Washington state sues Trump over immigration order


AG Bob Ferguson

The state where mayors proudly continue to remain sanctuary safe havens for illegal aliens unlawfully in this country is all of a sudden concerned about harming Washington residents? Tell that to the family of Jill Sundberg.

From MSN: Washington state’s attorney general says he is suing President Donald Trump over an executive order that suspended immigration from seven countries with majority-Muslim populations and sparked nationwide protests.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced his lawsuit Monday, becoming the first state attorney general to announce a legal action against the Trump administration over one of its policies.

Trump signed an executive order Friday that suspends all immigration for citizens of the seven countries for 90 days.

Ferguson was one of 16 state attorneys general who released a statement Sunday calling Trump’s immigration action “un-American and unlawful.”

Trump’s order sparked large protests around the country over the weekend. Trump has repeatedly said that the move is aimed at protecting the nation against extremists looking to attack Americans and American interests.

According to MyNorthwest.com, the complaint says that the president’s actions are “separating Washington families, harming thousands of Washington residents, damaging Washington’s economy, hurting Washington-based companies, and undermining Washington’s sovereign interest in remaining a welcoming place for immigrants and refugees.”


17 responses to “Washington state sues Trump over immigration order

  1. Which law did President Trump violate?

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  2. When you go to Seattle, Kent, Renton, etc.you can’t help but notice how many “foreigners” there are. It’s crazy. There are entire apartment complexes that are 95% middle easterners. This move is all about the federal money that pours into sanctuary cities that will disappear, not the Americans living there.

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  3. Hang on folks. I’m looking in my DILLIGAF box for a miniature violin……

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  4. Challenging an executive order blocking ILLEGAL immigrants from entering the country is the height of hypocrisy. Tell that to all the Americans who have had family members harmed by illegals like http://www.frontpagemag.com/2015/joe-kaufman/florida-cair-pedophile-out-on-bail/

    Why doesn’t this moron AG prosecute Obama for starting this whole immigration mess?

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  5. “Liberty Enlightening the World”, the Statue of Liberty, is today shedding tears. Tears of joy as she sees the land that held a future for the invited, the welcome, and the needed work to maintain the greatness and fulfilment of its promises of our great nation years ago. But those who became citizens first had to be approved, each examined physically and for integrity. They and their descendants toiled and bled, gave money and product of inspiration to our land both in gratitude and for the better future their offspring would receive. It was in a nation of about 55 million in the latter part of a nation in the latter years of the nineteenth century. Our nation was then a vast empty land, a country that had to compete with a Europe quickly increasing in growth of its industrial base. “The New Colossus,” a famous sonnet written by Emma Lazarus, included a call for “your huddled masses yearning to be free …” Unfortunately, many of the masses arriving today yearn for the freedom to take away our freedoms and whatever gifts our Globalists wish to give them. By the way, those gifts require adding to our 20 trillion dollar national deficit by having to borrow that money from the Globalist banks that lend us into debts fulfilling their NWO ambitions. Hopefully, the ambitions of those seeking destruction of the greatest nation ever to exist founded on documents, The Declaration of Independence and Constitution, never surpassed in practical implementation of political philosophy, are being broken. Global tyranny would create absolute corruption through its absolute power.

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  6. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    A posting most worthy of your study and comment. Your future and that of your children will either prosper in our greatness or suffer in the tyranny of a new world order, a global Auschwitz.

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  7. I can’t think of many states that do not share American ideals but Washington is definitely one of them. Its a true People’s republic, just like Massachusetts or California.

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    • Not all of Washington is like the libtards on the western side. Eastern WA is much more conservative. And they like living across the mountains, far from the coastal proggies 🙂

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  8. Kevin J Lankford

    There is a true dilemma brewing. Yet it has been needed for a long time.

    These rogue states; more accurately, I suspect, the rogue administrations of these states, have the nerve, (or is it they are truly so ignorant) to argue on the basis of Constitutionality of Trump’s action. I was born in the year 1955, and I doubt their has been a law, regulation, or supreme court decision that could pass Constitutional muster in my life time.

    I feel that is what Trump’s term in office may and hopefully will incite. The ultimate confrontation between true conservative patriotic Constitutionalists, and those embedded into our system determined to bring about its failure. It could and surely will get messy as our enemies are deeply entrenched, but this country will not survive any longer if we do not face it right now.

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  9. Riley Hoogendoorn

    I would write a long comment, but this article will summarize. https://theanimalprojectblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/01/trump-immigration/


  10. I heard that in some of these sanctuary cities like San Francisco that so many ‘refugees’ are urinating on the light poles that they make them rust and fall over.
    Sorry, but I don’t think that we should welcome terrorists and ‘sleeper cells’ into our country. Look at what happened in Germany, Austria, England and others that have been forced to let millions of criminals (mostly MALE 20 somethings) in. Rape, robbery, murder, raping of children, assaults. These are not the actions of people looking for a better life. They’re more likely looking for an easy mark or a jihad.

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  11. Washington State’s Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, is obviously pro-terrorist!

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  12. Why Trump’s Executive Order On Immigration Will Win Over Seattle Judge Who Blocked It


    Related link –

    On Trial: Why Trump’s Immigration Ban Will Win Over Seattle Judge’s Nationwide Order



  13. The whole illegal immigration issue simply gets more bizarre by the day. In NYC it’s now OK for illegals to drive drunk as govt. won’t deport them.
    It seems there is an epidemic of mental illness among the country’s governing elite as in

    Government redefines the UN’s sustainable development policy to include sustainable immigration fraud.

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