American presidents are required to love the Jewish people

Imagine if a Brit demands that American presidents are required to love the British people. Or a French demanding that American presidents are required to love the French people. Or a Mexican demanding that American presidents are required to love the Mexican people. Or a Chinese demanding that American presidents are required to love the Chinese people.

You would react to the demands by scratching your head, followed by outrage.


But that’s precisely what a Jewish intellectual named Bernard-Henri Lévy wrote in an op/ed for the New York Times on January 19, 2017. Wikipedia describes Lévy as being named in 2010 by The Jerusalem Post as 45th on a list of the world’s 50 most influential Jews; The Boston Globe said Lévy is “perhaps the most prominent intellectual in France today”.

In his op/ed, Lévy writes that:

  • There is a “law” that “love of the Jewish people” is “required of an American president in dealings affecting Israel”.
  • Despite admitting that he doesn’t know Trump’s “heart,” Lévy regards President Trump’s acts of friendship toward Israel with suspicion and accuses Trump of not being “sincere” in his love for Israel. In other words, President Trump is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t — which, in psychological parlance, is a classic example of “make crazy”.
  • Despite admitting that he doesn’t know Trump’s “heart,” Lévy perceives in Trump’s past words and behaviors a “contempt” toward Jews, which makes Trump an anti-Semite and may lead him to “quietly taking revenge” against Jews.
  • Lévy calls President Trump “the kitschy builder with his flamboyant hair” who labors under an inferiority complex vis-à-vis Jews, a “pig farmer” and a “swineherd” (which of course implies Americans who had voted for Trump are “swine”): it is “the triumph of nihilism” in America that could “enable a pig farmer — anybody — to become emperor,” who is “eager for revenge” and will show “Jews that he indeed is smarter than they are.”
  • Lévy regards the 2016 election wherein the “swineherds” voted Trump as President as a symptom of an America where “thought is attacked” and “lies” flourish “with arrogance and flamboyance”.
  • Lévy then calls on his fellow Jews in the U.S. not to believe in or trust President Trump because any “capitulation” is “tantamount to suicide” — in order words, Lévy is calling on Jewish-Americans to oppose President Trump.
  • The essay is also full of narcissism: Lévy refers to Jews as highly intelligent, bringing light to civilization, and exceptional in their “wisdom” and “intellectual, moral and human excellence“.
  • After insulting President Trump by calling him a “pig farmer,” and insulting Trump voters by calling us “swineherds,” Lévy has the audacity to say he only has “love” in his heart for America.

To call Lévy and his op/ed insane is being kind.

Read it for yourself. Below is the entirety of Lévy’s essay. I supplied the bold red emphasis:

Bernard-Henri Lévy: Jews, Be Wary of Trump

Bernard-Henri Lévy
THE STONE JAN. 19, 2017

A few weeks back, both Israel and American Jews were betrayed by Barack Obama. By allowing the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution condemning Israeli settlement building, the outgoing president took the easy way out at their expense.

But today the risk is that Israel and America’s Jews (as well as those of other countries) should harbor the same illusions of true support that they did during the Obama administration, and be strung along before being betrayed again, this time by President Donald J. Trump.

One might object that Mr. Trump has given ample evidence of his benevolence — for example, by naming a friend of Israel to serve as ambassador, by promising the transfer of the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and by asking his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, an orthodox Jew and the grandson of Holocaust survivors, to advise him on the peace process in the White House. Aren’t these decisive steps that should reassure Jews who support Israel?

Yes and no.

There is a law that governs the relations between the Jews and the rest of the world. That law was articulated in one form at the time of the trial of Adolf Eichmann, when the great Jewish thinker Gershom Scholem faulted Hannah Arendt for falling short of “ahavat Israel” — for showing insufficient “love of the Jewish people.”

This love is precisely what is required of an American president in dealings affecting Israel.

In such circumstances, and contrary to the adage that applies in most ordinary circumstances of life, that law says that demonstrations of love count for less, paradoxically, than love itself. It says, to be precise, that gestures of friendship, when they do not come from the bottom of the heart and are not built on sincere love — that is, finally, on a deep and true knowledge of the love object — are gestures that eventually may turn into their opposite.

To put an even finer point on it, we cannot rule out the possibility that Trump’s series of ostentatiously promising signals directed at Israel may have sinister effects in the long or even short term.

Those signals may, for example, strengthen the most shortsighted and therefore suicidal fringe of Israeli politics. It may send the wrong signal to those who would be only too happy to see the United States set the example of making unilateral, unnegotiated decisions, thereby opening the way to other shows of force. In the United States, it may generate an overly enthusiastic embrace by pro-Israel Jews of a volatile president (one likely, depending on the needs of his deals, to change his mind), one who is so deeply unpopular with so many Americans that his embrace of Israel, however fleeting, could endanger the bipartisan consensus that has been so beneficial to Israel over the decades.

I cannot claim any knowledge of Donald Trump’s “heart” or of the sincerity of his commitment to the Jewish state. But there have been indications going back decades.

One was provided by John O’Donnell, a former chief operating officer of Trump’s Atlantic City casino, who, in his 1991 book “Trumped!” quoted Trump as saying: “The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.”

More recently, there was a 2013 tweet storm in which, desperate to show that he was “smarter” than the “overrated” Jon Stewart, Trump saw fit to rip off the mask behind which stood Jonathan Leibowitz, the Jewish name Stewart was born with.

And then, in mid-campaign, there was the meeting in which Trump told donors from the Republican Jewish Coalition: “I know why you’re not going to support me! It’s because I don’t want your money.”

These statements suggest, to say the least, a certain contempt.

More precisely, they reflect that well-known variety of contempt that, according to Freud, serves to anticipate and defend the ego against the presumed contempt of the other.

