State Department officials sign dissent memo over Trump’s immigration Executive Order


From Yahoo: About 900 U.S. State Department officials signed an internal dissent memo protesting a travel ban by U.S. President Donald Trump on refugees and travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries, a source familiar with the document said on Tuesday, in a rebellion against the new president’s policies.

A senior State Department official confirmed the memorandum had been submitted to acting Secretary of State Tom Shannon through the department’s “dissent channel,” a process in which officials can express unhappiness over policy.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on Monday he was aware of the memo but warned career diplomats that they should either “get with the program or they can go.”

A draft of the dissent memo seen by Reuters argued that the executive order would sour relations with affected countries, inflame anti-American sentiment and hurt those who sought to visit the United States for humanitarian reasons.

It said the policy “runs counter to core American values of non-discrimination, fair play and extending a warm welcome to foreign visitors and immigrants.”

Trump on Friday signed an executive order that temporarily bans refugees and people from seven Muslim-majority (way to keep the #MuslimBan narrative going, Yahoo) countries, sparking tumult at U.S. airports and protests in major American cities. The ban affects Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Even before the executive order on immigration was issued, concern among State Department officials had been growing over news reports that Trump was about to ease sanctions against Russia, said one State Department official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The resignation of at least four top State Department officials, including Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy, who formally left the department on Tuesday, also caused some unease among diplomats who worried about a power vacuum.



30 responses to “State Department officials sign dissent memo over Trump’s immigration Executive Order

  1. Bureaucrats aren’t going down without a fight.
    If you like politics and foreign affairs, check out my blog at the link below:


  2. Ah , 900 more jobs the Trumpster can create . Goodbye , adios , auf wiedersien . Don’t let the door hit ya , where the good Lord split ya !!!

    Enjoy looking for a job in the private sector , where anti American attitudes are NOT a ” job requirement ” , and are probably frowned upon .

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  3. Did these same 900 butthurt liberals complain when Obama did the same thing?

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  4. Drain the Swamp – fire the 900.

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  5. U.S. Constitution

    Article 1: Congress creates the laws

    Article 2: Executive branch (i.e., State Dep’t, et. al.) administer’s/executes laws passed by Congress

    Article 3: Judiciary interprets the laws (i.e., holds the responsibility for curing constitutionally defective laws)

    This is Treason. They are trying to kill the Trump Administration through a death by a thousand cuts. This is not because he is conservative or rich. It is because he is too independent from entrenched interest groups both inside and outside the government.

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    • Their motivation is as clear as glass-they’re trying to save the “Good ol’ Boys Club” and save the Career Politician species,and killing the REST of the Country is just icing on the cake…..

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      • I agree. I’m glad Trump is going to cut 20 percent of federal jobs and downsize the beast. Government s all seem to veer toward what is aptly called Democide:

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      • truckjunkie . . . you have called it correctly . . . this is “all about doing business as usual!” Have they not stopped to think . . . why was Trump elected by a majority of the electoral college? It was because a preponderance of American patriots woke up, and realized that our country had been commandeered, and the ship was about to hit the reef!!!!
        I say, if you don’t want to go along with the lawful leadership in this country–then take your pink slip and get the He!! out. Do whatever you need to do in your pitiful little life, with your pitiful little beliefs, but . . . get out of the way, so that our country can be saved. There is nothing that Trump is doing that is illegal, that has not been done previously by other Presidents . . . if you can’t handle it–go home and hide under your bed!

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  6. Show me any other job where the CEO gives a command and the underlings survive after writing a letter like this. ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES

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  7. Let the draining begin

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  8. Maybe they can get jobs as air traffic controllers…… Oh wait…. already been there. Guess they’re not old enough to remember that.
    Do they get unemployment if fired for insubordination?

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  9. obama/hillary minions need to go…time to ‘drain the swamp’…pink slips for them all…..MAGA!

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  10. The U.S. State Dept.’s own website under careers states, “The primary goal of the Secretary of State and the U.S. Department of State is to shape a freer, more secure, and more prosperous world through formulating and implementing the President’s foreign policy, while supporting and protecting American interests abroad.”

    If that is their own mission statement, then it seems to me that those unwilling to follow the current President’s directives need to be shown the door immediately. It also occurs to me that in this day and age we no longer require the bloated State Dept. of the past and it really needs to be downsized and embassies closed in nations hostile to us.

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  11. I’d like to spend time feeling sorry for these morons but I really need to sort out my sock drawer. Perhaps another time…

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  12. Two word’s 900 times…You’re Fired!!!

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  14. Another 900, good, we are still making progress.

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  15. These un-American morons are making Secretary Tillerson’s job easier by the day. I hope they’ve written and attached their resignations to that petition, because they’ll be involuntarily ‘resigned’ tomorrow. #MAGA

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  16. I have all these 900 offcials rated as unsuitable and have them removed from State. Foreign Servicee officers do not have normal civil service protections and such behavior is beyond supportable or coherent.

    You’ll note there wasn’t a murmur from these clowns when Obama ordered all Cuban refugees returnable to castro’s paradise. Such virtue is worthy of immediate and prompt reward.

    State isn’t called foggy bottom for nothing.

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  17. Update…

    List of State Department employees upset over Trump’s travel ban reaches 1,000 after Spicer said the first 100 should ‘get with the program’ or quit

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  18. Trump should be interviewing replacements while waiting for the list to be completed by those he will fire. Thanks for the list traitors. You saved Trump a lot of time.



  19. Any politician who believes in the NWO have no idea that they will end up being the sacrificial lamb. These idiot morons think they will be exempt from the evils of the NWO. They will be first. These people just can’t see it. They think they look good to the elitists when and if they drag this country down. Look at Europe with the slime terrorists. These women marches and these politicians will be first for the chopping block. Christians and Jews will be next.

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  20. Fire these pro-terrorist State Department employees!

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