The beast in Disney’s new ‘Beauty & the Beast’ is Baphomet

Beauty and the Beast is a traditional fairy tale written by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and published in 1740.

The story is so well known, there’s hardly the need for me to relate it. But if you don’t know, here’s a synopsis:

A wealthy widowed merchant has several children, the youngest and his favorite is Beauty (or Belle, in French), who is lovely, loves books, and pure of heart.

One day, the merchant got lost in a forest during a storm. Seeking shelter, he entered a palace with a table laden with food and drinks, but empty of people. Knowing that Beauty loves roses, the merchant plucked a rose from the palace’s garden to bring home to his daughter. A hideous beast appears and tells the merchant he must die for stealing the rose after availing himself of the beast’s generous hospitality. The merchant begs for his life and tells Beast that he had only picked the rose as a gift for his youngest daughter. The Beast agrees to let the man go, but only if the merchant or one of his daughters returns.

Upon the merchant’s return home, Beauty valiantly goes to the palace, where Beast lavishes finery on her and her every need met by invisible servants. Every night, Beast asks Beauty to marry him, but Beauty declines.

After months, Beast allows homesick Beauty to visit her family, on the condition that she’ll return after a week. Beauty agrees, but reneges on her promise.

One day, Beauty sees in the magic mirror Beast had given her that Beast is very ill. She quickly returns to the palace, to find Beast dying. Beauty weeps over Beast, saying that she loves him. Beast is transformed into the handsome prince in Beauty’s dreams. The Prince tells her that a vindictive fairy  had transformed him into a hideous beast, and that the curse would be broken only when he, despite his beastly ugliness, finds true love. He and Beauty are married and they live happily ever after.

This morning, while surfing the web, I came across the trailer of Disney’s new live-action Beauty and the Beast, coming to movie theaters on March 17.

The trailer begins with an old man (Beauty’s father) running in the woods, being chased by something. The man trips and falls.

At the 0:27 mark, whoever or whatever was chasing him stands over the man, casting its shadow.

My skin crawled, and alarm bells started ringing in my head . . . .

The shadow of the Beast has HORNS.


Here’s the trailer:

Since when is the Beast of “Beauty and the Beast” a goat-man with horns?


Here are previous versions of Beast, none of which is a goat-man with horns:

In 1991, the beast in Disney’s animation (cartoon) “Beauty and the Beast” movie began sprouting tiny horns that resemble more like tufts of hair. beauty-and-the-beast-1991-disney-animation

In the 19th century, Eliphas Levi drew the Baphomet as a Sabbatic Goat, a humanoid with a goat’s face, horns, and legs. Today, the Baphomet is widely used as a symbol of Satan, as in this statue (below) erected by the Satanic Temple last year somewhere in Detroit, Michigan. (See “Detroit goes to the devil“)

Satan statue in Detroit, Michigan. See "Detroit goes to the devil".

Below are Levi’s Baphomet and Disney’s 2017 Beast:

Baphomet is 2017 Disney's Beast

The message of Disney’s new Beauty and the Beast movie is this:

The Devil is just misunderstood! He just wants your love! The Devil loves you and wants to give you riches and finery. All you gotta do is tell him you love him, and he’ll turn into a handsome prince, and you’ll live happily ever after.

God help us.

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44 responses to “The beast in Disney’s new ‘Beauty & the Beast’ is Baphomet

  1. More than a Disney movie, seems to be a horror film.

    Freemasonry is inside. Nightmares for babes them.

    At the beginning, I believed that the article referred to the opening of a tunnel in Europe in 2016.

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      • So lets see Dr. Eowyn, Derek insulted me, I suppose you are going to censor my retort which is far too easy on that stunted little brain of his!


        • And for that and for your insult against Christians, Christianity and, most importantly, Christ, you are banned from FOTM — which is a FELLOWSHIP of the minds, to which you don’t belong. There are plenty of Free Masons, atheist blogs you can join. I truly feel sorry for you.