Whether the original disdain is real or imaginary matters little.

Whether Jon Stewart or the Jewish Republican donors disdained the kitschy builder with his flamboyant hair, his money, his bling and his properties, including the now world-famous Trump Tower, is obviously not the question.

The essential thing is that President Trump thinks they did, that he seems to see Jews as the caricature of the New York establishment that, for decades, took him for an agreeable but vulgar showman.

This is a perfect example of the self-defensive contempt that has so often fed anti-Semitism, with the Jews appearing, once again, as representatives of an elite that patronized him and against whom he can, now that he is in power, quietly take his revenge.

It reminds me of a story from the Talmud that illustrates this logic well.

It is the story — part history and part “aggadic” embellishment — of Rabbi Yehudah Nessia, one of the foremost figures of Jewish thought of the third century.

Rabbi Yehudah ran a school that a young Roman swineherd would pass by nearly every day. The students at the school, their heads full of knowledge and a sense of their own superiority, never missed a chance to mock and beat the pig farmer.

Years later, Rabbi Yehudah was summoned to the distant city of Caesarea Philippi, to appear before Roman Emperor Diocletian. It seemed that the emperor was full of consideration for his guest. He sent to him one of his most distinguished ambassadors and ordered that a sumptuous bath be provided to allow his guest to cleanse himself after his dusty voyage.

But Diocletian also sent his ambassador on a Friday, so that Rabbi Yehudah would be forced to travel on the Sabbath, violating the most important of commandments.

The emperor also heated the baths to such a degree that the rabbi would have been boiled to death — a fate from which the rabbi was saved by the last-minute intervention of an angel, who cooled the waters.

When the rabbi appeared before Diocletian, he recognized the former swineherd, who said to him with spite, “Just because your god performs miracles, you think you can scorn the emperor?”

I cite this story because it provides a good metaphor for the West today, where, as in ancient Rome, the triumph of nihilism can enable a pig farmer — anybody — to become emperor.

It is a good example, too, of Jewish wisdom, which responds to the situation as follows: “We had contempt for Diocletian the swineherd, but we are ready to honor Diocletian the emperor provided he, like Saul — who, before becoming king had tended donkeys — heeds the prophecy, rises to his office, and becomes a new man.”

And, above all, it is a good allegory of the double-edged favors, or, if you will, the poison apples, proffered by a humiliated swineherd, eager for revenge, who decides to show Jon Stewart and his fellow Jews that he is indeed smarter than they are.

In the face of this situation, nothing is more important, it seems to me, than to maintain a measure of distance.

Like all other American citizens, Jews must respect the president-elect in the forms provided in the Constitution. But they must not fall into the trap of believing in his inconsistent and ultimately double-edged benevolence. They must not forget that, no matter how many times Mr. Trump declares his love for Israel, for Benjamin Netanyahu or anyone else, he will remain a bad shepherd who respects only power, money and the perquisites of his palaces, while caring nothing for miracles, of course, and not a whit for the vocation of study and the cultivation of intelligence that are the light of the Jewish tradition.

And they should be aware, finally, that in this period that has been labeled, for lack of a better word, populist, and of which the American election is but an outsize symptom; in a time when thought is attacked from all sides and when lies are flourished with unparalleled arrogance and aplomb; in this new political culture that has now encircled the earth, one in which, from the American plutocrats to their Russian oligarch cousins, the swineherds slap their pedigree shamelessly on imperial palaces, the little Jewish nation has no part to play.

To ally with that sort of “populism” would be to betray Israel’s calling.

To surrender to Diocletian would be to betray oneself and to take the terrible risk of no longer being who one is.

For the heirs of a people whose endurance over millenniums was because of the miracle of a tradition of thought nourished, rekindled and resown with each generation and through a constantly refined body of commentary, the challenge is clear: Any sacrifice of the calling to intellectual, moral and human excellence; any renunciation of the duty of exceptionalism that — from Rabbi Yehuda to Kafka and from Rashi to Proust and Levinas — has provided the ferment for its almost incomprehensible resistance; any concession, in a word, to Trumpian nihilism would be the most atrocious of capitulations, one tantamount to suicide.

I say this out of an old and enduring love that forms the core of my being, love not only for Israel but also for the world’s greatest democracy, the United States of America.


Bernard-Henri Lévy is a French philosopher, filmmaker and activist. His most recent book is “The Genius of Judaism.”

Lévy’s op/ed was republished WITHOUT comment by Steve Sailer for The Unz Review on January 19, 2017. The republishing of Lévy’s essay WITHOUT comment by Sailer elicited this comment from someone who identifies himself as Leon Feldman, Director of the Cyber-Hate Division of the Anti-Defamation League, in which Feldman accuses the republishing of Lévy’s op/ed to be anti-semitism and demands that The Unz Review take down the essay in 24 hours. Here’s the screenshot I took of Feldman’s comment:


See also:


71 responses to “American presidents are required to love the Jewish people

  1. Ow, my head! It’s so painful to have to endure this BS. The double standards, if they can be called standards, are an affront to anyone with the intellect of a preschooler.

    Loving one’s neighbor has never been harder.

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  2. Technically, Feldman has actually defamed Sailer by commenting as he did!

    Normally, he could hide behind the “public figure/controversy” exception, but that exception doesn’t apply where the libelous party makes the statement with malice, which seems clearly to exist here.

    I would REALLY enjoy seeing the ADL (Anti-DEFAMATION League) sued for defamation.

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  3. You GET what you GIVE. If you wanna be loved by others,you must BE loving to others,and that’s NOT a man-made law,it’s a celestial law.

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  4. They are just crazy people.
    I remember that during the compaign, Trump had ignored their invitation to obtain their blessing. I am waiting to see if Trump attend their “Council” like his immediate predecessors.

