School teacher compares student’s ‘Build the Wall’ shirt to a swastika


The “offensive” t-shirt Jack wore to school

From Tri-City Herald: A Kennewick middle school teacher landed in hot water when she pulled aside a student wearing a “Build the Wall” shirt. The language arts teacher at Chinook Middle School compared the shirt’s message with wearing a swastika.

Now, the young teen’s mother is hoping her son’s experience shines a light on political bullying. “It does happen,” said Michelle Fischer. “I think (politics) should be taught in our schools, but only in a two-sided positive way.”

Fischer posted her outrage over the teacher’s handling of the issue on Facebook and the story went viral. Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity shared her story to his 2.8 million followers, contributing to more than 100 comments on Fischer’s original post.

Fischer said she hoped her seventh-grade son’s experience makes it easier for other children to talk about feeling bullied for their political views.

Her son Jack told her that the teacher had appeared opposed to Donald Trump since the beginning of the school year, including the way she’d handled discussions of the presidential election and candidates in class.

Jack had worn other pro-Trump shirts to school but it wasn’t until he wore the “Build the Wall” shirt on Inauguration Day that the teacher pulled him aside. “She asked, ‘How would you feel if someone wore a T-shirt with a swastika on it?’ ” Fischer told the Tri-City Herald. “He said, ‘You can’t compare my shirt to wearing a swastika. They aren’t the same thing.’ ”

Fischer said the teacher asked Jack to stay in her class during lunch to talk about the shirt. Kennewick School District officials said the boy wasn’t forced to stay in the classroom during lunch as some social media reports said.

During the lunchtime conversation, the teacher reportedly told Jack it wasn’t appropriate to wear clothing with a political message. Jack noted that he’d seen a math teacher wearing a shirt with Barack Obama on it.

After school, when Jack shared what happened with his mother, she was upset and posted her concerns on Facebook with a picture of her him wearing the shirt along with a message that his teacher “compared my shirt to wearing a swastika.”

Later, Fischer spoke with Chinook’s Principal Kevin Pierce, and was told there wasn’t anything wrong with the shirt.

“My goal is not to get this teacher into trouble,” Fischer said. “I made it clear to him. She’s a nice person. I just haven’t agreed with the way she’s taught the class.”

On Friday, school district officials said in a statement that Pierce investigated the incident and took appropriate action. Details were not released because it’s a personnel issue.

The district said students expressing themselves is an important part of education in a democratic society. District policy allows them to express their opinions as long as it doesn’t disrupt the education of others.

“I think most parents would agree with me,” Fischer said. “If this was the other way around, I guarantee there would be some parents that were pretty upset.”


19 responses to “School teacher compares student’s ‘Build the Wall’ shirt to a swastika

  1. I’m not in favour of a teacher bullying a student, period, and maybe I’m old fashioned but why don’t schools bring back dress codes for students – such as shirts & pants for boys, blouses & skirts for girls. Classrooms should be places of learning, not showcases for whatever is trending out there. Just sayin’.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    It amazed me from the first, when obama was allowed to pose as a legitimate candidate in 2008 that not a single teacher I am aware of was truly educated enough themselves to speak out on the true definition of “Natural Born Citizen” and the purpose for which our founders saw the need for the office of our president be held by a person of completely uncompromised loyalties.

    Now it appears that under our government controlled education system teachers believe they have and are entitled to full influence of the minds of the countries children.

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  3. “My goal is not to get this teacher into trouble,” Fischer said. “I made it clear to him. She’s a nice person. I just haven’t agreed with the way she’s taught the class.”

    A teacher who bullies students like this unnamed Chinook Middle School teacher clearly is NOT a nice person. Conservatives must stop being nice by still playing by rules that the Left violate, in every way and every day. Michelle Fischer needs to take her head out of the sand.

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  4. This is not a personal matter. The school district is at fault.

    My grandchildren are all homeschooled because the public schools are dangerous and contaminated.

    On one hand they cannot enforce basic safety and discipline, but on the other hand they have these goofy teachers being evangelists for their pet causes rather than sharing knowledge and encouraging discussion;
    using their pulpit to coerce and indoctrinate young minds.

    Did this teacher invite Jack to try on her bra?

    Hannity is pretty good but FOX sucks and I do not watch anymore
    A few of them should stream.

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  5. So what if it were a swastika on his shirt? If any message is allowed, they all must be, unless, as was mentioned, the message is disruptive.

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  6. School today:

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  7. Oh…. I had it all wrong.

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  8. It is not the duty of the teacher to take sides but, rather, teach that opposing views are called “interpersonal discourse”.
    A teacher, in my day, did not hold an open bias. Instead, they held a conversation on the merits of all sides and leaned on neither. They kept their personal views outside the classroom. They were there to teach, not preach.

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    • Hadenoughalready . . . Just as you have indicated, my school experience was exactly the same. We do not need teachers to indoctrinate young people, we need them to teach students “critical thinking” and let them study out various problems and come to their own conclusions. Students need not be put in an adversarial position against the teachings of their own parents, yet this is what todays schools actually do.

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  9. Let her escort the ‘Wells Fargo” girl back to her homeland.

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  11. This teacher needs to consult a mental health professional.

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  12. My teachers in elimentary school were very opinionated. They wore uniforms. Priests & nuns. I think a teacher is entitled to having an opinion, and intelligently sharing it.
    This teacher is an idiot.Hope they kick her ass good and make an example of her. Kudos to Jack’s mom or who ever took action on Jack’s behalf.
    Hey let’s meet at the faculty parking lot and wait for the guy with the Obama tea shirt.

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  13. When I went to school, the students had no idea of our teachers political or religious affiliation, unless you happened to attend the same church.
    We said the pledge every morning with pride and never considered it wrong.
    Kids would tease each other out of fondness and bullying was pretty much a no go. Every parent knew each other’s children and vise versa.
    If you got into trouble at school, your parents knew before you got home.
    We had occasional bomb threats, but really had no idea what they meant. We had drills where we hid under our desks or in the tunnel, but again, had no idea what it really meant.
    They had Christian organizations where they met in the early am before school and anyone was welcome to attend. It was open and not mandatory. No one thought anything nefarious about it.
    Life was simpler and I would go back tomorrow and take my children with me.
    This teacher over stepped and I would bet a union member and maybe even tenured.
    Children these days have so much pressure and are committing suicide in large numbers. They do not need bully teachers to add to the stress.
    I also believe there should be no cell phones in classrooms. Let the kids see the real world and be participants.

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  14. Teachers are not what they used to be.

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  15. I am sure you have well noticed these labels in mass:
    White Supremacists
    Alt Right

    Even if it is a gay, jew, conservative…well practically anyone they need to label….

    Now put them together and think who would over use these in order to brainwash others in accepting them and why?


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