Seattle Mayor Murray is leaving the light on against Trump


Doesn’t this token action contribute to climate change? Seattle wants you to participate in the worldwide “Lights Out” event to “celebrate a commitment to the planet” yet now they want you to leave lights on? One thing you can count on from the proggies: inconsistency.

From A light in a window has been a sign of invasion from America’s enemies. It has been a symbol of Irish oppression. It has even been a simple sign of good news or welcome message to weary travelers. Now, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is using lights to send a message: While some American leaders are shutting the gates, Seattle will leave the light on for immigrants and refugees.

This week, in Seattle, lights will be a sign of the city’s opposition to the current United States president and his recent executive actions. Mayor Murray is asking his city’s residents to shine a light. In turn, it will send a message of support for immigrants and refugees, and also opposition to an administration he has called “authoritarian.”

While it isn’t exactly a message in a window, Murray is asking residents to shine a light at their home at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 1. Mayor Murray organized a Facebook event called “Shine a Light in Support of Immigrants & Refugees.” The idea is simple, take any luminescence and feature it at one’s home. It could be a candle, a flashlight, a lantern, even the glow of a cell phone screen. The mayor is asking people to take a photo and post it on social media with the hashtag #ShineALight.

Murray’s message on his Facebook event states:

As I’ve said throughout these dark days of unconstitutional and unAmerican executive orders from President Trump, we refuse to repeat discriminatory chapters of our past. It’s time to send a bright, unmistakable message of resolve and unity in support of immigrants and refugees.

On Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 7 pm, go outside and shine a light from your home – be it a candle, a smartphone, a lamp or a flashlight – and post pictures to social media using #ShineALight. Together, we can show hope and unity as we fight back against dark forces seeking to divide us.

Murray ends his Facebook message urging Seattle residents to donate to organizations ready to fight Trump’s administration. He points out the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and the ACLU of Washington.



9 responses to “Seattle Mayor Murray is leaving the light on against Trump

  1. Shine a light!
    Yeah, that’ll really show that Trump!

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  2. Maybe the mayor will get his wish and ALL the immigrants in the USA will go to and stay in Seattle from now out!

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  3. Oh, boo hoo…

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  4. Shine a light-with an arrow pointing to,and directions to,Mayor Murray’s house. HE will welcome EVERY SINGLE ONE of these illegals into his home-or doesn’t he REALLY believe in his beliefs???.

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  5. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha- Shoe’s on the other foot.
    How do they like it now that someone else is spending THEIR money on something THEY don’t like?

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  6. Can’t he just start a movement to declare independence from the USA and join Canada?

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  7. Every week this delusional mayor outdoes himself. Love the professional made sign being held up by the Santa Elf runaway.

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  8. Went to turn lights out…be right back!


    Hope their power goes indefinitely would be nice!

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  9. Oh and I do mean the power/electricity hence lights….
    they want them…they can have them…..

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