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  5. I call on all my fellow patriots to stand up to the Zionist/Rothschild Jews and ROUND THEM UP PUT THEM ON TRIAL EXECUTE SENTENCES GET OUR STOLEN MONEY BACK

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  6. Reading the article itself reversed for me the position of the comments that introduced it. One need not agree with the French intellectual’s position to see his point.

    Jews are sensitive to traps, to false friends, because history has taught them to be. They are a race, unique in history, after all, who were banished from their land and disbursed around the world, yet retained their culture and even their language no matter how small or distantly separated their communities were. For millennia. Where are the Jebusites, today? The Perizites?

    They developed a well-deserved paranoia over the centuries, too, because, well, everywhere they landed they were persecuted. But this was part of how they remained culturally unchanged–they were always separate from the races around them, just as the Levitical Law was designed to make them. They were a created nation, with a purpose, and dispersal for millennia couldn’t change that. Their exile was richly deserved, of course, and the fact that they can’t understand why they were exiled is proof. Until Zecharaiah 12 comes true, and they “look upon Him whom they pierced,” the blindness Paul tells us God has cursed them with will prevail.

    So this is the grid through which we should read the arrogant Frenchie’s thoughts.

    Consider this portion of his article:

    Like all other American citizens, Jews must respect the president-elect in the forms provided in the Constitution. But they must not fall into the trap of believing in his inconsistent and ultimately double-edged benevolence. They must not forget that, no matter how many times Mr. Trump declares his love for Israel, for Benjamin Netanyahu or anyone else, he will remain a bad shepherd who respects only power, money and the perquisites of his palaces, while caring nothing for miracles, of course, and not a whit for the vocation of study and the cultivation of intelligence that are the light of the Jewish tradition.

    This is an expression of that cautiousness that millennia of well-justified paranoia engenders. They have always been betrayed by “the nations” they have been in association with; in Biblical times, the prophets rebuked them for trusting other nations and not YHWH. Today, since Israel has come back to life, in Ezekiel 37 fashion–not to mention Isaiah 66–one can understand an abundance of caution. They don’t know their messiah, or that He showed up right on schedule (Daniel chapter 9). Paul tells us they have scales over their eyes. Today they finally have their country back, and they sort-of understand that America is a Biblically founded country, and therefore must honor God’s commitment to the people he created as His own nation, but they are trapped in a special, God-ordained ignorance. They expect a lot of us, and rightly so, but can’t really understand why.

    It’s kind of sad, really.


    • “Today they finally have their country back, and they sort-of understand that America is a Biblically founded country, and therefore must honor God’s commitment to the people he created as His own nation, but they are trapped in a special, God-ordained ignorance. They expect a lot of us, and rightly so, but can’t really understand why.”

      “Israel” is not their country, no matter what behind-the-scenes machinations occurred before, during and after WWII.
      America doesn’t owe any honor to those who denied the Messiah.
      Jews are not ‘trapped’ in a ‘special, God-ordained ignorance’. They are trapped in their own willful blindness and that’s their problem and disgracefully they make sure it’s constantly everyone else’s problem as well.
      They expect us to bend and scrape and serve them –God doesn’t condone slavery.

      Really transparent massage job, even for you Patrick.

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    • “Reading the article itself reversed for me the position of the comments that introduced it.”

      Do be so good as to point out where in my bullet-point summary of Levy’s essay I misrepresented him.

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      • I am sorry if I was not clear on this matter; I am not saying that you misrepresented him. You just cherry-picked, leaving out the broader context, which it was my hope to provide. Things can sound nastier than they really are, when the wider perspective is not in view.


        • So you can’t point to anywhere in my bullet-point summary where I misrepresented Levy, but you nevertheless accuse me of missing & omitting that “wider perspective”. Do tell me what that “wider perspective” is which you alone see.

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          • It is not I alone who can see the role the Jew continue to play in the unfolding of the events leading up to the restoration of creation to its intended order. That’s a ridiculous charge. Very great thinkers have spent lifetimes explaining this matter.

            The “wider perspective” is summarized in my original comment. I can’t compress it better.


    • “they sort-of understand that America is a Biblically founded country, and therefore must honor God’s commitment to the people he created as His own nation”

      (1) Judaics neither subscribe to nor respect “that America is a Biblically founded country”. Or do you not know that the Talmud — the collection of teachings by rabbis which constitute Jews’ primary sacred scripture, even before the Torah — calls our Lord Jesus Christ a bastard, fool, conjurer, buried in hell, and set up as an idol; His mother Mary a “prostitute” who conceived Jesus in adultery and during her menstruation (which Jews view as filthy); and Christians cultists, idolators, murderers, fornicators, unclean, like dung, who differ only in form from beasts, and propagate like beasts.
      From Rev. I. B. Pranaitis, The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians.

      (2) “and therefore must honor God’s commitment to the people he created as His own nation”: Really? You actually contradict and nullify what Jesus Christ said at the Last Supper? — when He gave bread and wine to the apostles, saying it’s His Body and Blood of a new covenant that replaces the old? “Hebrews 8:7-8: If that first covenant had been faultless, there would have been no room for a second one to replace it. And in fact God does find fault with them; he says: Look, the days are coming, the Lord declares, when I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah.”

      And you actually call yourself a Christian?

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      • I spent days reading Louis Ginzberg’s well-researched “The Legends of the Jews”, which was actually extremely enjoyable and provocative to a reader who’s a Bible buff. Frankly, much of it illuminated the Scriptures.

        There were some completely ridiculous parts, however. I laughed out loud when the story was told that Abraham (or was it Job?) was SO prosperous that (this is a direct quote) “his sheep killed wolves”!

