Finally an UPPERCASE President!

This post will not be a brilliantly researched article like we see from Dr. Eowyn and DCG. It will be more like a glorified Tweet. So here we go…

I'm President Lucifer, and I did NOT approve this message

#out with white house occupant, 
president obama


#in with White House occupant, President Trump

~ TD

10 responses to “Finally an UPPERCASE President!

  1. Finally a POTUS whom I’ll actually refer to with his title! It has been a pleasure to type “President” Trump when I write my posts. 😀

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  4. That picture of Obama is perfect! Makes him look like his true self: Satan!

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  5. Cool! thank you!

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  6. I had to look for my shift key to type the word President. Hadn’t used it in 8 years!

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  7. “It will be more like a glorified Tweet.”

    LOL – Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that. 😉

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