Bruce Springsteen is “embarrassed” to be an American


Good grief, what a drama queen. When Obama was president for eight years I, nor anyone I know, was ever embarrassed to be an American. It’s going to be a LOOOOOONG four years for the libtards.

From Fox News: Bruce Springsteen, a once proud American with his song “Born in the USA” said at a concert in Australia he’s embarrassed to be an American.

The 67-year-old addressed the crowd as “embarrassed Americans” referring to President Trump in the White House in a newly-surfaced clip from his show in Melbourne Monday night. He sang a cover of “Don’t Hang Up” mocking Trump’s phone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

He said, “We stand before you embarrassed Americans. This is a song from 1965 by The Orlons and we’re going to use it to send a letter back home.”

Springsteen also announced his band is a part of the resistance against the Trump administration.

This isn’t the first time the singer has taken aim at Trump. During a wide-ranging interview on Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast in January, Springsteen said he doubts Trump “is simply competent enough” to be president.

“It’s simply the fear of, ‘Is someone simply competent enough to do this particular job?'” Springsteen told Maron. “Forget about where they are ideologically. (Yeah, riiiiiiiight.) Do they simply have the pure competence to be put in a position of such responsibility?”

Springsteen said he planned to do his best to play a “very, very small part” in trying to ensure America maintains its ideals. He also added that there were “plenty of good, solid folks that voted for Donald Trump” and the outcome of the election is that Americans can now see that there are millions of people in the United States who think differently than they do.


39 responses to “Bruce Springsteen is “embarrassed” to be an American

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  2. Actually, Bruce Springsteen, I have long been embarrassed that you are an American. Thankfully, I was never a fan, don’t own any of your music, and so won’t need to boycott you.

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    • Exactly. When I spent that much money to hear music, that is what I want to hear. Not some pathetic political country hating attack on my country.
      Just sing monkey sing.

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  3. I was/am embarrassed that obama was considered an American. That’s why I voted for Trump.

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    I am a musician, and I am EMBARRASSED over the LEFTIST COMMUNIST PATHETIC IDIOTS IN MUSIC like Springstein, James Taylor etc. who are SELLING THEIR SOULS to CHILD PEDOPHILES like the CLINTONS/OBAMAS and leading their fans over the BRINK-Make some good music? Sure-are you political USEFUL IDIOTS for the NWO ELITES, DESTROYING THE PEOPLE? YES!

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  5. It’s hard to boycott this hack since I have never purchased even one if his products.

    Bruce, you have enough money. Shut your mouth and leave.

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    • Maryaha . . . such truthful words! You are so right. . . fame and unfortunately good looks have passed Mr Springsteen by. Hopefully, he still have the brains to realize just that. Good grief, buddy, you are nearly 70, it’s high time you put away the tight leather pants, and tee shorts with rolled up cuffs . . . unfortunately, just as the rest of us old folks have come to realize, our bodies are not what they used to be back in the 70’s and 80’s . . . please, before you embarrass yourself anymore–get a full length mirror and check for yourself. Grow up and act like a big boy. You’ve made your money, now shut up, retire to some lovely beach and stop all the caterwauling (both musically and politically!)

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      • As far as Australia is concerned . . . why is it that they cannot take care of the 1,250 Muslim malcontents that washed up on their shores? Why should this be the problem of each and every American? Get a clue, there is a new Sheriff in town . . . and his name is not Barry Soeto.

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    When the dixie chicks pulled their fiasco they were proven right, though their motives and their heart may not have been in the right place. Researching the bush family, in true depth, will reveal they are not true Americans and their loyalties are tainted. But bruce, well, he IS just plain stupid.

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  8. The people old enough to dig Bruce Springsteen should be mature enough to know better……..oh wait, he’s in Australia. They’re at least 20 years behind.
    They began as a penal colony where they sent lepers and sociopaths, right?
    Word association test: Australia
    Outback Steakhouse blooming onion
    Crocodile Dundee
    Now there’s a cultural heritage you can believe in, isn’t it?

    Same with the retards in Europe, they’re busy wearing love beads and chanting drug induced mantras left over from the 60’s while the Muslims are banishing them from their own countries and raping anything that will hold still long enough for a poke.
    EU is Anti-American.
    Springsteen made his name as the anti-christ of NYC, a loser from an state famous for its amusement park, turnpike and mafia burial grounds.
    You knew it was Joisy when you got off the Veryzanonarrowsbridge and gagged on the polution.
    BTW screw you Bruce and all your fans whose highest aspirations were a joint, a beer, and a job in a stockroom counting widgets.

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  9. Let the old has been stay in some country he likes. He is an embarassment to all patriotic Americans. I have never been a fan and he has always been anti American.

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  10. Maybe Bruce should consider moving to IsraeI.
    I could contribute $5 towards his airfare,.’IF’,.. he would promise never, never to come back,..

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  11. Hey Brucie you moron! No one gives a damn about your childish political antics so shut up and sing or whatever they call it.

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  12. My wife DID like Bruce Springsten. If he’s soooooo embarrassed to be an American maybe he should STAY in Australia. When I tell her how embarrassed he is to be an American, I will be willing to bet she never buys any more of his music. She will probably throw away all the recording she has by him now!

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  13. Entertainers still dont get it. We dont care about their opinions.

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  14. Then Bruce and I have something in common. We are both ashamed he’s an American.