        I support Israel, and I think he is wise who does. But the Jews themselves are, on the whole, obnoxious and ridiculous. They are as narcissistic as is a typical Liberal (oh, wait….). May the day of their eyes being opened soon come.

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      • This is a very odd collection of ideas, and thus difficult to reply to. I shall try.

        First, I have no idea what you mean by the term “judaics.” I have never herd of it before. But I shall assume you mean “Jews.” Forgive me if that is the wrong guess. You say “Or do you not know that the Talmud — the collection of teachings by rabbis which constitute Jews’ primary sacred scripture, even before the Torah….” This is simply false.

        Now, this is your web site, and you are entitled to believe anything you want, and to banish me if you don’t like being instructed and corrected, which is fine with me, but for today, while I am still allowed to instruct and correct you, I advise you that the Talmud was written in Babylon, during the exile, centuries before Jesus was born.

        You should remember that, from now on, when you wish to disparage the Jews.

        When Jesus berated the Scribes and Pharisees, he denounced them for clinging to their “traditions,” and not the Torah, He was talking about their adherence to the Talmud.

        The Mishnah, which came later, is probably what you are thinking of. Those Jews who refused to accept their messiah rationalized their defiance, and codified it.

        But so what? That did not nullify the covenant God made with them.

        As to your second point, it is incoherent. I in no way imply that the New Covenant does not replace the Old. I don’t know how you could possibly infer that from what I wrote. My acknowledgement that the fact that the Jews remain, and that prophesy was fulfilled in the re-emergence of Israel, in no way negates the work if Christ on the cross. It is just a matter of last times prophesy being fulfilled. No big deal.


        • “while I am still allowed to instruct and correct you”

          Wow. Aren’t you the superior one. Ever heard of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

          It’s also interesting that you evade my points about what the Talmud says concerning Christ, Mary, and Christians, because well, of course, you can’t deny that the Talmud precisely says all those vile things. So you throw in this distraction: “the Talmud was written in Babylon, during the exile, centuries before Jesus was born…. The Mishnah, which came later, is probably what you are thinking of.”

          But, once again, you are mistaken. Before the Mishnah, whatever that can be called the Talmud was a collection of oral traditions and oral laws. “In the second century after Christ, Rabbi Jehuda who…was called The Saint, and The Prince…was the first to consider ways and means of restoring and preserving their oral law. He collected all the lists and charts and from them he made a book which was called the Sepher Mischnaioth, or Mischnah…. The Mischnah is the foundation and the principal part of the whole Talmud.” —The Talmud Unmasked, p. 7.

          Finally, here’s a nice quote from a rabbi on the superiority of the Talmud (collection of teachings and laws by rabbis, i.e., human beings) to God Himself:

          God intervenes in a Rabbinic dispute and is logically defeated by a Rabbi. The commands of the Rabbis are more important than the commands of the Bible. Whoever disobeys the Rabbis deserves death, and will be punished in Hell with boiling excrement.” (BT Erubin, 21b). Note: Erubin is the second tractate in the Order of Moed, which, in turn, is the second Order of the Mishnah.
          Source: Michael Hoffman, Judaism’s Strange Gods.

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          • I didn’t notice any claims, latent or otherwise, of superiority in Patrick’s response. He sounded fairly cool and collected here.


            • Really? I’m stunned by your rebuke.

              To begin, you seem to think a “cool and collected” person can’t be “superior” or arrogant. But displaying a “superior” attitude is not synonymous with being “cool and collected”; one can be both.

              Patrick saying that he will “instruct and correct” me is not arrogant? And accusing me of “disparaging the Jews” is what you think as “fairly cool and collected”?

              Point to where exactly in my post and in my comments I have “disparaged the Jews”. To “disparage” is to “belittle, denigrate,” which implies I said falsities about Jews. I provided and quoted my sources in both this post and in my comments. What lies have I uttered?

              Further, Cambridge English Dictionary defines “disparage” as “to criticize someone or something in a way that shows a lack of respect.” Why are Jews or Judaics owed special respect? And why would I or anyone “respect” Bernard-Henri Levy — he who calls Trump a “pig farmer” and Trump supporters “swines”?

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              • I didn’t mean it as a rebuke; that’s a bit strong of a word. My intent then, as now, was to calm things down a little. You’ll notice I likewise, in another comment, advised Mr. “chats amicably” to turn it down a notch.

                His “instruct and correct” comment, in context, sounded matter-of-fact, not haughty. There was no tonal indication that he was being obnoxious.

                Likewise, “disparaging” implies no suggestion of dishonesty. If someone were to say “Jurist is a loser” it would be disparaging, but it wouldn’t imply that I’m dishonest, just that I’m unwanted.

                I think you know I’m on your side. I also have hopes for a fair argument and a hearty fellowship of all our minds. This website stands out not only for its content but for its surprisingly agreeable comment section, most of the time.

                As for the commenter in question, I sense that he’s sincere, but also that he lacks awareness of how he comes across, and that he causes others to bristle each time he writes. He may yet be a troll*, but I think he deserves a fair shake.

                *I don’t remember seeing his comments on other posts. Perhaps you have, and are already aware of his propensities, which would be quite a mitigating factor.


                • Thank you for your clarification, Jurist.

                  Indeed, patrickchatsamiably does have quite a history on FOTM. To put this as respectfully as I can, he has a quite unique view of Christian theology as displayed in this comment, wherein he asserts that God relies on a “Divine Council” for his “collaborative management of the world”.

                  In this comment, patrick once again fiercely defends Israel to the point of calling another comment “false” and identifies himself as an Evangelical Christian committed to Israel and Zionism.

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                  • In the latter comment you reference I said this:

                    “I do not consider myself a Christian Zionist, just an objective observer. I wish all the best for Israel’s people, but I have studied the Bible closely, and things will not be pleasant for them as the last days unfold. These events can’t be stopped, only observed.”


