There’s a new web site on our blog roll: U.S. Illegal Alien Crime Report


Last week I came upon a web site that provides a list of some of the most recent crimes committed by illegal aliens in the United States. The web site is United States Illegal Alien Crime Report. We have added it to our blog roll, on the right hand side.

They appear to update daily, with links to articles about the crimes. From their web site:

Our ability to continue bringing you the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on illegal alien crime depends on you. Visit our crowdfunding page to DONATE what you can. Thank you!”

They also provide a breakdown of crimes by category such as, terrorism, rape, children, cop killings, murder, assault, etc.

Some of the most recent crimes committed by illegal aliens:

To view the web site and see the most recent crimes committed by illegal aliens, go here. Follow them on Twitter: @USIACrimeReport.


18 responses to “There’s a new web site on our blog roll: U.S. Illegal Alien Crime Report

  1. Poor Nancy, she is so delusional. America has immigration laws and to disobey them is UnAmerican.
    She got confused since her party has spent the last eight years totally ignoring what this country stands for and the laws already in place. They have betrayed the American people repeatedly.
    Time for ole Nancy to ho on her train to her vineyards.

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  2. William Brandon Shanley

    This is great news! Thank you for sharing this important feature no on the Internet.

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  3. Excellent! Is this website connected to President Trump’s announcement that crimes by illegal aliens will be listed?

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  4. Imagine the hypocrisy of the Zionist agent/Pelosi telling WE THE PEOPLE what IS or IS NOT AMERICAN

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    • sunaJAeon . . . I could not agree more that Pelosi has NO BUSINESS telling the rest of this countries’ citizens what constitutes “being or not being American.” Let this rich, _______ (rhymes with rich) head on home to California and drink herself into a stupor for the rest of her life. I think she is now so old she really is not cognizant of what she is saying or doing; this statement substantiates that fact.

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  6. Wow, with NC claiming 6 of the 9 reports, one may wonder if this is just a fluke or does it represent an unusually high number of illegal aliens compared to the general population?

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  7. DCG . . . thank you for this most valuable article. This is an excellent resource for all American patriots. It was rather disheartening to read each and every case file . . . why would any sane nation allow foreign nations to wreck this much havoc on the life’s of its citizens? All for the sake of having a fresh supply of voters who will cast a ballot for the Democrats . . . sounds crazy to me!

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  8. Hey, you can’t report those! Those are hate facts!

    Take the straight White males who made that site and make them SUFFER! Oh yeah, feel the Bern!

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  9. Why thank you for the link!

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  10. IMO, Poor Nancy has had…at best, ” familial tremor” for the last many years….and worst…a slow encroachment of dementia. Pick your poison….both are about equal in outcome….ESP for a position of “power.”

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  11. Grateful to see this. Sharing on Facebook now. Most excellent!

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  12. Ala pelosi: We have to kick out all of the illegals to see which ones we have to let back in!


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