          • Amen, Dr. Eowyn!
            Paul Blake, I truly wonder if you are the beast in disguise…or at the very least, the beast resides in your heart. So much anger within you.
            I pray the light of the Holy Spirit shines upon your heart and makes you fall to your knees and repent.
            Regardless what anyone has said to you or written, Jesus loves you and sacrificed Himself just for you. All you need to do is let go of your anger and open the door to your heart, Jesus is waiting for you.

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            • Dr. Eowyn, I think that the anger that I know and used, is far different from the anger you are talking about? The anger I was experiencing had to do with righteous indignation, because I was seeing some people I know, and myself being falsely attacked. And I was not going to passively let it happen without righteously attacking back. Those two deserved every word I used…And actually I was being gentle…

              My friends, and my inventory was being taken, and we were being judged by both Derek, and Seumas. I won’t allow anyone to do that to me! And I get even more righteously indignant when someone innocent is being attacked! In My Heart God Smiled, and I felt it, because I stood-up to that ugly slander.
              —And what was the evidence being presented at our judgement, something they read?
              “Wow, Paul, you must be a freemason. LOL. All I need to know is in Albert Pike’s Moral’s and Dogma where he specifically states his love for Lucifer.”
              “freemasonry is based off gnosticism and talmudic judaism, both of which follow the devil.”

              They are lucky, if I had them in the same room, believe me! I would be knocking their pointed little heads together! Doc Blake


              • None of this justifies your trashing Christianity and Christians — and by implication, Christ Himself. I had deleted your ugliest anti-Christian remarks from a comment of yours that I’d allowed to be published.


  2. Leeann Springer

    I was just talking to the office of Governor Hutchinson, Arkansas, about not allowing the statue of Baphomet be placed on the capitol grounds. Then i called the state review committee team and urged them to say no. On Feb 9th, it is up for a public hearing. Satan, is often subtle, looking for those to devour and Disney proves that fact. Disney, in subliminal ways, is trying to claim children for Satan. Some parents are gullible enough to think it’s innocent. Leeann

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  3. @ patriotasoccidentales – What does Freemasonry have to do with it?

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    • Walt Disney was a high level Freemason. If I remember correctly, he was either 32nd or 33rd degree. Freemasonry is a satanic belief system, although the lower level people are typically oblivious to that fact.


      • Reference:
        —Freemasons Aren’t Satanists – Dummies
        1. Masonic meeting is not an act of worship.
        2. A lodge is not a church.
        3. And Freemasonry is not a religion.
        4. Freemasons use prayers to open and close their meetings…


        • Wow, Paul, you must be a freemason. LOL. All I need to know is in Albert Pike’s Moral’s and Dogma where he specifically states his love for Lucifer. Not to mention your goofy rituals and ridiculous robes and freemasonic clothing. Plus the highest degree, the 33rd degree represents the 1/3 of the angels cast out of heaven. It may not be a religion, but everything about your goofy club is satanic.


          • Oh, you underestimate me, because in your teeny, tiny christian eyes I am much worse than that! I doubt the Mason’s would ever accept me, I am much too Free! I am a Deist, who thinks, and reasons far too deeply to accept that fairy tail of Angles cast out of heaven, BS. A Deist who is convinced that the three worse cults on Earth are Judaism, Christianity, and Mohammedanism!…They are all too stuck in the Dark Ages, which makes them much too dangerous. Touching off a dozen or so nuclear weapons would fit right in with their plans for the END TIMES! “Hey, lets get the Muslims to push the button, their stupid enough!” Ya, the end times, that childish, little horror story to frighten the small minded, superstitious, and naive into joining “THE” cult!
            —So take that, Derek, and stick it where the sun don’t shine in that vacuous little mind!


            • deist? sounds more like a gnostic. Although deism also lacks sense… what kind of creator would abandon that which was created, and subsequently let evil run roughshod over it, unchecked?