    • Patrickchats I couldn’t disagree with you more. Yes you might be right about your Bible quotes and your biblical history, however you are woefully ignorant of the machinations of these people over the last two thousand years. To defend their paranoia on the basis that they were unjustly victimized by their host countries only shows that you have bought the Zionist Kool- aid. These people have been kicked out of over 100 hundred countries because of their overweening arrogance, deceit, and malevolence, always with an eye of usurping the power of the host nation they inhabited to their own advantage and the disadvantage of the gentile peoples. Their cries of anti- Semitism are directed towards anyone who happens to notice the evil they do, but I wouldn’t expect them to ever admit to because I truly think most of them have some kind of mental disease.
      As an aside you should educate yourself about contemporary Judaism. The Judaism of the Bible no longer exists and hasn’t since the fall of the temple. And in fact it was on shaky ground even then if you recall Jesus’s admonitions to the Pharisees that they reject the laws of Moses in favor of their own manmade laws, leading the people astray. The Judaism that is practiced today is nothing but Phariseeism and Talmudism which has nothing but contempt for non Jews. I suggest you look into the works of Michael Hoffman. This is an example of what Jews call anti- Semitism; noticing the vile things they do.

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      • You misunderstand me. I acknowledge most of the facts you assert (although I don’t like your tone). But your argument is completely irrelevant.

        You say this: “As an aside you should educate yourself about contemporary Judaism. The Judaism of the Bible no longer exists and hasn’t since the fall of the temple.” So what?

        We don’t have to like them or the religion they currently practice; we don’t have to make excuses for the bad behavior it encourages, either.

        What we do have to do is acknowledge that the Bible is true, that the people group Paul is talking about in Romans 9, 10, and especially 11 currently exist and they are holding the world hostage until Hosea 5:15-6:3. That is when they “look upon Me whom they pierced” (Zechariah 12:10). But they will only stop their millennia-ingrained hard-heartedness because God has made Jerusalem a “cup of trembling” for the whole world (Zechariah 12:3) in the Time of Jacob’s Trouble (the Tribulation, the second half of Daniel’s 70th week).

        They might very well be the worst people, ever–and if they are, they are simply a mirror of all humanity, our hearts, the Bible says, being infinitely wicked. We are incapable of choosing Christ without the Holy Spirit enabling us to do so. In Ezekiel 36 God talks about giving the Jews a soft heart, their hearts being impenetrably calloused. Same with all of us.


        • I agree, although I advise you to soften your approach somewhat. Telling someone that her point is “irrelevant” comes across as hostile more to the person than the point.

          This and some other of your comments, e.g. “What the hell is a Judaic?” are needless, and they inhibit others’ comprehension of your reasoning (as well as your purpose).

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          • I appreciate your thoughts on this style issue. Of course, I did not intend it to be hostile, and did not hear it that way when I thought it; it is just the most accurate descriptor. I like to be precise. How anyone would interpret it that way, given the idea I was expressing, is a mystery to me. I sound amiable to me; how others interpret my way of describing ideas is something I cannot control. But I endeavor always to be civil.

            As for the “Judaic” thing, it rankled me a bit because it sounded like the expression of a person who denies that the Jews exist (I’ve encountered plenty of them over the years), and it’s really annoying. I stand corrected.


            • Thank you for receiving my exhortation. I have a history of offending people without meaning to, so I know something about the subject.

              There are minds like yours and mine that prefer a kind of pragmatic bluntness, but most others don’t think that way, and they sometimes stumble over our delivery.


        • Patrickchat, you said,
          “You misunderstand me. I acknowledge most of the facts you assert (although I don’t like your tone). But your argument is completely irrelevant.”
          I don’t think I did misunderstand. The main point I took away from your comment is that you were justifying the comments of the French Jewish intellectual by saying these poor Jews have been woefully mistreated by Gentile host nations and that is the source of their paranoia. I simply but strongly disagreed, saying they have brought it all down upon their own heads by their behavior and beliefs that are mainly informed by the Talmud not the Old Testament. If there was a ” tone”, it is strictly as I stated below, I am sick and tired of these s— disturbing Jewish Bolsheviks destroying countries, starting wars, and at the moment trying to genocide the European Christian peoples off the face of the globe, and it makes me extremely angry when I see people such as yourself making excuses for them. They have no excuse. Sorry, its the way I feel.

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    • Richard Raymond

      If you have any character or courage you should read Dr. E. Michael Jones
      The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and it’s impact on world history. Dr. Jones is also at; youtube and facebook. Open your mind and get a wider perspective. I would also recommend and/or HenryMakow.com


  7. Dissembling and prevarication have always passed as for ‘intellectualism’ in the rabbinate. He’s only following what the Talmudists have taught him since birth.
    The rabbinate will not abide integration with the swineherd. Judaics are to stand alone, be alone, think alone, because they are innately superior. (This is what is inculcated/indoctrinated in Judaics from childhood.) The pretense of integration among ‘the other’ is all that is permitted, and only when it is unavoidable. When Judaics have the upper hand, the pretense is dropped. Any deviation from this plan is unforgivable, (You are deemed a self-hating Jew.”) See “When Israel is Mighty” on YouTube.

    Now, in my mind, the real question is: Do the Judaics want to APPEAR to be against President Trump for a reason which we do not yet comprehend, or are they truly unnerved by his election, and conducting damage control?

    I think it’s the former, only because of the extent to which the Talmudists plan all parts of their ‘jewish utopia’ agenda. The Talmudists leave nothing to chance. Therefore, my measured assessment is that the Talmudists wish to further fan the flames of national and sectarian differences. This is what was done prior to WWII. If the formula works, why change it?

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    • What the hell is a “Judaic”?


