As violent rioters take over U.C. Berkeley, comedienne Sarah Silverman calls for military coup to overthrow President Trump

The Left in America are enemies of free speech.

Last night, Berkeley, CA was enveloped in a violent riot, ostensibly to protest Milo Yiannopoulos, an openly gay Alt-Right Breitbart news editor who was an invited speaker at the University of California, Berkeley, where the free speech movement was born in 1964.


Berkeley was Yiannopoulos’ last stop of a tour aimed at defying what he calls an epidemic of political correctness on college campuses.

Protesters, estimated by the Berkeley Police Department to number a thousand people, including masked professional activists armed with bricks and fireworks, mounted an assault on the campus building hosting Yiannopoulos’ speech, which forced the university to cancel the event.

As night fell, masked “black bloc” activists joined the already large group of protesters gathered in the area between Sather Gate and the north end of Telegraph Avenue. As the gathered crowd got more agitated, the activists began hurling projectiles including bricks, lit fireworks and rocks at the building and police. Some used police barriers as battering rams to attack the doors of the venue, breaching at least one of the doors and entering the venue on the first floor. fireworks were thrown up onto the second-floor balcony; fires were lit outside the venue, including one that engulfed a gas-powered portable floodlight.

At about 6:20 p.m., UC campus police ordered the crowd to disperse, calling it an unlawful assembly. The area on Upper Sproul Plaza grew thick with smoke, and later tear gas, as the protest intensified. Vehicles were burned, several injuries were reported, and at least four banks were vandalized.

So who organized the masked, armed professional activists?

Someone tweeted this reminder — that George Soros’ son, Alexander Soros, is a Ph.D. candidate at U.C. Berkeley.


While the mayhem was going on in Berkeley, so-called comedienne Sarah Silverman went on Twitter, calling for a military coup d’état against duly elected President Trump.


This is the same Sarah Silverman who:


42 responses to “As violent rioters take over U.C. Berkeley, comedienne Sarah Silverman calls for military coup to overthrow President Trump

  1. “Once the military is w us”…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This womyn is clueless as to which candidate the majority in the military voted for. Idiot.

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  2. first george soros, now his demon seed alexander soros, and all the while a never dwindling supplying of useful idiots and worthless fiat currency…the govt needs to take down all of soros’ foundations in US…maybe using the RICO Act? paying people money to commit crimes and induce chaos is not legal…

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    • MomOfIV . . . Of all the notions I have heard or read this week, your comment is the very best of the best. Yes, let’s have the FBI, Homeland Security, and whoever else we have available to investigate all the Soro’s funded foundations under the RICO Act. This idea is absolutely on the mark!

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    • Mom, you are correct. I would venture to say, that the same 150 rioters dressed in black are the same ones traveling the country. They are the ones covering their faces and dressing alike. When they arrive, the damage escalates.
      It is a sad thing when a man, not born here, that hates this country, has an ego so large he considers it a game destroying countries a game. He calls himself a God.
      With the damage he has done over the years and the money he has plied into all the riots, I think it is time his citizenship is recinded.

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    • Read this….someone is indeed attempting to address exactly what is being brought up..


      I would propose that President Trump consider designating George Soros and his Open Society Foundations a terrorist organization. George Soros is a terrorist as dangerous to our country as ISIS or Iqwan if not far more so. He needs to be publicly and legally regarded as such.

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  3. Silverman is a vile Zionist PIG that needs to be relegated to the trash heap along with her dirty mouth

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    • She (?) needs to be ARRESTED for attempting to incite a violent Government overthrow. Suppose she DID accomplish this-what would it gain her? Who would take charge? What would be the “Official” form of Government afterwards? Would the US become a 3rd world Country where the leader is replaced frequently via assassination? SERIOUSLY-Would she like the change she brought about once she learned how limited her freedoms became? MY bet is that she’d wish she could go back to the time when she could have served her sentence of a few years in Prison followed by walking FREE.

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    • Over the years I have found not one redeeming value in her. She is a pox and a waste of oxygen.
      I find her not even funny nor cute. She goes the outrageous route dying for attention.

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  4. PRESIDENT Trump tweeted about this morning and now Berkley is in danger of losing their federal funding. Hope it was worth it!

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  5. Why isn’t it a federal crime to dress in such a manner as to make identification deliberately difficult and to wear masks while rioting, committing violence, and intimidating others?

    Sooner or later someone will react to such violence and it is entirely predictable how the left will react.

    I would remind the Left that if you keep poking the bull you deserve what you get. As for me I no longer care what the law or the left says when the law no longer functions to safeguard my family or rights within the USA.

    Prepare. The storm is coming.

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    • Angus . . . you have brought up an idea that has been hangin’ out there for some time. It is true that when leftist hoodlums can burn, loot, destroy, it only means that “the law no longer functions to safeguard my family or rights within the USA.” I say send in the troops. When you have “masked desperadoes” you need to meet them with sufficient might to overcome the problem post haste!

