Trump Derangement Syndrome


H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV


20 responses to “Trump Derangement Syndrome

  1. I guess these folks haven’t looked at the pictures of themselves. Maybe they should show them to their families. If they haven’t already been disowned.
    The whiteboard bimbo and the Judge’?’ need to visit Guantanimo too.

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  2. Feminism was created so ugly girls could get dates. Now, the women in these pictures shouldn’t be concerned about obtaining abortions, they will die as virginal spinsters with 30 cats in their house and a closet full of confiscated footballs.


  3. People don’t understand how much trouble we’re in. They really don’t. I hope Trump does something to stop this: It’s interfering with society’s normal functioning.
    THE ROOT: The communist agitators are on the march, funded by George Soros. We’ve got to stop it now.

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    • Steve, you are absolutely correct. We are in deep Kim Chee.
      Do any of these females actually think they have a chance with a man?
      I agree Soros needs to be stopped. He hates this country and has done everything possible to destroy it. It is all a game with him to destroy countries. Several would like to see him strung up. He calls himself a God.
      Sadly he has a son in training.
      He should be arrested for paying for and inciting riots. He should have his money frozen all over the world, his citizenship recinded and sent to a country that would like to put him in jail.
      And he should be made to pay his billions in back taxes.

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      • Glenn47 . . . I agree with you totally and completely . . . George Soros is the current devil who needs to be stopped. I just hope that the powers that be realize that and do something about it.

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    • Again and again….I ask…how old is Soros? No one lives forever. He’s going to die…sooner than later by the looks of him….just like EVERY leftist agitator who has ever tortured the Earth’s freedom-loving peoples….. Does anyone know what sort of “trust” or whatever he’s set up to continue beyond his death his rabble-rousing anarchy designed to bring the USA to the left of Greece?

      I don’t know if Trump can “stop” Soros….but, DEATH and TAXES might.


      • From what I read about his involvement and dealings with the Jewish people during WWII, I say we ship him to Israel and let them deal with him. Bet they would love to have him on Israeli soil!


  4. Kevin J Lankford

    The lady in the blind-fold with the “rape me” sign will get what she wants if the fool unrestricted immigration supporters have their way. No doubt there are many already here who will oblige her given the chance.

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  5. Lesbians of the world unite!

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  6. This group of Feminazis WISH a man would grab them!

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  8. I suppose President Clinton would–if he’s still able.

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  9. These females do not speak for me. It’s sad that they act so crassly, especially the older women. Unfortunately their photos will be broadcast around the world, consigning all U.S. women to be labeled as tasteless trash in the minds of other nations. “The Ugly American”, so true…

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  10. They’ve lost their minds…oh sorry, they never had brains, so they couldn’t lose them. What a bunch of slutty, lewd, crude, vulgar, low class filthy women.

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  11. since obama’s election in 2008 evil has been emboldened to step out of the shadows and in to the forefront of our society.
    The effects of evil can be seen with ‘feminists’ and their new-found, anti-Trump “pssy” mantra and vulgar displays of female genitalia that they universally call “pssy”. These self-righteous, immodest, self-loathing and self-hating, indignant, ignorant, egotistical, misogynistic, misandric, useful idiots for satan (aka ‘feminists’) have denied their own God-given moral compasses and God’s graces in exchange for being part of the PC crowd, i.e. satanism. How “strong” are these so-called ‘feminists’ when they can only express their false rage because evil wants to oust a sitting president?
    Where were these hypocrites when obama pushed homosexuals and trannies and transvestites over women and children’s safety? Where were these morons when obama allowed muslims into our country who turn around and rape our women and children? Where was their self-righteous “anger” when a sitting president had an impressionable young girl in the oval office performing fellatio on him?
    No one has true strength when they are guided by evil; which is why they are mis-guided and weak.
    I see them all as ‘lambs to the slaughter’ and when the blind leads the blind, they all fall down…into hell.

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    • I was going to “sign off” & then, I re-read your post, Mom of IV—& could not until I spoke openly abt a thought that rolled over me & snatched my breath away: Not only have the last 8 years targeted Christians/ conservatives/ likely sympathizers…BUT…the “femininists” & the government have also demonized women—those of us w/full complement of “XX” chromosomes, & whom treasure our reproductive capabilities & parts, as well as a God-given gender ….AND, the children that MIGHT result fr this bounty given to ONLY WOMEN. We have not only been marginalized…BUT…have been “replaced” in the eyes of the law & maybe even in cases of health care system and the penal system (sex changes et al….). We have a back seat.

      Instead—our body parts are mocked, set forth atop the heads of some shameless, LAME, Hollywood millioinares who have NEVER EVER walked in our shoes & NEVER EVER will….who probably haven’t seen a Bible in 40 or 50 yrs (esp, the aged Madonna, for instance) &, if they have, consider it a mere “old story”….They consider their uterus only as something to be MANAGED by either the idividual…OR the government… many times financed by the government…paid for by ALL THE PEOPLE, including the unwilling…..the people who consider the “fruits of the womb” to be sacred & of GOD……AND….defend their rights to rip life out of the womb…mostly due to “convenience.” They even do NOT turn a head to the late term abortions (supported to the nth degree by OBAMA in his political career) even when it means literally KILLING a child by cutting it up into pieces to get it out of the womb…b/c it was, functionally, a viable human being and NOT just a zygote or “blob” of cells. The time has come that science and LAW catch up to each other……NO MORE LATE TERM ABORTIONS….TIME for science to step UP & publish/inform their public about the true viablility of LIFE on Earth , which is ONLY through the womb of a WOMAN… matter what else you believe or practice sexually or how you manage your eggs or sperm….there is ONLY ONE WAY that the next generation of life comes to Earth….and you can kick and scream all the way to the Supreme Court, and NOT change this biological REALISM.


  12. MomOfIV . . . Amen and Amen. I pray for better days for our country.

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    • As do I Auntie…as do I…prayers for POTUS Trump to continue leading our country away from evil and in the direction of God’s light…
      “But you, O man of God, flee from these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance, and gentleness. Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made the good confession before many witnesses.” 1Timothy 6:11-12

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  13. LOL – Cures for male sexual addiction, they are.

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  14. It causes great revulsion to see in particular, the crazy woman with the tee shirt that says “Don’t grab my pussy.” Then we have the two looney tunes, one with the “Don’t touch my vagina” and the other nincompoop wearing, what I suppose is a representation of a uterus. Did anyone report a some old ding bats missing from the asylum? I truly do not understand how, or why any reasonably intelligent older woman would comport themselves in a manner such as this. I personally could not do that, regardless of any sum of money which might be offered as inducement! It’s just creepy. Can you just imagine what Extraterrestrial beings would think if they came upon weirdos such as this???????


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