Undocumented student sues Wells Fargo for denying her student loan

Wells Fargo Immigrant Loans

Mitzie Perez/Photo from WCB TV

Aside from this student’s immigration status, I’d be more concerned she won’t find a real job to pay back her loan, given the focus of her studies

From Fox Business:  A federal lawsuit on Monday accused banking giant Wells Fargo of illegally denying student loans to young immigrants who are protected from deportation and allowed to work and study in the U.S. under a program created by former President Barack Obama.

Wells Fargo said it was disappointed the plaintiffs sued instead of working with the bank on a solution.

The young immigrants in the country illegally have Social Security numbers and documents that meet bank requirements for identification, but Wells Fargo refuses to give them loans based on their citizenship status, according to the lawsuit from the Los Angeles-based Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

The loans, meanwhile, are available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents, the suit says.

It seeks a court order declaring the policy discriminatory and forcing Wells Fargo to grant the loans to those participating in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. It also seeks unspecified monetary damages.

“Wells Fargo understands the dream of pursuing higher education and we remain focused on our responsible lending practices to assist temporary and permanent residents and U.S. citizens in obtaining student financing,” the bank said in a statement.

Banking experts say financial institutions can face unique challenges getting repaid by borrowers who are not in the country permanently, including potential difficulty in accepting payments from foreign banks.

A spokesman for Chase Bank said it does not offer student loans. An email to representatives for Bank of America was not immediately returned.

The lawsuit comes amid concern among immigrant groups that President Donald Trump will cancel the DACA program as part of a broader effort to control immigration. Trump has signed executive actions over the past week to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, temporarily ban immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries and suspend the United States’ entire refugee program.

“It’s very important in our view to establish that there are clear rules against this kind of discrimination, particularly in a time like this,” said Tom Saenz, president and general counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, referring to the new administration.

Obama created DACA by executive order in 2012, providing temporary protection for immigrants brought to the United States by their parents before the age of 16 and who live in the country illegally.

Under the program, recipients receive a Social Security number, allowing them to work, pay taxes, study and travel for a two-year period. More than 750,000 immigrants had been approved for DACA as of December 2016, federal officials say.

Mitzie Perez, one of those immigrants and a plaintiff in the lawsuit, came to the U.S. illegally in 1997 from Guatemala at age 5. Now 25, Perez is a junior at the University of California, Riverside, where she is focusing on gender and sexuality studies.

She applied for a student loan from Wells Fargo last year to help cover the costs of her education but was not able to proceed with the online loan application after she disclosed she was not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, according to the lawsuit. She said she works and has used credit cards to cover her tuition. “Every day I consider not completing my education because I don’t have the means,” she said.

The lawsuit seeks class-action status on behalf of other DACA recipients who have been denied loans by Wells Fargo. Saenz said it was too early to know how many people might qualify.


30 responses to “Undocumented student sues Wells Fargo for denying her student loan

  1. Good! I hope her claim is thrown out of court!

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  2. Only students with marginal skills gravitate to “soft” majors like gender and sexuality studies. Wells Fargo should withhold giving a loan to Mitzie Perez, not because she’s an ILLEGAL ALIEN, but because the prospect of her actually finding a job in “gender and sexuality studies” and paying back the loan is virtually nil.

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  3. Social Security numbers? This is another obummer program Trump needs to END!

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    One more example justifying deportation.

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  5. Escort her to the Afghanistan / Pakistan border. If she can get back to an American consulate, tell her to fill for legal immigration status.

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  6. DACA is good for only two years? Then why is this law breaker still here? If our ‘justice’ system were just, her day in court would look like this:

    PLAINTIFFS LAWYER: Your Honor, and dear members of the jury, that bank won’t lend to my client just because she’s here illegally. This is an example of evil discrimination—

    JUDGE: —Excuse me, Counsel: is that true, that she’s here illegally?

    LAWYER: Yes, Your Honor, but—

    JUDGE: BAILIFF! Arrest this woman and have her deported immediately! Plaintiff is fined the amount that she has cost taxpayers by abusing the court system and using up the resources her deportation will require. She is ordered to pay restitution for all health and dental care, food stamps, and other resources she has fraudulently obtained during her presence in our country.

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  7. Banks make loans based on risk. I wouldn’t risk 25 cents on a degree in gender and sexuality studies no matter what her immigration status is. These young idiots need a dose of real world reality.

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    • And the moment she realizes she can’t find a job, and no man will marry her, she just drives back across the border and her debt can never be collected. After a few years, the Statute of Limitations erases her debt, and she’s literally free and clear.

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  8. She’s 20 isn’t “she”?
    What kind of course is this? It’s insane, that’s what kind it is.

    Wells Fargo should realize that having a reasonable expectation that the loan will be paid back before granting the loan is inappropriate.
    So issue the loans, thee bank goes into the red and the government bails them out using taxpayer dollars.
    This is nothing short of stealing from the American people.

    WF ought to get out of the student loan business if their shareholders are looking for loans to be paid back, and for Wells Fargo to turn a profit.
    The government ought to get out of this business too.

    According to Laraza, WF MUST make the loans, but cannot set the rules.

    I do not count stories like this as personal tragedies created by a greedy cold hearted capitalist oligarchy, it is the conflict between these destructive rules a Commie out to crush our country made up to get votes, and the realities of loans and commerce.

    That all these executive orders went unchallenged and unreported for 5 years tells you where our legislators heads are at.