      It is also such a remarkable thing that in the 1960’s students from this same school agitated for “free speech,” Now they agitate to shut down any “speech that does not agree with their speech.” This very fact is ultra dangerous to our country.

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    • I would venture to say those are the same rioters we see at every riot. The violence escalates when they show up, usually closer to dark.

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  6. I live 40 miles away, those kooks & commies wouldn’t try that out here!!

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  7. And the taxpayers in California will end up paying for this crap. Why doesn’t California Governor Jerry Brown declare martial law? Because he’s a left wing squish bag!

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  8. In case you missed it. This vile POS (Soros) needs to be investigated…the sooner the better.

    “He Is Going To Fail”: Georges Soros Slams “Would Be Dictator” Trump | Zero Hedge

    Excellent ideas/suggestions by a ZH reader on how to deal with Georgie…

    “George Soros/Gyorg Schwarz needs to be investigated, arrested, charged, and convicted of financial malicious mischief and instigating social strife.

    Any of his organizations that participated directly or indirectly in rampages, vandalism, obstructions, or any other activity that resulted in personal injury and/or loss of life, destruction of property, public danger, and any associated medical bills and property repair, should have assets confiscated and distributed to the targets of his depravity.

    And so as to avoid wasting time and energy by giving him free room and board in prison, he should be handed over to the Ruskies since they have a warrant for him anyway.

    So we could get his infected carcass off our soil and make the Ruskies happy all in one move.”

    And in case you’re interested…here are some petition links calling for arrest/indictment/deportation of George Soros.

    Issue an International Arrest Warrant for George Soros

    Federally Indict George Soros for funding various terrorist and cartel groups

    Deport George Soros

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  9. Brought to you by:

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  10. This is a place many Cal alumni turn to for news

    Anarchists, NOT Cal students, responsible for violence in UC Berkeley protests…..

    Uh Huh….

    Can you say backstroke?

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  11. FBI Allegedly Investigating Mayor of Berkeley, CA For Inciting Riot And Ordering Police to Stand Down – CNN Doing Damage Control

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  12. President Trump should start making use of the fema camps.


  13. Talk of overthrowing our government rings of TREASON and should be dealt with as such. Treason is an executable crime! If you don’t like the government we have here in the USA,,,, MOVE to a country that thinks like you do!!!!!!!!!!

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  14. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. It will be interesting to see what happens to UCB since this action of promoting anarchy was allowed.

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  15. Response by Lauren Southern:

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  16. “Talk of overthrowing our government rings of TREASON” — not quite. Treason is defined as giving aid/comfort/support to our enemies.

    What these ninnies are engaged in is termed “sedition” and it is also against the law. But not necessarily a capital crime.

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  17. More on this here:
    The Media Won’t Tell You What Happened to the Man Beaten Unconscious at Berkeley

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  18. Look Who Funds The Group Behind The Call To Arms At Milo’s Berkeley Event

    From the article…

    The left-wing group that helped organize the violent shut down of the Milo Yiannopoulos event at the University of California, Berkeley on Wednesday is backed by a progressive charity that is in turn funded by George Soros, the city of Tucson, a major labor union and several large companies.

    The Alliance for Global Justice, based in Tucson, is listed as an organizer and fiscal sponsor for Refuse Fascism, a communist group that encouraged left-wingers to shut down the Yiannopoulos event.

    One of the group’s biggest donors is the Tides Foundation, a non-profit funded by billionaire progressive philanthropist George Soros. Tides gave AfGJ $50,000.

    Other notable donors include the city of Tucson and the United Steel Workers labor union. The former gave $10,000 to AfGJ while the latter contributed $5,000.

    Charities associated with several major corporations also donated., the outdoor apparel and equipment company, gave $40,000. The Ben & Jerry Foundation, the charity associated with the ice cream maker, gave $20,000. And Lush Cosmetic gave $43,950.

    Another bit of irony is seen in the $5,000 contribution from the Peace Development Fund, a group that claims to support organizations that fight for human rights and social justice.

    Another major donation came from a group that was chaired by Hillary Clinton during the 1980s. The New World Foundation gave $52,000 to AfGJ.


  19. UC Berkeley Thug Who Beat Conservative and Bragged About It Online – Is University Staff Member!


  20. Update…

    UC Berkeley Staffer Under Investigation for Participating in Riot

    Related link…

    UC Berkeley Investigates Alleged Employee Who Assaulted MILO Fan During Riot


  21. Perhaps this is why the police were told to stand down while ANTIFA threw glass bottles, M-80’s and bricks at Trump supporters in his city…

    Confirmed: Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin Publicly Supports Violent Left-Wing ANTIFA Group

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