      • “What the hell is a Judaic”?

        Definition of Judaic: of, relating to, or characteristic of Jews or Judaism

        Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

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        • That sounds like an adjective, not a noun. I suppose capitalizing it could make it a noun. Admittedly a weird word, and not a great replacement for “Jews”.


          • My guess about the use of the word “Judaics” instead of “Jews” is to avoid and deflect the inevitable accusations of anti-Semitism whenever anything that is less than full-scale complimentary and admiring is said of Jews/Judaics. I have seen commenters on websites spelling “Jews” as “Joos” so as to avoid getting on the radar of web-bogs and so have their comments censored and removed, similar to commenters spelling the f-word as “f***” or variations of. I do not believe that using the word “Judaics” is a sign of disrespect, as patrickchatsamiably seems to imply.

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            • Okay, that’s actually a little funny, that there’s no label they don’t find offensive. You could call them “God’s beloved chosen people” and they’d accuse you of evil.

              I met a Jewish immigrant, born and raised in Israel, who didn’t want to be called Jewish. He said, “I don’t identify as Jewish. Rather, I’m Israeli.”

              Quite the PR problem (((they))) have!

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              • A “Jewish” (I’ll explain the use of this adjective later) writer whom I greatly admire is Schlomo Sand of the U. of Tel Aviv and author of the scholarly book, The Invention of the Jewish People, which delves into the thesis and evidence that Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of Khazaks who had converted to Judaism in 8th century A.D. — a view to which he subscribes. In a subsequent, much shorter book, How I Stopped Being a Jew, Schlomo rejects the identity of being a Jew, but instead identifies himself by his citizenship as an Israeli. My reconstruction of his reasoning:

                1. He’s not Jew in the religious sense.
                2. He’s not Jew in the biological sense, because he’s not a bio descendant of the ancient Hebrews, but rather of Khazaks.
                3. Therefore he identifies himself by his citizenship as an Israeli, and hypothetically as an American if he emigrates to the U.S. and becomes a U.S. citizen.

                I use the example of “Catholic” to explain and better understand Schlomo’s reasoning:

                Just as someone who is brought up in a Catholic family but who is an unbeliever should not call himself “Catholic,” likewise Schlomo who was brought up by “Jews” and who himself is an unbeliever, should more properly call himself by his citizenship and not as a Jew because both terms “Jew” and “Catholic” are religious, not biological terms, since there are really no “Jews” in the biological sense of being bio descendants of ancient Hebrews.

                I so admire Schlomo that my heart aches that he’s an atheist. I pray that he will come to Christ some day.

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  8. Kevin J Lankford

    Jews seem to forget or prefer to ignore why the diaspora is upon them. They also are no less guilty of corruption and disdain for their fellow man than those of us Gentiles. In fact I believe the true believing Christians have more regard for the true Jewish peoples than they have ever shown for us. That is a requirement of our faith.

    But just how many are there out there of true Jewish blood? How many of the true Jewish bloodline are there now in Israel? Most are aware by now that most who claim Jewish ancestry can trace their lineage no further back than the ashkenazi of the Black sea and Caspian sea area. Jesus says in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 that he knows those who say they are Jews and are not. Perhaps that is why Israel will very nearly be destroyed; that except for the elect., the 144 thousand who will be the reserved, true Hebrews.

    Satan is lurking some where within, but I feel sure the Lord is protecting his true chosen.

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  9. “In fact I believe the true believing Christians have more regard for the true Jewish peoples than they have ever shown for us.”

    That is no doubt true.

    “But just how many are there out there of true Jewish blood?”

    What’s that?

    “Most are aware by now that most who claim Jewish ancestry can trace their lineage no further back than the ashkenazi of the Black sea and Caspian sea area.”

    You really can’t believe that nonsense. Do you? Obviously, if they are imposters, they are incredibly strange ones. They took on all the trappings of an alien race, absorbing weird customs and devoting themselves to millennia-old writings in a completely strange language. Talk about dedication. They took up the Jewish feasts, too, in this strange theory, which commemorated things no other race would find salient. Sukkoth? Passover? Why would they take up the Jews’ constant prayer, “next year in Jerusalem”? How did they lean to care about, much less grow devoted to that land/city. Please advise.


    • DNA studies have found that the overwhelming majority of Jews in the world today — 90% of over 13 million Jews worldwide — are Ashkenazis, who are not biological descendants of the ancient Hebrews, but rather of the Khazars, an amalgam of Turkic clans that settled the Caucasus in the early centuries CE and converted to Judaism in the 8th century.

      Please see a compelling study by Eran Elhaik, “The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses,” Oxford journal on Genome Biology and Evolution, vol. 5: issue 1, pp. 61-74 (published online Dec. 2012). You will need the training and ability to understand complex social science methodology and terminology.

      Revelation 3:9 “I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      I would not argue that some Jews did migrate to mingle with the ashkenazi at the time of the last temple destruction, or at any time, and that many could possibly have a percentage of Jewish blood. But there is a distinct difference and perhaps caveat, though it is clear to me I could in no way claim to be as well read on the matter as Dr. Eowyn or any one else here.

      I will not attempt to recite the whole story of their babylonian captivity as I would have to reread the whole Book. But as I remember it, when they were allowed to return to Israel to rebuild the temple those of mixed blood were not allowed to participate. If I remember correctly it was Ezra who was in charge, and he demanded any who had married non Jews had to denounce their spouse and and mixed children to participate. If that were true then, well, I think many should rethink their claims and standing.

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      Consider what they have gotten away with by hijacking the heritage of the Jews.

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  11. I understand the article, and I agree at the root of the matter.

    Someone wants to replace us and exterminate the white race, that is known for years, indeed there are documents of the United Nations itself, it’s no secret today.