              Also paul look up But to further expound on that subject, freemasonry is based off gnosticism and talmudic judaism, both of which follow the devil. Look into the history of most secret societies and/or satanic or occult organizations, most often you’ll find freemasons or freemasonic-associated individuals. That trend seems to indicate that, yes freemasonry is a religion and no it is not good, but decidedly in the realm of the diabolical, given what gnosticism stems from.

              freemasonry has 1. rituals (these are religious.) 2. prayers (these are distinctly religious) 3. initiations (these are also decidedly religious.) 4. reliance on holy texts (all of which are de facto religious.) and 5. no membership for those who have no belief in a supreme being, because belief in a supreme being is required, which is also a primary tenet of a standard religion.

              It would also seem that “deism” stemmed from the “freethought” movement, itself a move towards the foolishness and anti-intellectualism that is atheism… and itself equally as much a cult, with it’s own erroneous dogmas and doctrines. Is it any wonder “free thought” and “deism” cropped up where secret society types gathered?

              Some other questions you may want to ask… Why is it that the “illuminati” of bavaria seem to be related to the german “free thought” movement? Do you really want to associate yourself with anti-intellectual hucksters like acharya s./d.m. murdock? Have you really looked with logic and reason at things you espouse, such as the occult, and rather superstitious, practice of iridology? (same basic principles as other superstitious methods of bodily divination, like phrenology, or reflexology)

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      • Actually, Walt himself was not technically a freemason, he was a Senior “DeMolay” member (freemasonry’s boyscouts, essentially) not to say that he wouldn’t have had knowledge of such things though. He even had mickey mouse made an official member of that organization, who advertised for the group in the comics, so technically mickey is also a secret society member, even if just an ink and paint one.



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  5. yep, just like the other movie ‘maleficent’…nothing but trash to get kids to want to worship satan…disney is satanic.

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  6. Disney is not your granny’s Disney, the company that catered to children. They are now far-lefty liberal, catering to the satanists. Next thing you’ll see is a lesbian Snow White.

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  7. Disney has gone full blown over to the dark side and this does not surprise at all. Parents need to boycott this movie and not take their children to see it, plain and simple. when Christians finally stand up and boycott all of Disney’s products including their theme parks then and only then will they get the message. too many Christians continue to take there children to the parks and the movies only to get abused by the race pimps and satanists in charge of Disney. Stay the hell out of the parks that Disney owns and runs, you Christians.

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  8. Oh boy. Subtle brainwashing for kids to worship or have sympathy for SATAN!!

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  9. If you get a chance, check out al the perverted stuff Disney illustrators hid in their films for kids, not sure if they were hoaxes or not though.

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  10. Hollywood has been trying to indoctrinate the masses for a long time. Looks like the sheep are listening. Idolatry is a sin and those who worship hollywierd, are commiting sin, like the 7 deadly sins on steroids. I always said that hollywierd is trying to tell us something, and I now know, none of it is good. Look at kartashians, telling the masses, they are normal, they are not. Wait for phedophilia to become the norm. God bless those in the know and God bless Trump and the US of A!

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  11. I see it features the feminist/proggie/UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson. She once said, “I feel like young girls are told that they have to be a princess and fragile. It’s bullsh*t. I identify much more with being a warrior — a fighter. If I was going to be a princess, I’d be a warrior princess. Definitely.” And she also said this, “The saddest thing for a girl to do is to dumb herself down for a guy.”

    Emma said this about her role in this movie, ““She had this relationship with Beast where they were just toe-to-toe. That to me just seemed like such a dynamic and interesting relationship that I’d never seen before in a fairy tale.”

    Guess it’s cool to tango with satan when you 1) can make a “feminist” statement about the movie and 2) make a ton of money off of it.

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    • This…
      “The saddest thing for a girl to do is to dumb herself down for a guy.”