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  15. Gosh Bruce, I am embarrassed for you too. Embarrassed that you hate this country so badly, You are 67 for goodness sakes, grow up and act like it. I am embarrassed you think this country that you hate so much, but gave you everything, wasn’t found worthy enough for you to serve in the military at a time of war when all your friends are going.
    You were pretending to be wacky from having a concussion and acting silly at the physical. Funny, you were capable of jumping around a stage for 50 years. Traitor.
    I am embarrassed you go around the world trashing a wonderful country.
    I am embarrassed you found it worthy of screwing around with a band member before divorcing your beautiful wife.
    I know you feel superior to all of us minions since you were hanging with BO these last years. It goes with the territory.
    You are correct Bruce, you are an embarrassment.
    BTW, newsflash, your singing sucks.

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  16. See-THAT’S the difference between US and THEM.
    THEY hate what America’s become so much they “threaten” to leave.
    WE love America enough to FIGHT to bring it BACK to what it SHOULD be.

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    • Conservatives just bit their lips and suffered for 8 years after Hussein Obama, the biggest electoral fraud in American history was elected twice. I don’t recall a single demonstration by Conservatives when if anything it was warranted and had there been any, they would have been peaceful. As a Canuck, I can appreciate the angst that Americans had to endure for 8 years. Now it’s our turn as we now have Justin Trudeau, a mental midget, politically correct moron, flavour-of-the-month ideologue for Prime Minister. Before entering politics this Cretan never had a single full-time job in his life, living off of his unearned inheritance. His resume includes being a snowboard instructor, a camp counsellour which is a summer job for high school students, a white river rafting guide, a bar bouncer and a fill-in drama teacher. This moron considers this to be a well-rounded experience that qualifies him to be the leader of a G 7 country. He was first elected as a federal Member of Parliament for the riding of Papineau in the French province of Quebec. His only qualification was that his last name was Trudeau which impressed the ignorant peasants of Papineau, being the fruit of the loins of his Prime Minister father Pierre Eliot Trudeau and his slut bi-polar mother Margaret Trudeau nee St. Clair. When she fell off of her meds, she was literally out banging any famous rock band that happened to be passing through Ottawa or Montreal when her hubby Pierre was busy wherever he happened to be at the time. Mick Jagger and it’s suspected all of the Rolling Stones were her bed mates. Pierre was popular at the time because he was considered to be groovy, wearing his cravat and even his bizarre Zoot Suit. He was also popular because he was anti-American which should come as no surprise as he was first a fascist, then a communist, calling himself “Comrade” and was a big fan of the mass murderers Stalin, Mao and Castro among other tyrants. He and Fidel actually became best buds, Fidel even being a pall bearer when Pierre finally, better late than never, died and went to hell where he belonged. Justin was rightly ridiculed by the world when Castro finally died and went to live with Pierre, after giving a tearful eulogy to his mass-murdering hero Fidel. I’m sure that Justin has the obligatory Che poster on his wall that he genuflects to every night after his wife gives him his usual snack of hot chocolate and cookies before going beddy-byes. Justin has also become an unbelievable Muslim panderer and can’t pass a mosque without going in to pray the Shahada. He recently announced that he wants to allow 300,000 Syrian refugees in after already admitting 25,000, So far 2.5 percent of the 25,000 have jobs, half of which are part-time so it’s not brain surgery to calculate the multi-billions the infidel Canadian taxpayers will be stuck with to support these un-vetables while they stay at home glued to their prayer mats and watching porn. I could go on but it would take a 1,000 page epistle to describe this twit. Did I mention that our government debt is calculated to increase to 1.5 TRILLION under Justin’s plan to turn into utopia?

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  17. BS doubts Trump is competent enough to be president? What are signs of competence to him? Lying his country into war in Viet Nam, Iraq more than once, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, trying to get us into a totally unjustified war with Russia, giving great amounts of arms to Iran for hostages and thanks to them for blowing up our Marine barracks, somehow losing our gold and then replacing our gold standard with a petrodollar (how about putting J. D. Rockefeller’s face on the twenty?) that takes wars to maintain, shipping our industrial base overseas, removing Glass-Steagal, promoting propagandist media cartel denying truth to Americans, crony capitalism, encouraging immigrants to flood our country with people who would not be able to find employment and thus cause a great increase in unemployment, welfare expenses, and equally great threat to our national security, an avoidable 911 Pearl Harbor.disaster resulting in a Globalist’s desire for denial of basic rights belonging to our citizens, develop of a new America for those who found our way an impediment to PNACkers seeking power, poisoning/dumbing down of the public through food, drink, breath of air, and vaccination, and our raising our national debt to close to 20 trillion dollars? I almost forget, leading a nation into a popular culture that replaced great music talent in both writing and performance with something that people with a memory of the works of the recent past cringe.

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  18. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Good news for 2020! George Soros found his Hawaiian birth certificate!!

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  19. Another great expose’ of libtard celeb retardation. Keep ’em coming!

    Great comments, too. Loved the Trudeau Family Bio by “David Cameron,” LOL!

    Marble also penned a great history lesson on the non-competence of President Trump’s PREDECESSORS.

    One celeb has finally “seen the light,” several news videos & more headlines available via google:

    Matthew McConaughey has some words for his fellow entertainers that may not be met with a chorus of “all right, all right, all right.” In an interview with the BBC, the Oscar winner said it’s time for Hollywood to “embrace and shake hands” with the fact that Donald Trump is president.

    USA Today from 2 days ago:
    Matthew McConaughey: Time to embrace fact Trump is president”

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    • Matthew McConaughey: Time to embrace fact Trump is president”
      Not exactly a warm hug and a kiss on each cheek,but,for Hollyweird,it’s a great start.

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  20. Let me get this straight. President Trump is not qualified to be President because Stinkstein is qualified to say President Trump isn’t qualified?
    Guess he should have been the one running against killary.

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  21. That’s okay, komrade Brucie, as I have never, ever considered you an American.

    Not even close.

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  22. Maybe the boss should stay in Australia!

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