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    • She’s 25,but she’s been Criminal for 20 years.
      I think Banks (specifically the Managers of…) who offer loans to known Criminals should face legal prosecutions for conspiring against the US. I hope Trump takes this EO to the trash bin quickly;it probably won’t stop THIS suit,but it’ll be a lot harder to push when the law they’re using to defend their side isn’t a valid law anymore.
      Once she was 18,she became an adult by law,which removes any protection she might have had as a child.
      This is a prime example of Obama creating law without thinking it through. By HIS EO,she has a right to College on the US,but by LAW she’s a Criminal who NOW (as of 7 years ago) should be arrested and deported.

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  9. When she shows up to court ARREST that POS

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  10. What part of ” illegal ” does she not understand ? It’s only one word , can’t be that hard to understand ? …………….Oh , thanks to 8 years of the community organizer , illegal don’t mean squat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. Being this student is an illegal, hence illegally in this country, it has NO RIGHTS except to leave immediately!
    Any judge, who thinks about hearing this case, is an idiot and should be disbarred.
    What happened to understanding the definitions of words? “Webster’s” IS still in print…

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  12. Since when can a living, breathing human being walk into a bank and demand a loan . . . just because they are alive! It would be preposterous for any bank to lend money in her particular case. The fact that she is wrapped up in “gender and sexuality” studies is just the nail on the coffin.

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  13. Wonder why college education is so expensive and keeps getting worse?
    Any time the government gets involved in something the costs go up, up and up. Student loans are guaranteed by the Gov’t. Soooo, colleges can charge what ever they want because by the time the loan goes into default they already have their money then it’s the bank’s problem to try to collect the money from the borrower or as a last resort the Gov’t. Wonder how fast that goes? Duh.

    Call I.C.E. on the bimbo and send her packing. She can study her own gender where she came from. Oh and where’s the mother that brought her her illegally? Ship her back too.
    Build the Wall.
    Stop the flood.
    Make illegal invaders America’s biggest export.
    Support LEGAL immigration.
    Make America Great Again.

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  14. Gender and sexuality studies at a college? This is a joke right? What kind of job can this education produce? Teacher of smut?

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  15. Easy way to solve this problem have the Los Angeles-based Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund CO-SIGN all made to illegal immigrants so that is they go back to Mexico when they finish school without repaying their loans Wells Fargo Band and any other American bank forced to loan money to non citizens will have someone they can sue to recover the monies. You can bet NO bank in Mexico would loan money to an American student that was studying in Mexico.

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  16. what a shame…the illegal is suing the bank insisting her rights…what rights?’

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  17. This woman needs to take another punch on her T.S. card!

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  18. the Government needs to get out of the student loan business. It is a massive Ponzi scheme and wealth redistribution.
    Many of these colleges have surplus funds in the millions that they do not have to use for student loans.
    The colleges take this student loan money and give it right back to the DNC funding their lobbyists and political campaigns. See how that works?
    The colleges can charge whatever they want, and there is no downside for them, unlimited student loans backed by the Gov er… taxpayers.

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  19. If she’s such a good risk why doesn’t the college give her a loan?

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  20. People like her make costs of all of us doing business with banks rise. We are the ones left holding the bag and paying higher rates.
    Where does she get off demanding a loan. I always went to banks with respect and the correct paperwork and proof of being able to repay that loan.
    Pray tell, what kind of job will she get……..none.
    Btw. She is 25, being a junior she should be around 22, has she been working to earn her own expenses the last 3-4 years? Has she made any attempt to pay her own way?

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  21. I used to have to defend suits like this, brought against various clients by illegal aliens, so the story doesn’t surprise me. But what no one has mentioned is that Wells Fargo will spend upwards of $40,000 defending the case pre-trial, and if it goes to trial, three or more times that amount. Don’t even mention potential appeals. And very few judges in the U.S. (I could probably count them on one hand), will impose available sanctions that would require the plaintiff to pay the attorneys’ fees for the defendant. Now THAT pisses me off.

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    • More than that, slap some Rule 11* sanctions on the lawyer and report him/her to the bar!

      *For the laymen: lawyers are supposed to be fined for bringing BS lawsuits. As if it ever happens….

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  22. This is the crap Obama and the gang left us, send them back, all of them. I came here the legal way, waited my time to be a resident and then a citizen, an illegal immigrant is in violation of the law and there’s no room for them that violate the laws.

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  23. Truth is stranger than fiction. Reading about DACA, Barrack Hussein raised the age of eligible “children” to 30yrs! Why do illegal aliens have more rights than citizens? What has become of this Republic? …I’m just gobsmacked. As the new DHS Secretary said wtteo, only God can save us now.

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  24. There is a way for her to finish her degree whether she’s legal or NOT, and it is a DIRTY WORD these days—–it is called “work.”. As long as it takes. Just DO IPp

    Sacrifice for your dreams & don ‘t expect others to pay your way. Both my husband & I did this, & w/some great (well earned) academic scholarships, one of our sons did so, too…And w/a job the whole way thru’ university …AND he still won additional “study abroad” scholarships w/his grades w/i the university…..And, then, we raised a foster daughter fr age 13 on…whom we vetted to work her way thru’ a work study college…which she did as a double-major in a 5- yr span….

    Both of these kids graduated with minor debt, and with minor contribution from either us (b/c we had NO money at the time…but we’re determined to get these kids raised and on to college….even while we paid our bills and kept going in our own professional degrees…my husband was in the middle of a PhD program paid out of our monthly checkbook at the time&I was just months away fr beginning an MS program, after paying to complete a program to give me a CA teaching certificate..) or EVEN the Federal gov’t.
    AND what minor loans they earned—-they PAID BACK. PERIOD. Immediately. One is an engineer, & the other is a director of a YMCA Ed program…..proud of them both & WE are a “poster family” for earning your way through college…..generationally…..b/c my dad earned a Penn State degree in3yrs while a married dad of 2, and working 3 jobs……

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  26. Return whence you came, parasite.

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