      “The saddest thing for a strong self empowered woman to do is to not have a strong self empowered man”

      there….i fixed it!

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  12. I noticed the same thing when I saw the trailer just a couple of days ago and posted my concern on a couple of conservative news sites. Yesterday I also wrote to Franklin Graham and to the 700 Club to get the word out. Children should not be allowed to see this movie. Please let this go viral. God bless.

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  13. . . . Is this satire or are you fucking stupid?
    Beast had horns in the original Disney animated movie. You literally posted a pic of them: the black, curved things that his ears are directly under.

    Like, honestly, if this is satire it’s terrible because people killed satire by being crazy stupid and if it isn’t satire it’s terrible because you’re crazy stupid.


    • Are you unable to see the difference in the beasts? This new “beast” is a goat man with horns, unlike the original movie comical/digital character.

      Like, honestly, if this is terrible satire then why are you commenting here about us “crazy stupid” people. Like, literally, like…what do you expect from “fucking stupid” folks?

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      • Actually, the “original” is Jean Cocteau’s 1946 movie, which is quite remarkable. If you obtain the DVD (I got it via Netflix), listen to the commentary reels. In them, you learn that he made substantial changes to the story, as originally written.

        I watched the movie, and found it startling. The Beast is a Christ figure. Belle is a type of the unsaved person, gradually overcoming the “stepping stone” that is the difficulty of seeing the beauty in a person/idea the world naturally regards as hideous, impossible to accept.

        Then, in the end, after he “dies,” and is reborn as a beautiful man, they rise together into clouds in the sky. Christ and His bride.

        Anyone with theological understanding cannot miss this theme. He keeps asking for her to be his bride, and she keeps resisting. He is eternally patient, and honors the terms of the “deal.”

        What a difference the decades have made, in the telling of this story. To finally turn him into the devil is beyond disgusting.

        I’m not saying that that movie is a perfect allegory of the gospel message, or even that it was intended to tell it. It might just have happened. But it did.

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    • Shimmu aka Shilo Englert

      Hey, Shimmu! Seriously, you actually wrote “Patton Oswalt is a saint and I love him”? — that Patton Oswalt who calls on ISIS to attack Trump hotels? The Secret Service will be paying you a visit any day now. Cheers!

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  14. The book of Daniel show this to have started with Alexander the Great, who was called the lion by his father and his self description even was a ram with horns. He was 33 years old when he died, but before he did he had a dream and that dream came to pass when the Hebrews with the help of the Persians had built the part of the threshing floor. He was greeted by the priest with a odd sight….the priest was in robes of purple and scarlet…and my friends there is so much more down this rabbit hole.


  15. Just in time for the vernal equinox, Ash Wednesday, Easter holidays…. They timed the release for maximum psyop effect…

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  16. Great post! I think I will stick to watching Lassie.. media lost it’s moral compass long ago..

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  17. A few years back I took my dog to the vet. He told me he had just taken the kids to Disney in Florida. As they were waiting in line being corralled like cattle there was strange music playing. He had a feeling like some sort of brainwashing was happening as he went through. I told him he was probably right and I wasn’t surprised.

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  19. Both B’s in the words ‘Beauty’ & ‘Beast’ are clearly 3’s also. Creating 33.


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  22. It’s sad when people automatically think “liberals” like this satanic crap. Don’t forget, it was the Bush male family members who merrily did business with the Nazis during WWII and together with Dulles made the CIA into the corrupt department it is today. Bush Sr, Cheney, & Rummy orchestrated 9/11 while Bush ‘W’ Jr drank his conscience away. I didn’t like the Clintons either. The point I’m making is this sort of evil transcends political parties, cynically manipulating both sides with impunity & contempt.