    The word that fears the Freemasonry is: patriotism Western (because it combines religion, race or ethnicity and historical nationality). But as you know the word – Western – luggage not necessarily a Christian or religious definition in some aspects (see Paganism or the Celtic culture *).

    Another word that fears the Freemasonry (which is the N.W.O.) and its tools is the: history.

    A new technique of the masonry is to use the megapolitica (or meta-policy, which often turns against it) e.g.; with using that of: refugees from the s. 21st with the supposed Jewish persecution of the s. XX.

    The debate carried out by the Western people, but the problem is in the policy, may not have a real identity in people who have 3 or 5 nationalities ( ??? ); and almost always these nationalities are like coupons for offers of employment, etc, etc.

    A paper or document is not real identity, it is auxiliary. The true identity is in the natural factors of the subject.

    As true as that Obama and his family forged his birth certificate.


  12. B-H L, you are doing your part in maintaining a remnant of the Jewish people, that is, preventing assimilation. However, the displeasure you inspire requires the efforts of Jews of a good and noble character to work even harder to prevent attacks against your people. By the way, you apparently need to be told that calling those you say should love you swineherds does not work well; it inspires the same affection inspired by the Qur’an declaring to its believers that Jews are descendants of apes and pigs. And the United States has done much for Israel and will hopefully will do even more. It must be added that you are not to become too likeable, for if the world sees only the many positive contributions of Jews, we will be so appreciative we will become likeable and there will be an increase in assimilation. A careful balance must be held to save a great remnant for understanding of Scriptures such as Isaiah 53, Jeremiah 31, Psalm 22, and Zechariah 12. Once we all get through the troubles written in Daniel 12, greater days than imagined lie ahead for Jews and Christians.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Some thoughts that come to mind: given the modus operandi demonstrated over the many centuries, do you think the intention is to leave a remnant (great or otherwise) to interpret the Scriptures in the same manner as you interpret them?
      And, do you think, given the modus operandi demonstrated over the many previous centuries, the intention is to permit the Scriptures to remain as the fundamental text?
      Or is it possible the ultimate policy is one of scorched earth, in order that the new world may emerge? After all, how long is a ‘day’?

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  13. not just the POTUS…
    “Cynthia McKinney Explains the Power Israel Has Over the U.S. Government”

    former congresswoman who had the tenacity to speak the truth even though it cost her a congressional seat…rare breed today.

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  14. After the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled, Israel will meet Messiah, and “All Israel will be saved.” This is based on Bilble prophecy, not anything from my mind. This will not lead to a Globalist NWO, but, after troubles fall upon everyone as a result of our evil, God’s power will be seen, and humanity will follow His ways. All will be done for His name, not because anyone deserved to be helped. True, God is love, but He is holding back His wrath until the time when He won’t take anymore. Many don’t believe that, we will just have to wait and see what happens from whatever place we find ourselves in.


    • I very much hope you realize the sheer, awful magnitude implied by your statement. In order for “God’s power” to be seen, most of His creation must needs perish in a crucible since God is as much justice as He is mercy. I pray none of us is witness to such power. In fact, I pray it can be avoided for thousands more years. No sane human would wish to be among the living at that time.

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  15. Kicked out by the Egyptians,
    Whacked by the Babylonians,
    Hacked to pieces by the Romans, (very thorough hacking)
    Burned/baked by the National Socialists and soon,
    Zapped by the Mooslimes, (North American JINO doing their best for it to happen.)
    All in the span of 2,500 years.
    Pattern anyone?

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    • This must be your short list, G6loq, as there were at least as many more nations that turned ‘the chosen people’ out as the ones you listed. I noted that you did not list ‘the Great Expulsion’ from 17th c Spain and the others [, &

      One must wonder why such a self-described people has had such a hard time getting the attention & protection they claim God has for themselves.

      Liked by 3 people

      • “One must wonder why such a self-described people has had such a hard time getting the attention & protection they claim God has for themselves.” …….spot on Joseph!

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      • “One must wonder why such a self-described people has had such a hard time getting the attention & protection they claim God has for themselves.”

        Well, according to those like Bernard-Henri Levy, and their apologists such as commenter patrickchatsamiably, it’s because the host countries and peoples are just beside themselves with jealousy, envy, and resentment about the fake Jews’ obvious superiority and “exceptionalism” (Levy’s word).

        By now, readers who are familiar with the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) should already have caught on to how Levy’s essay and, distressingly, too many fake Jews are paradigmatic of NPD’s defining attributes:

        (1) A grandiose false self, thinking themselves superior to others (ironically, like the Nazis, fake Jews also see themselves as ubermensch.
        (2) The conviction that others are jealous and envious of them.
        (3) An inability to tolerate any slight or criticism, real or imagined.
        (4) The need for constant admiration.

        Liked by 4 people

        • Thank you, Eo, for your excellent clarification above.

          As the staff at FotM know, I sent an email to them with the below, but I hesitated to post it as I don’t need someone to get on me for being ‘anti-Semitic’ or other idiocy. For yr information, idiots, I learned Yiddish as a youth, NOT Italian at home, as both my father’s business partners were Jews, OK? And my father wanted us to be US citizens first, old country second, if ever. That’s why I took German in HS: it was natural after Yiddish.
          On Sat, Feb 4, 2017 at 4:08 PM, Joseph E Fasciani wrote:
          the article here will give you some idea of this creep’s history:

          IMO, he is an arrogant snob from the monied 1% in France, but being of Algerian nativity, suffered from feelings of inferiority, which he ‘compensated’ for by being a prize-winning graduate of France’s most elitist schools. However, he’s still regarded as an Algerian upstart, as the French are really into their national purity, in some ways worse than Aryan nonsense.

