Imam: Man lied about mom dying abroad after Trump’s travel ban


Liar Mike Hager

Media and proggies’ narrative hardest hit.

From NY Post: A man who claimed his mom died abroad after she was denied entry to the United States under President Trump’s travel ban has lied about the details surrounding her death, according to a mosque leader close to the family.

Mike Hager told a news station WJBK on Tuesday that his sick mother died in Iraq on Saturday after being barred from entering the U.S., but Imam Husham Al-Hussainy denied the story, claiming the woman died five days before the ban was enacted.

Trump has denied admission to citizens from seven majority Muslim countries, including Iraq, for 90 days, while Syrians are banned indefinitely.

Hager, who lives in Michigan, said that he was able to enter the country because he has American citizenship, but that his mother and other family members were refused.

Hager had previously contacted Al-Hussainy, who leads the Karbalaa Islamic Educational Center in Dearborn. He told the Imam that his mom was suffering from kidney disease, and he planned a trip to Iraq to see her.

“The 22nd of January, his mom died,” Al-Hussainy said. “She did die but that was a couple weeks ago – before the ban.”

Al-Hussainy spoke out about the woman’s death after questions were raised about Hager’s claims.

“Since I lost my mom, [I’ve] been on heavy medication – I can’t even sleep. I did not make anything up,” Hager wrote in a text to WJBK.


13 responses to “Imam: Man lied about mom dying abroad after Trump’s travel ban

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  2. pathetic…he not only used his mother’s death to make a political statement against a sitting POTUS’ executive order, but he lied about circumstances surrounding her death. Islam is a cult and he should lose his citizenship. If he’ll lie about his own dead mother, who knows what else he will lie about.

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    I’m skipping the superbowl since the ads and half time are anti-Trump.
    And slutty. I can’t watch TV with my grandaughter without ED ads.
    All the prescription drug ads are awful, cartoon and people dressed up like an intestine looking like Kathy Griffin.
    Better than being dressed up like a vagina, but it would be cool to see Kathy Griffin in a vagina outfit. Her face peering out like that birth scene in Aliens.

    The actors they select for altzheimers, or those drugs that buy you another week so you can teach your grandaughter sitar.

    Forget about Starbucks, CNN, NBC, CBS

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    • I had to laugh at my indoctrinated friends about the NFl. I am a sports fan, more college than anything, but I told my friends, “watch the commercials in an average NFl game and you will know exactly what the NFL and their sponsors think about you, limp-dicked alcoholics.”

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  4. Michael Hager’s email address:

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  5. Can you say FAKE NEWS???

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Lies are good:..Truth is bad. Lies are good:..Truth is bad. Lies are good:..Truth is bad. Lies are good:….Truth is bad. Wait…Wait…Wait…Let take another drink.

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  7. It is the liberals in the MSM, Jewish Oligarchs and their rent-a-mob violent riots under the banner of protests, that are Autharitarian. Here is an example:

    Do you think that Reuters journalists, writing for the most widely read wire service in the world, can use their own discretion on how to cover Trump!

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    • “Do you think that Reuters journalists, writing for the most widely read wire service in the world, can use their own discretion on how to cover Trump?”

      How could they? Reuters is owned by the king lizard himself – Rothschild.
      Note also that this is the Jewish MO; that is, to cry persecution, and foul while you are hitting the true victim in the face. They teach the same MO to their proxies too; according to FBI interracial crime stats, Blacks commit the overwhelming majority of violent crimes against Whites, while they scream that they are they ones at the receiving end of racist hate and violence.


  8. Actually this guy is being a good Muslim – according to the Koran it is ok for them to use deception to fool the infidels. Another reason why Islam is incompatible with the West and its (now threatened) Judeo-Christian culture.

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  9. Is this moron implying that somehow PRESIDENT Trump killed his mother.
    Maybe it was the substandard living conditions imposed by the mooslime government where she lived . Besides, she was a female and had no more rights than any other piece of property.

    Oh, and by the way PRESIDENT is in all caps on purpose as an acknowledgement of Mr. Trump’s superiority as president!
    Liberals Are Losers

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  10. Any of the Media would be hard pressed to hear ANY complaint from the Trump Administration–as long as they report the TRUTH. (Of course,ONE truth won’t do it-they’d have to build a reputation of CONSISTENT TRUTH,something they won’t be likely to pursue. THAT would require integrity and lots more work. MUCH easier to just whine loud and long that Trump won’t talk to the Media,preferring to use Twitter to AVOID them. WAaaaaa,frickin’ WAaaaaaaaaaa.

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