months old scared me to death. Our daughter made the doctor space her children’s out.
      I know of people that had their Drs. Sign paperwork like we did and others got a religious exemption.
      If we don’t stand up for our children, who will. There is too much money being made out there to expect much from the drug companies or many Drs.

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  10. Doctors used to mock the guy that told them to wash their hands.

    They never change.

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  11. Every year my mom(78) and dad (80) take their flu shot like a religious sacrament. Every year they get the flu.

    They are now getting over this year’s bout and I heard mom say, “thank goodness, if we didn’t get the shot, it could kill us.”

    I don’t have the heart to discuss it with them any more.

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    • I feel your pain. When my mother had a Guillian-Barre’ reaction to her last flu shot I had to take her into my home. She could no longer handle taking care of herself. I’ll never forgive the medical-industrial complex for what they did to her, nor can I forgive myself for allowing another family member (less aware than I) to have taken her to the doctor on that fateful day.

      After 3 years she had another problem which the hospital wouldn’t touch. Those on Medicare only (no supplemental insurance) are most at risk. They refused to operate because the operation might kill her. But they condemned her to death because they wouldn’t operate. There was no convincing them to try the operation. “Palliative” “care” was what she got. She was put down like an animal.

      Don’t give up. Let them hear some of the interviews from other doctors who are telling the truth. Don’t give up.

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  12. Haven’t ever gotten a flu shot. Can’t remember the last time I had the flu. Guess I’m being protected by my tin hat. (sarc)

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  13. MERCK insert for Gardasil—all 28 pages worth.

    Please note:
    paragraphs #11 (Description a.k.a. ingredients),
    paragraph #12 (clinical pharmacology) and
    paragraph #13 (non clinical toxicology)

    Why would any thinking individual permit themselves to be convinced to allow this into their bloodstream, or the bloodstream of their child?

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  15. Like everything else, the medical profession is ethically challenged. Big pharma has always been unethical..The FDA and CDC are, on the whole, complicit in the use and approval of money-making experimental treatments and drugs. Scientists, as we speak, are gleefully experimenting with hybrid human/animal organisms.

    Never believe that these Agencies and their PPP subsidiaries are working in the best interests of today’s humanity. I’m with just about everyone who has posted, my prayers to any and all whose health has suffered.

    Very thankful to Dr. E. for highlighting the issue of vaccinations, and to President Trump for shining a spotlight on the CDC/FDA and vaccines in general. In the meantime, buckle-up and beware. The dirt will hit the fan in the not too distant future.

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  16. Very grateful to have 4 happy, healthy unvaccinated children. My 7 year old knows why we don’t vaccinate and what to do if anyone pressures her to get one.

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  17. Govt. Still Pushing HPV Vaccine on Kids a Decade after JW Exposed Deadly Side Effects


  18. new gardasil documentary….needs more views:
    “Manufactured Crisis – HPV, Hype & Horror”

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