          He’s been dissed by his own family, w/good reason:
          “The resulting book, Who Killed Daniel Pearl?, argues it was because Pearl knew too much about the links between Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence and al-Qaeda. The book was strongly criticized by both experts and Pearl’s own family, including wife Mariane Pearl who called Lévy “a man whose intelligence is destroyed by his own ego”.[10][11]”

          I think his wife was and still is spot on.

          In Canada we now suffer under Justin Time Trudeau, whom I warned libtards about before the last election as not having half his father’s backbone and integrity [even though I feel half of PET’s decisions were NOT in the best national interest], and that supporters would soon be disillusioned. This started the loss of long-time liberal progressive friends from me, now a tidal wave after my support of Trump. Well, they’ll find out, won’t they?

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        • I think I’ve heard it called the lack of sanctifying grace…..

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    • G6loq, you might want to consider removing the “baked by National Socialists” reference from the list. The evidence, seen unfiltered through the narrative crammed down our necks since youth, shows that the only ovens at Auschwitz were those that baked the bread for the prisoners sent there to labor, not to be gassed.

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  16. The execrable late Israeli Prime Minister Menachim Begin (whom I met) said it best: “We Jews are the Master Race on this planet. We are as different from [the goyim] as they are from bugs.”
    We are forever indebted to Dr. Henry Makow who has done more than anyone else to expose Talmudic Judaism and Sabbatean-Frankism for the VILE RACISM that it is. That being said, Dr. Makow also goes on to explain that Jewry is highly stratified, and that the Sabbateans (and Rothschilds) call the shots, that the average Jew in the street does not understand what is going on, and that the bosses at the top are the first to throw the lower-rung Jews under the bus every time.
    Fume all you want. But remember this: Dr. Makow has also reported on Israel’s hegemonic plan for a “Greater Israel” in the Middle East, and that the actual destruction of this “Manifest Destiny” is planned, the Homeland to be replaced by the Ukraine, or even Uzbekistan. He and others have reported that Israel has a fleet of 18 nuclear-powered and nuclear-capable submarines, built by NONE OTHER than Angela Merkel’s Germany; Israel takes delivery of one every year or so.
    Dr. Cynthia McKinney has also ably explained, on the Alex Jones Show, of how Israel makes the rounds in Congress and extracts a signature from each new Congressman or Senator. She also ably explained how the Israel Lobby destroyed her career in a New York Minute.
    I am not one of these deluded Evangelicals who slobber their love for Israel and grovel on the floor, like the DEMENTED John Hagee, who commands his followers to “love Israel” under pain of sin! I’ve got to hand it to Israel: It is the nation that founded modern terror with the bombing of the King David Hotel (of which Begin was involved), and it has a terrific propaganda business model. This is not to be “anti-Semetic” or “pro-Nazi” or to lament that Jews have a homeland: We have to look at their dynamic and not at our own guilt.
    If we are to take the execrable little satanic terrorist Menachim Begin at his word (and I do), then what else can I conclude that Jews—of the politically extremist variety—make the best Nazis? Even Dr. Makow has said, on a number of occasions, that their methods and techniques are so similar as to be analogous or parallel. So the next step is for people to wake up. FAT CHANCE: I can’t even get V-2 Catholics to wake up regarding Frankenpope, Israel’s current Goy Slave-in-Chief.
    Where does it all end? Simple, My Dear! It ends in ARMAGEDDON.

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  17. Oh my Steven you said it all very well and my experience is the same- you can’t wake anyone up. ( And yes Makow has done an incredible job) I will say this about the Jewish leadership; you can blame it all on them and say the average Jew is not complicit in all this evil, but I say no, they are. Why? Because 98 % ( my estimate) put themselves and their Jewishness above everything else, and the vast majority embrace the totalitarian Bolshevik mindset that says big government ( run by Jews) telling everyone else what to do with their money and their labor is the best form of government.
    I’m sick of them. They have their own country now but they are not content to go and live there. They remain around the globe telling everyone else how to run their countries and threaten revolution or retribution if they have the audacity to want to run their own country.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Richard Raymond

      Here! Here! Both Lana and Steve could not have said it better. I pray Henry and his family convert to Catholicism.
      Jeff Gates and Jim Condit Jr. are excellent sources of very related info.
      this podcast with Christopher Jon Bjerknes is one of the most fascinating and credible I’ve ever heard.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Richard! I certainly never mean to have a ” tone” as Partick accused me of, but darn it, I just get kind of PO’d when I think about all our beautiful European Christian history, heritage, not to mention the lives of our children and grandchildren being put in jeopardy by the machinations of the tribe. Not sure that Makow will ever convert but he certainly has sympathy for Catholicism, and I appreciate that in him. Thanks for the link on Bjerknes . I heard him do an amazing show on Red Ice on the fraud and plagiarism of Einstein. Catch it if you haven’t already.


  18. This has been the most interesting comment section!

    A question for you thoughtful and informed Catholics who are aware of the inconvenient facts regarding the Jews (and the freemasons, who’ve also been brought into this conversation):

    what do you make of the Jesuits?

    I ask because I see them accused, in other venues which discuss what we’ve been discussing here, of evils similar to Jews and Masons. I’m very interested to see your take, as Catholics, on the accusations.


  19. Or, in this instance, like the proper comment. That was for you, Eowyn, re: Shlomo’s take and his atheism.

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  20. Dr. Eowyn, I believe you have found the jewish equivalent of Louis Farrakhan. Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu seem to be showing each other sensible levels of respect, while Bernard-Henri Lévy is perpetuating the caricature of jews that Hitler used to inflame the german people against them.


  21. I would have told Mr. Sailer to “Go to Hell”, and if he was unclear, given him directions. Posting a Jewish politician’s views, unedited, without commentary, is NOT ‘Anti-Semitic’!


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