    I’m one of those liberals who worked in the animation industry back when it was still relatively decent – compared to the rest of Hollywood that is. And I’m here to say – you’re absolutely spot on about this horrific version of what was originally a benign children’s film. Being in the animation industry, I know about symbols, and for those of you who’ve seen this film, you might ask yourself, “why did they change the cute French Maid feather duster into a white peacock thing with red eyes, that loves dancing with ‘Lumiere?’ The peacock is the masons’ favorite version of the Phoenix or the even more ancient Bennu bird, that “returns like the sun.” Yep, those “Illuciferians” sure love comparing their ‘Light Bringer’ to other sun-related mythology. They love ‘Lumiere’ too – enough to give him a creepy new design where the ridge of his brow & nose makes a horned devil head. Those who look closely will see Baphomet’s flaming crown over the Beast’s forehead – it’s subtle but it’s there. I also don’t recall Belle visiting a church in the cartoon, but she does in this version – and sharp-eyed folks will see “XO’s” in the church woodwork – and all throughout this damn(ed) movie. In the Gaston song scene one may well wonder why the stag heads on the walls each have candles lit beside them in an already well-lit pub… I could go on but I won’t. It took me awhile to realize how sick Disney has become, and this movie is the awful truth of how much the satanic cancer has taken Disney over.

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  23. I appreciate the fact that the author of this article is looking out for our brothers and sisters in the church we know that our eyes and ears are gateways to our spirit. When we allow pollution into our spirit the only thing we can produce is trash. However, I choose to believe that unbeknownst to the director, who is simply a hurt man living in hurt, and he actually produced a work that is similar our own story.
    Let me explain. We are told that the Prince is prideful, self-centered, and without love, all of which are sins. The Beast is the world. The Prince was not the only one who suffered because of his sin; everyone in his castle was cursed. The movie uses the word curse, there is no lie that being told to woo Belle.
    To me Belle embodies the way the church should behave toward the world, with LOVE. We are commanded to love. In fact, Belle is hated by her entire village, and who is after her? Gaston, the good looking brute, who would do anything to get Belle as his own, include trick her father into believing he would help get Belle back. He gets the entire town freaked out about a false attack that may happen. Everyone is scared and they take off to eliminate the Beast. Think about what the enemy of your soul acts like most of the time. Does he come out and say I am a scary beast or does he woo you with tricks, then prowl around scaring you?
    While Gaston is rallying the townspeople the Beast suddenly takes on a new role. The Beast decides Belle’s happiness and her father’s well being are far more important than his life and the lives of those in the palace. He loves his bride so much he is willing to sacrifice himself for her. When he is attacked and eventually shot, on the right side might I add, he dies. Gaston ends up being easily defeated, falls into a pit no less. Sound familiar? Belle returns and saves the Beast with LOVE. When he is resurrected, the curse is gone, paid in full, and he is now a prince. Similar to the crazy blessing we are given through our baptism when we receive Christ, who is love. In our story we decide to be aligned with love, and turn into royalty.
    Just as life is deceiving, so are what we perceive at first glance. Besides, in my experience the enemy rarely shows up the way we expect him to. Often he is the handsome man who is successful, but full of pride or the woman who seems to have the best intentions that tempts a married man to break his vows.
    When the message is LOVE, I hope everyone will take another look before declaring the hand of the enemy. Often God uses the unsaved, those living in sin, even those who doubt Him to teach us something very valuable. One of those lessons is clearly in Beauty and the Beast. Listen to the last song, it talks about love and a moment lasting forever, very much the moment you and I were saved.
    Personally, I adore this movie. I am in love with Jesus, and I take care not to watch tv or movies that may offend the Spirit. God is Love. Simple as that. Even if the enemy is in this movie through homosexual behavior in one character, remember that Jesus already defeated him. Avoiding the world is not what we were called to do, were called to minister to the world and change it. So let’s do our job as Christian’s and stop running. Let’s stand firm and take territory that hasn’t been taken. Turn on your love, act like a little Christ and influence the next Disney movie to have God right there front and center. It’s possible because with God everything is possible.


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